Sibling Rivalry / Second Chances / Sweet Nothings / Snowflake Bride (Amish Brides of Willow Creek #1-4)

Sibling Rivalry / Second Chances / Sweet Nothings / Snowflake Bride (Amish Brides of Willow Creek #1-4)[Read] ➮ Sibling Rivalry / Second Chances / Sweet Nothings / Snowflake Bride (Amish Brides of Willow Creek #1-4) By Samantha Bayarr – BRIGHT NEW COVER FOUR books in one BOXED SET 727 pages Book One Sibling Rivalry Bethany and Levinia Miller have always been rival sisters When they discover a handsome Englischer barely conscious on t BRIGHT NEW COVER / Second PDF ↠ FOUR books in one BOXED SET pages Book One Sibling Rivalry Bethany and Levinia Miller have always been rival sisters When they discover a handsome Englischer barely conscious on the bank of Willow Creek rivalry comes out in its ugliest form as they argue over who will get to care for him Despite knowing their father would never approve of their actions they decide to stow away the Englischer in the Sibling Rivalry Epub / loft above their barn While they compete for his attention it becomes evident that the Englischer has a few secrets of his own While Nate recovers he finds himself getting lost in the care of these two young Amish women leaving him wondering if he might want to stay But when another woman shows up looking for him things become complicated than any of them Rivalry / Second Chances / ePUB ô could have possibly anticipated Book Two Second Chances BOOK Amish Rivalry / Second PDF/EPUB ✓ Brides of Willow Creek series Miriam has been run out of the community by the Bishop after she lied in order to force Nate to marry her Now she is unwed and shunned A woman scorned Miriam commits terrible acts of revenge against the woman Nate marries and her sister Now she has made enemies of Bethany and Levinia as well as the entire community When Miriam finds herself in need of help she finds she Rivalry / Second Chances / ePUB ô has no other choice but to return to the very community she was run out of Will she be able to humble herself for the sake of getting help Will she find forgiveness and love from a community where none is deserved or will she have to endure the conseuences of her sins Book Three Sweet Nothings Bethany has led a spoiled life thanks to her older sister Levinia who always did everything for her while raising her Being a domestic failure Bethany decides it's time she learned those skills so she can find a husband With the help of the Widow Yoder Bethany talks her father into re opening her mother's bakery that has sat vacant since her passing She uickly finds out that baking is not as easy as it looks Regretting his decision to let his daughter run the bakery her father enlists the help of Benjamin Miriam's older brother to teach Bethany the skills she needs to make a success of the business Insulted by her father's lack of confidence in her and feeling threatened by Benjamin's perfection when it comes to baking Bethany sets out to sabotage him hoping her father will fire him Will her new skills as a baker enable her to get the husband she has her eye on or will Benjamin sabotage her efforts Book Four Snowflake Bride What could be worse for Libby a young Amish woman than falling on the ice and losing her memory Waking up in the hospital thinking she's an Englisher When Jonas Graber her betrothed whom she had left a week before over a silly misunderstanding learns of her accident he sees her memory loss as a chance to win her heart again Will he be able to convince her that they were in love and headed for marriage or will she lose interest in skating and in him when another man comes along. These stories did not portray acceptable behavior inside the Amish Community and would not have been tolerated Never the less they were likeable reads Great seriesI loved this series the author has done a great job of telling the story of the lives of the young Amish woman in her stories Ms Samantha has out done herself May she always do so Really good book Once you start reading it's hard to put down All stories are well writtenI would recommend it to anyone who likes to read The Amish life style is so fascinating to read about The Amish Brides of Willow Creek Series is a series of 4 books that flow gracefully from one story to another feeding off each other’s characters or they can be read individually Either way they are great clean books devoid of language inappropriate situations and innuendos thus making them appropriate for readers of all ages Each character grows in their own way in learning Forgiveness Happiness finding True Love and discovering what GOD can bring to fruitionThe series begins with two Amish sisters one half dead man and sibling rivalry at its finest The older responsible Plain Jane sister Levinia sets her cap for this handsome stranger Nate while the younger irresponsible undomesticated sister Bethany seems to be the one always on the go and wanting attention from the handsome stranger As the story unfolds and life is about to come full circle a third woman Miriam shows up like a whirlwind and throws a monkey wrench in everybody’s plans Thus the struggle begins and the cat fight is onBook two continues with Miriam’s revenge life plans secret wishes and desires Torn between two worlds Miriam struggles to find a happy medium after an accident leaves her scarred in ways than one Two men vie for her hand in marriage and Miriam must choose to stay or go Benjamin Miriam’s brother comes to take her back to their Amish community but soon discovers her true feelings and tries to help her sort them outBook Three returns to Bethany the spoiled undomesticated lovely sister of Levinia trying to make her way in the Amish world Not an easy task for someone who can’t even boil water An accident sends Bethany home to her father where she hatches a plan to reopen her mother’s bakery Only problem Bethany can’t cook Being her usual self she schemes with a local widow to get her father to agree to give her the bakery Through all Bethany’s scheming planning sabotage and temper tantrums she finally learns the true meaning of happinessIn Book Four Libby and Bethany’s lifelong friendship is put to the test Libby teaches Ice Skating but when she wakes up on the ice with amnesia her whole world is turned upside down Jonas sees the amnesia as an opportunity to convince Libby they belong together despite his blunder that sent her reeling the week before Logan on the other hand uses the amnesia and Libby to work on his dissertation paper but was that all he wanted Will Libby make new memories while finding her lost ones or will a new world swallow her up leaving her friends and family in a dark lost past This is such a wonderful series I had so many emotions going on in me reading this book There was times I wanted to give Miriam a talking too I just love the characters There are times you will just love Miriam and other times you can't stand her Miriam who has been told to leave her community because of lies She is unwed shunned and has decisions to make After she has made all kinds of enemies how can she make a home here and what man would want her This story has a lot of twist to it keep you guessing just what decision she will make Loved it looking forward to book 3 5 star bookFormat Kindle Edition Verified PurchaseAmish Brides of Willow Creek Sweet NothingsBy Samantha Jillian BayarrI loved this book This is book 3 in the Amish Brides of Willow Creek series I just love the character Bethany She stand out You might dislike her at times then she will turn around and just melt your heart Bethany pretty much has been spoiled by her sister all her life Now Bethany has her eyes on getting a husband and running her mother's bakery Problem is she is awful at baking Her father knows this and won't let her have the bakery Until Benjamin comes into the picture and is a great baker On condition that Benjamin teaches her she can open it Bethany has a very stubborn attitude about this What will she do to get the bakery and also land Benjamin as a husband If you haven't read book 1 and book 2 get it today along with this one If you like stories of Amish and some good clean romance this book is for youAmish Brides of Willow Creek Snowflake Bride book 4By Samantha Jillian BayarrI have loved this series Snowflake Bride is book 4 of the series Love the characters and I would say Libby is a favorite in this book Libby has accident while ice skating and loses her memory Problem is when she wakes she believes she is English Not only leaving her betrothed but now not knowing him Can Jonas win her back Will Libby get her memory back before it is to late Awesome series book 1 Another great clean Christian romance book by this author My favorite characters in this book was Levinia and Nate Brought together because of an accident they knew they were in love But could a stranger change all their plans for the future book 2 This writer is a Christian writer and I love to read her books In this book 2 I love the way she has the same characters that we fell in love with from book 1 in this book My favorite characters in this book was Miriam and Ray After an accident Miriam felt her life was over could Miriam trust her feelings with Ray when she had plans to be with Adam book 3 his is another good clean Christian book in this series My favorite characters are Bethany and Benjamin Bethany was wanting to be a successful business woman but could her pride and jealousy of Benjamin cost her her dreams and her love for Benjamin book 4 I liked this book It was the last of the series of four books Thanks to the author for such good clean Christian writing After an accident and waking up to no memory in the past Libby was unsure of who she was She was my favorite character along with Jonas Could he hope in a future with her after her memory loss Or did he lose her to someone else Another great series by Samantha Bayarr In today's mixed up world I enjoy reading these clean Christian based books You will enjoy Brides of Willow Creek This series is very well written I enjoy reading all of Samantha's books and this is no exception There are 4 books in this series and each one the characters will tug at your heart and by the end you feel like they are family