Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel Indias Iron Man

Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel Indias Iron Man This Biography Of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Is A Comprehensive And Vivid Narration Of His Unique Contribution To Mahatma Gandhi S Struggle For India S Freedom Often Called The Iron Man Of India , He Built The Party Machine Through Imposition Of Strict Discipline, And As Party Boss, He Supervised And Directed The Functioning Of The Congress Ministries Post 1937 Provincial Elections Patel S Post 1945 Role Concerned India S Freedom, And Also Marked His Growing Disillusionment With His Own Party In The Failure Of The Cabinet Mission Parleys He Wanted To Keep Jinnah Out In The Cold But Was Outmanoeuvred By Wavell Who Got The Muslim League Into The Cabinet As An Equal With The Congress Realizing That United India Had Become An Impossible Notion And The Country Faced Chaos And Total Disintegration, Patel Rose Above All Consideration To Save And Consolidate What Would Be Left Of India After Partition The History Of The Gandhian Era Cannot Be Properly Understood Unless Patel Is Appreciated For What He Did And Achieved For India This Book Is An Attempt To Fill That Gap. The fact that I could finish such a hefty book in so short a time, should establish couple of things immediately 1 The book is readable.2 It stays away from analysis, and tells the story of one of the most complex and impact making person of twentieth century, in a very simple, naive, and one sided manner.Expectedly, the author devotes the major part of the book to the crowning glory of Patel unification of the Princely States with the Indian Union Unfortunately, the book shies away from some of the most agonising actions of Patel, making this book a hagiography than a biography.It vilifies Netaji Subhash Bose, and completely cuts out the role of his mentor Deshbandhu C.R Das in freedom struggle.It doesn t even bother itself with the trauma that Bengal had to undergo at the time of Partition.It also remains mum about the extremely immoral attitude of Congress towards NWFP, because by that time not only Muslim League, but even Congress had tasted power, and didn t think twice abou
This book is definitely written by someone who was a die hard devotee of Sardar Patel He is generous in his praise I would have liked to learn about Sardar s failures as well.Having said that, the above was the only qualm I could find in this otherwise magnificently written biography on one of the greatest men of modern India Sardar Patel is not well known today and he was a man with fierce determination,
Deep and wonderful coverageVery detailed information and communication about the pre and post independent India Good place to know the role played by the Iron Man in integrating British India and princely states to form Indian union Narrated very well and interesting to read. Iron man of IndiaThis book gives deep insight of sardar patel s life He symbolises strength, firmness, discipline, decisiveness Act of unification of 560 princely state in less than 2 years advocates his firmness in decision making. A fantastic insight into the role of the man who as free India s first Home Minister and Deputy PM orchestrated the herculean task of getting India as one Nation when the tendency to break up would have been so tempting for the princely states following the British withdrawal from India Besides those provinces under direct British rule, approximately 565 self governing princely states had been released from British suzerainty by the Indian Independence Act 1947 His life from the time how he s

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