Ugly Love

Ugly Love[Download] ➶ Ugly Love By Colleen Hoover – Tate é enfermeira e muda se para São Francisco para casa do irmão Corbin para estudar e trabalhar Miles é piloto aviador e mora no mesmo prédio de Corbin Depois de se conhecerem de forma atribula Tate é enfermeira e muda se para São Francisco para casa do irmão Corbin para estudar e trabalhar Miles é piloto aviador e mora no mesmo prédio de Corbin Depois de se conhecerem de forma atribulada Tate e Miles acabam por se aproximar e dar início a uma relação exclusivamente física Para ue esta relação exista Miles impõe a Tate duas regras«Não faças perguntas sobre o meu passado Não esperes um futuro»Tate aceita o desafio de manter uma relação distante sem nenhum compromisso nem seuer o da amizade A relação alimenta se assim da atração mútua entre os doisMiles nunca fala de si nem do seu passado e comporta se perante Tate de acordo com as regras ue ele definiu Será Miles capaz de desvendar o ue se esconde por detrás desta necessidade tão grande de se distanciar emocionalmente dos outrosE poderá algo tão cruel transformar se numa relação bonita e duradoura. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 6 STARS Casting for Miles Holy WOW What a beautiful story It was absolute stunning perfection in every way My heart is just overflowing with emotions ♥Starting with Slammed and Point of Retreat then with Hopeless Losing Hope and This Girl and once again with Maybe Someday Colleen Hoover has proven over and over again that her stories are uniue powerful and incredibly well written I have come to trust her writing implicitly I love the passion she conveys in her words the depths of the connections she establishes between her characters and the effortlessly beautiful style in which writes her stories Without a doubt she is one of my favorite authors Ugly Love  is beautiful sexy and heart wrenching It's powerful compelling and emotionally charged with a uniue storyline that was truly unlike any other I've read For days after  I finished reading my mind would drift back to Miles and Tate and relive moments of their story because I just couldn't let go I fell in love with the story on page one You might think that the first page is a little early to proclaim undying love for a book but I instantly felt connected  it was like I'd just stepped right into the storyWe first meet Tate when she moves in with her brother for a fresh start where her path uite literally crosses with airline pilot Miles Archer as he lies passed out drunk outside her new place Despite her initial judgment of his character she uickly learned there a whole side of himself he was hiding from the world  a deep bottomless pit of pain and sadnessShe wasn't looking for a relationship and he wanted nothing to do with love but they had an undeniably powerful attraction towards each other Drawn together but unwilling to give themselves wholly over they agreed to a friends with benefits arrangement following Miles' two unwavering rules that would forever keep a distance between them “Don’t ask about my past” he says firmly  “And never expect a future”   The  time they spent together the complicated things became as the lines between friendship and love began to blur As Tate began to give her heart over Miles fell further away The pain of his past was so great that he never again would allow himself to fall in love Not for any reason or for anyone It's not that I don't like you Tate I just don't want to like you I don't want to like anyone I don't want to date anyone I don't want to love anyone However even through the most painful and ugly times there's a healing power to love This story left me emotionally drained but on the most amazing book high you can imagine It was a powerful journey that showed how even after the worst possible devastation love can always find a way Every single moment while reading this book I was feeling something and feeling it strongly It was thrilling mysterious sexy alluring emotional it was everything in the exact perfect balance From the start it was clear that we were not seeing the full picture so each scene gave us another piece of the puzzle that was Miles' past Everything just made me want to know  I couldn't turn the pages fast enoughMiles was such an intriguing character to try and figure out Enigmatic Mysterious Smart Sexy Sensitive His past so full of pain that it shut him away from wanting any hope for his future Not only was he unable to move on but he genuinely didn't want to and he was willing to do everything in his power to sacrifice anything to never again have to experience so much pain Seeing him struggle internally with both his aversion to love and his growing attachment to Tate was just heartbreaking His pain felt so real that I can honestly say I've never wanted to hug a fictional character this much before Tate He says in a pained whisper His face moves to my neck and one of his hands grips my waist His other hand moves to the back of my head as his lips rest against the skin of my neck What do I do? He whispers What the fuck do I do? We were shown the story through both Miles and Tate's POVs in a mix of both present day storylines and flashbacks The present was told from Tate's perspective and because of how mysterious Miles was we got to see flashbacks from his POV six years earlier And as these little pieces of his past slowly began to line up with his behaviour in the present I was able to begin putting together the real story he was hidingHe kept so much hidden that all the little things between them the hint of a smile the stroke of a thumb a uick glance became so much powerful and meaningful And because of the build up of all these little moments when Miles and Tate finally got together it was explosiveDear long time CoHo fans be prepared for hotness  This is a whole new side to Colleen Hoover's writing and let me tell you it is sexy and steamy Trust me you will be fanning yourself ; The couch or your bed? he whispers Both I reply But on a serious note The I read the closer I got to discovering the source of Miles' pain and when it hit it was gut wrenching I can honestly say that few character's backstories have ever made my heart shatter as Miles' did I cried no sobbed  so much that I could no longer see the words and so I just sat there with tears steaming down my face absorbing the huge emotions this story evoked If I were capable of loving someone it would be you I want to promise you though that this story is worth every tear because the way all the pieces of the story come together was absolutely gorgeous The ending will leave you with a joyous feeling but the journey to get there is not an easy one It's beautiful but so broken Ugly love I've read the book twice now and I know I'll be reading it many times to come I have the book hangover of the century and I'm finding it hard to let go of Miles and Tate because of how strongly I connected to them Truly I don't think there can be greater proof that this was a wonderful bookI've loved every book Colleen Hoover has written but this one is my favorite Ugly Love is a must read book of the year I loved every word I felt every moment and I will never forget this storyI don't give out a lot of 6 star ratings in fact this will be the first one I've given this year but the truth is that this book went above and beyond The story was powerful the writing was stunning and the way every single piece of it was woven together was simply breathtakingRating 6 STARS Standalone romanceAnd I still want to hug Miles ♥ Release date August 5 2014 For of my reviews book news and updates✦ Main blog Aestas Book Blog✦ Facebook Blog Page✦ Twitter Finished Ugly Love in exactly 24 hours couldn't put it down So good Now I know what all the fuss is about with Colleen Hoover books Can't wait for the movie HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER MY HEART IS SO PERFECTLY BROKEN I DON'T THINK I TOOK A BREATH THE WHOLE TIME I READ THIS BOOK WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME COLLEEN HOOVER I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU YOU RUINED ME AND I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH IF YOU CAN'T GUESS IT BY MY NON STOP CAPS THEN I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO THAN SCREAM I LOVED THIS BOOKWOW JUST WOW I DON'T KNOW HOW OR WHEN I'LL GET OVER THIS BOOK HANGOVER Ugly Love was nothing like I expected it to be I excepted it too be like a 50 Shades of Grey fan fiction with just a butt ton of thrown together steamy scenes No it wasn't it was so much I knew I was going to like Miles because he sounded so hot but I had no idea that I was going to love him That he was going to have an actual back story That he was going to be actually interesting in a realistic way I had no idea he was going to break my heartAll that being said I have a few bookish confessions to make before I really get into the review I choose to read this book 1 because I heard it was becoming a movie and if there's anything I love nearly as much as reading it's seeing movies 2 because this is who they have playing Miles Yeah I didn't notice the dog at first eitherand 3 I also need to admit that I didn't get what was so appealing about this book that it was actually going to become a movie I get it now I get all the hype and talk surrounding this book I have NEVER EVER EVER cried so hard in a book That's the very last thing I thought this book was going to make me doThe characters in this book felt so real Tate was naive and normally that would make me wanna punch a B in her case it made me love her Unlike most leading ladies she isn't overly sassy or has incredible lol rebuttalsshe was realistic Her brother Corbin OMG CORBIN I loved every single thing about him He has to be one of my favorite sub characters ever He was what I imagined a brother would be and even with him not being a constant character just his presence had me Then there's Miles and he is hands down the star of this book The moment you meet him you hate him He is a mysterious mess and I thought he was going to annoy me fast He won me over once they started going into his back story The further they went into it the I could feel what was coming Yes I knew where this story was going and what was going to happen but in no way shape or form was I actually prepared for it I was a blubbering weeping ball of emotionsThe switch between time and POVs was done flawlessly and revealed the perfect information at the perfect time to keep you hooked and wanting Colleen set up this story so at first you would only like Miles because of his looks which I've already made clear I was guilty of his shirt isn't buttoned I'm staring at his stomach Oh my word he has the V Those beautiful indentations on men that run the length of their outer abdominal muscles disappearing beneath their jeans as if the indentations are pointing to a secret bull's eye And yes he is a looker but by the end I could have cared less about what he looked like He could have worn a bag over his head for the last half of the book and my heart would have still been his The relationship between Tate and Miles is like nothing I have read before It was something else that really surprised me about this book Saying it was complicated would be an understatement I thought that the steamy scenes were going to take up most of this book but it didn't Yeah that's something that would normally make me rank a book lower but the scenes were so well written and again realistic They were well placed and well thought out Just enough to make this book not too much which is what had me falling hard for this read way harder than I anticipated The scenes are hot though like dump a bucket of water on your head hot Miles and Tate's conversations roll so smoothly and the moments between them are so; I don't even know a word for them they're just perfect that word really doesn't do justice Not only is he romantic but he made average things so hot Orange juice is hot rugs are hot scrubs are hot and curtains are so so hot whooshHonestly though the scenes that turned out to be my favorite were just average scenes like when they all go and visit Tate and Corbin's family for Thanksgiving That whole section had to of been my favorite I loved how I thought this story was going to be Tate's but turned out to be Miles' I love how I thought this book was going to be a light sexy read but turned out to be a heartbreaking love story I just loved how everything came together while falling apart Because when all Miles story is finally shown and is laid out in it's fullest I was basically like thisI want to rant and rave even about this book but this is something you really need to read and experience for yourself Ugly Love might just be the biggest surprise read I've had all year I can't express enough how impressive the characters plot and play out of this story areI didn't think that this book was going to be so hard on me And yes it hurt And yes it was a total sobbing fest but that ending Good golly miss molly That ending was perfection I don't know if I can ever forgive Colleen Hoover for what she did to me but God dang it I love her so much for it I didn't see this coming and I've never been so happy to be emotionally slapped in the face like I was reading this 2 starsFirst I really have to thank my good friend Geri for buddy reading this with me or I would’ve taken a screwdriver to my eye long before I finished this book I honestly have nothing positive to say about this book so I’m going to put all my complaining in a spoiler tag so I don’t purposely hurt anyone who loved it view spoilerUsually when I read CoHo books I am instantly hooked and transported into whatever world she’s created I love that about her writing and very few authors can accomplish that feat again and again However it’s not a good sign when I’m only 10% into this book and I feel ranty and restless Here’s whyIDidNotAppreciateOrLikeThisKindOfWritingThatCoHoUsedNearly all of Miles’s POV chapters were styled this way and uite frankly I don’t get why Is there some poetic swishy swashy twirly message I’m supposed to get? I understand that for some sentences to be broken up like the way it is above can convey emphasis and I’m all for that but it’s overkill to repeatedly use the same writing tactic Reading shouldn’t be a chore and it’s never been a chore to read CoHo’s books but for this one it was My main problems with the book however are the main characters Tate and Miles To put it bluntly I Did Not Care About Either CharactersTateSome may find Tate’s actions to be realistic and appropriate considering her situation but her lack of self respect was just disgraceful to read about I don’t care if it’s all in the name of love Miles didn’t even love her for most of the book until he “came to his senses” and she lets him walk all over her Additionally her relationship with Miles reminded me of a child trying to please an adult “He just admitted that he wants to have sex with me; he just doesn’t want it to lead to anything I don’t know why this flatters me It should make me want to punch him but the fact that he chose to kiss me after not having kissed anyone for six straight years makes this new confession seem like I just won a Pulitzer” “Say the word oxMiles says the word oxI smile I love the word ox It’s my new favorite word”Essentially everything Miles says is beautiful and noteworthy gag And uite frankly I really don’t see how Tate falls in love with him when she doesn’t know anything about him Except that he’s dark broody and silent most of the time Oh and did I forget hot?  insert sarcasmMilesI read some early reviews so I was dying to know about his past and why he couldn’t love another but when I found out I was severely underwhelmedI mean seriously?????? PartOfTheREASONIs Because It’sREVEALEDIn ThisMannerI’m not a cold fish if that’s what you’re wondering and I have bawled like a baby before while reading heartbreaking book scenes but this reveal did nothing for my emotions All I felt was a sense of urgency to uickly finish the book and get it over with Oh and view spoilerMiles visiting Rachel to “confront his past?” That was so LAME Basically if Rachel wasn’t living happily with a new family Miles wouldn’t have been able to move on Guess it was soooooo convenient that she was able to move on which made Miles feel free to love Tate BULLSHIT hide spoiler 2 UGLY–Stars I know most of my GR friends–in fact most everyone–loved this book so please don't throw rotten tomatoes at me I wish I could say I loved it too but I can't When I read a romance I need to FEEL some semblance of that romance I need to LIKE at least ONE of the characters If that's not possible I need to be able to at least SYMPATHIZE with one them Unfortunately I never once felt the romance and I could neither like nor sympathize with either one of the characters As this story progressed I found it impossible to like the hero or the heroine when I felt neither one of them deserved respect or admiration The hero Miles treated the heroine Tate with such blatant disrespect it was appalling all the while wallowing in self pity and self hate to excuse his behavior It was PATHETIC Then there was the heroine Tate who had so little respect or dignity for herself when it came to the hero that she continually allowed him to use and treat her like a PIECE OF TRASH Again PATHETIC I did have to give her some kudos for the fact she was honest with herself and admitted she allowed him to treat her so abhorrently As for the romance for me it was nonexistent I found it impossible to feel any romance when most of the hero's POV took place six years in the past His POV did give light as to why he was so broken but also focused on how completely madly and hopelessly IN LOVE he was with ANOTHER GIRL So basically the whole book was the hero showing love and respect to his first love while treating the heroine with her blessing like trash I don't care that Miles had a tragic past; the world is full of tragic pasts There is NO EXCUSE for treating another so cruelly It was UGLY which I guess was the point of the story but I certainly did not enjoy reading it Colleen Hoover is a very talented author Her characterizations are consistently outstanding and she has such a beautiful way with words My respect and admiration for her work is the ONLY reason I'm giving this book two stars instead of one Oh well you can't love or even like them all This book was miserable It goes toe to toe with Hopeless for the worst book I’ve read by her There are three things that I think went horribly in this book First there is blatant sexism and the perpetuation of gender stereotypes on every single page Second this main character had absolutely NO self respect I know this may be part of the plot but it was absolutely despicable She let Miles walk all over her and decimate her feelings to a pulp She was spineless and pathetic which was infuriating Even when she would say or think something sassy she would NEVER follow that up with real actions But lastly and probably most significantly the way that this story is told was just twisted The main conflict in the book follows Miles It’s about Miles’ tragic backstory and how he comes to terms with that and how he can never love again Why then does this story attempt to revolve around Tate? She is completed subordinated to Miles and she’s the main character Tate was pretty much a doormat this entire book for Miles to walk across as he sorted his own issues out And she tries to sell this as a book about two people in a relationship just for sex? No It’s manipulative it’s one of the most UNHEALTHY relationships I’ve ever read about and it gives off COMPLETELY disgusting messages to young women reading this book Colleen always writes books that deal with mentally destructive topics and each and every time it is always done SO unhealthily and wrong Every time I read a new Colleen Hoover book it genuinely shocks me that people rate them so highly “Love isn’t always pretty Tate Sometimes you spend all your time hoping it’ll eventually be something different Something better Then before you know it you’re back to suare one and you lost your heart somewhere along the way” “Ugly love becomes you Consumes you Makes you hate it all Makes you realize that all the beautiful parts aren't even worth it Without the beautiful you'll never risk feeling the ugly So you give it all up You give it all up You never want love again no matter what kind it is because no type of love will ever be worth living through the ugly love again” Wow Ugly love is amazing I absolutely loved it It is the 3rd time I read it and I still cried even though I knew what's going onIt all started when Tate moved in with her brother Corbin She meets Miles Corbin's best friend and the attraction between them was undeniable BUT Miles has a past that hunts him every day and Tate doesn't have time for a relationship so they make an arrangement to have sex without any commitment and Tate have to follow the two rules Miles has for her “Don't ask about my past And never expect a future” BUT view spoiler1Miles' past Even from the first chapter we understand that something is wrong with Miles The first time I read the book I thought that Rachel was going to die Nooo it was his son Oh my god his story was so devastating 2At first I was so mad sometimes at Miles for treating Tate the way he did but after we learn what happen to him i don't really blame him He had serious issues and he thought that love was bad “If I were capable of loving someone it would be you” BUT eventually he fell in love with Tate even though he didn't want to because he was afraid “You're looking at me like you fell in love with meI didn't fall in love with you I flew” 3I loved Cap He gave Tate the best advice ever 4I didn't like Miles' rules but I loved Corbin's three rules “What rules?”“Well for one I’m not allowed to break your heart” he says “Second I’m also not allowed to break your damn heart And last I’m not allowed to fucking break your damn heart” 5I am looking forward to watch the movie Nick Bateman was the best choice for Miles hide spoiler 5 Flying in Love stars
 Colleen Hoover has done it again Not that I ever doubted her but I didn’t know what to expect when starting Ugly Love It’s safe to say she never disappoints With her amazing writing style fascinating characters and original story lines I was hooked from the beginning I expected to love this book What I wasn’t expecting was for my heart to be shredded Ugly
Destroyed Me 
This book pulled at my heartstrings I felt so much heartache while reading There were some lighter moments but the majority felt heavy and emotional When Tate decides to move in with her brother for a while she never expects to meet a man like Miles Miles is a pilot like her brother Miles is taciturn He seems flat But there is something about him that intrigues Tate I have no idea what’s going through his head He never smiles He never laughs He doesn’t flirt His face appears as if he keeps a constant veil of armor between his expressions and the rest of the world 
Miles and Tate develop a friendship kind of It’s difficult to be friends with someone who is closed off like Miles is You can just feel the sadness radiating off of him Then it happens Tate feels like she is starting to make progress with this man Miles really likes Tate But the last thing he is looking for is love Their attraction and chemistry is too strong to deny so they go with the whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing As long as Tate can follow Mile’s two rules they can be together in that way “Don’t ask about my past” he says firmly  “And never expect a future”   
Tate is so enad with Miles she’ll take him any way she can get him She’s never felt this strongly about a man She feels so much when she’s with him she can’t get enough Miles is the way he is for a good reason The book is in dual pov going back and forth between Tate’s perspective in the present and Miles perspective in the past You get to see as time goes on why Miles has these rules and why he is protecting his heart this way When you get hurt in such an ugly way you want nothing to do with love No matter how beautiful it can be But that doesn’t stop Tate from developing feelings for him Even though she knows they can never be reciprocated Miles is a character that broke my heart At first you see his past and the type of guy he was then you see him so standoffish in the present It makes you wonder what could have happened to make him that way I had my theories all of which were wrong but once I found out I wish I would have been right It was something unimaginable and you can see why he wouldn’t be able to move on from that I loved the chemistry and the slow build between them Even though the feelings were fought most of the book you could still feel them brewing just below the surface I think every book I’ve read by this author has made me cry Even if it’s just a few tears I always cry This book I did than just cry a few tears Oh the tears There were times I couldn’t control the tears They just streamed down my face continually while I read through them It was heart wrenching and so emotional Ugly Love made me Ugly Cry Big time Some parts were worse than others but wow I just FELT so much while reading this I am a huge Colleen Hoover fan and I’ve read every one of her books This one has a little something different than the others Most of her books make me feel strongly and contain a lot of emotional moments and Ugly Love had that for sure but it also had much steam than the others And yes CoHo can write some sexy scenes It’s been a while since I’ve read a paperback book but when I heard this was out early at several bookstores I ran to my local store and picked up a copy along with a mini light so I could read in bed And I did I stayed up way past my bedtime reading this book I went into work the next day sleepy and raw from crying but let me tell you it was worth it Although Hopeless still takes the top spot of my favorite book by this author this will be a close second Colleen Hoover is one of those people who is doing what she was born to do she's sharing her amazing stories with us Her writing style is uniue and incredible Ugly Love is captivating beautiful emotional and devastatingly painful to read but I’ll let you in on a little secret The ending makes every ounce of pain I felt worth it An unforgettable story I highly recommend It’s the beautiful moments like this that make up for the ugly love 25 'underwhelming' starsWell I hate being in a minority when it comes to books I wanna be able to love or at least like the books that most of my friends love Further there is no other book I would really love to have the same feelings for than this book because it's CoHo you guys I love CoHo ButButIDidn'tLoveThisOne I wish I did Most of the things that bothered will be reflected in the way I'm writing this reviewCanYouGUESSWhatItIs?See I could forgive Tate for being a doormat during most of the book I really could While I don't understand why she allowed herself to be treated that way by Miles I was willing to overlook it since I've enjoyed doormat y heroines before I mean whatever floats your boat TateBut the writing just threw me off Sent me on downward spiral throughPURPLEHellThe 'lyrical' prose did not work for me If you can call it lyrical To me it was just repetitiveI'm sorry But it was My father is Lisa’s new boyfriend My father visits Phoenix a lot My father has been visiting Phoenix a lot since before my mother died My father is a bastardIf it isn't repetitive it's too flowery I come from the School of Less is More when it comes to my prose Suffice it to sayThisAnnoyedTheCrapOutOfMEIt was a chore to read And honestly it did not lend itself well to Miles' POV I mean this doesn't sound like an 18 year old male Does it sound poetic? Yes Is it romantic? Sure Does it feel authentic? NopeI would probably felt of Miles pain had it been written in a straight up no BS prose I wanted it raw and gritty I wanted the words to hurt I didn't want to be lulled to sleep by it Frankly if I'd wanted to read poetry I'd read a poetry book I didn't hear Miles through the narrative and because of that I became disconnected with his character I wish I could have gotten of his POV in the present I really do And didn't like that his past was told separately from what's going on in the present I never really got the satisfaction of seeing Miles tell Tate about what happened to him Maybe I would have felt something then Again I'm in the minority with this but that's just really how I felt about itI did like parts of it hence the two stars I like how the message of how the ugly side of love is sometimes worth experiencing to get to the beautiful parts of it But Tate and Miles relationship didn't really evolve for me I think Cap and Tate spent meaningful time together than Miles and Tate which is really sad ThankYouFeifeiForReadingItWithMeWe both need to find a five star read chickie Our BR record sucked ass LMAO im a simple woman give me a colleen hoover book and i will read it no uestions asked its as easy as thatmy love for CoHo aside let me begin by saying i can understand why this book has received a lot of mixed reviews and negative feelings i really do because this is probably my least favourite book of hers that i have read thus far i know my rating suggests otherwise but there is just something missing from this story that i normally expect from her books however i dont think this is terrible uite the opposite i actually still really liked this it just doesnt feel like its in the same league as her other novels and i think that has to do with the relationship portrayed and maybe parts of the writing where a different writing style is used but mainly i think it has to do with the relationship i wouldnt go as far as calling it toxic but it definitely isnt healthy view spoilergranted miles was always upfront with what he wanted out of the arrangement but i think tate was wrong to always lie about her feelings im all for casual flings between two consenting adults but it gets sooo muddy once one person starts to hide how they really feel about everything and sticking around with the hope that things will one day change talking from personal experience here hide spoiler