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Bungalow 2❮Download❯ ➽ Bungalow 2 ➸ Author Danielle Steel – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk A história apaixonante de uma mulher dividida entre dois modos de vidaTanya dedicou se por completo à sua família e pôs sempre a carreira em segundo plano mas agora surgiu lhe uma oportunidade imp A história apaixonante de uma mulher dividida entre dois modos de vidaTanya dedicou se por completo à sua família e pôs sempre a carreira em segundo plano mas agora surgiu lhe uma oportunidade imperdível escrever o guião para uma grande produção cinematográficaHospedada num célebre hotel de Hollywood vê se rodeada de atores e modelos de luxo e extravagância de génio e criatividade É um mundo novo onde se sente renascer e não tarda ue esteja a trabalhar com uma lenda de Hollywood o produtor Douglas Wayne um homem ue consegue tudo o ue uer E parece ue agora se fixou nelaPor outro lado as suas idas a casa entre filmagens são complexas A sua família parece precisar cada vez menos dela e é como se a vida ue sempre conheceu lhe estivesse a fugir Dividida entre as suas «duas vidas» Tanya terá de fazer as escolhas mais difíceis de sempreDanielle Steel leva nos ao mundo da fama e da fortuna da criatividade e da extravagância e revela nos a verdadeira vida oculta sob o brilho de Hollywood«Os fãs de Danielle Steel vão adorar»Booklist. I just started reading this book last night I got it becuase it sounded like an interesting plot Who doesn't want to read about the rich glamourous life of celebrities? So far it's been a let down I don't know if I can finish it I got about 100 pages in but it took me about 3 hours to do it because it does not keep my attention at all I think so far it has been poorly written I don't need to read about how much she loves being a housewife or how good her sex life is 20 times a chapter tell me once and I'll believe you You don't have to keep repeating everything So far it's been very repetitive and boring I don't know if I'll finish it but I may try if I have nothing better to doOK I actually finished the book it took a LOT of will power It never got better Don't waste your time with this one Okay could DS get any predictable??? All of her books have the heroine lose love find love lose love live happily ever after I got bored with this book but kept reading for lack of something else to readI think I'm done with her two words for you Danielle Steel sucks rocks in a big way So that was than two words but well she freaking does I bought this for a uick beach read and realized that I've never read DS before And now I know why because she's retarded I absolutely hate the way this woman writes beat a dead horse much? I'm retarded for buying it even with the 40% off I will gladly pay you to take it off my hands else it will end up as starter wood in our chiminea uite the roller coaster ride this story Parts I could barley stand interspersed with enough good points to hold my interest to the end 6 of 10 stars In the interest of not beating a dead horse or only repeating the same monotony complaint other reviewers have covered I'd rather talk about the other problems with this book Not to say it wasn't monotonous it was and that alone made it a 'scan' read A book you don't read every single word on the page but rather scan paragraphs for some dialogue or action that is doing the job of moving the story forwardTanya the perfect mother and wife has the perfect husband And he encourages her to go live out her perfect fantasy in her perfect career Rest assured all of the perfects are told to you painstakingly again and again He assures her he has things under control Step one for disbelief when Steel sets this same husband up to fall into her best friends arms within three months of her being gone My husband and I have a similar though not perfect because it is reality relationship as this couple He went to work out of country for nine months and I was okay I know without a shadow of a doubt in a reverse situation I would not come home to find him sleeping with my best friend Especially in such a short time span So stop telling us it was perfect and start explaining to your reader how the marriage had actually broken down Give us some real reasons to believe that this man would do this Don't just make one of the main plot elements completely out of character for your characters with no reasoning And the only reasoning to progress this plot was the big C Really? That is the best you can do after all these years Ms Steel? Further Tanya's first boyfriend didn't like kids We all got that drilled repeatedly into our thoughts But her kids were not kids Not even close They were all three in college That is young adults What man would be too frightened to relate to them at all? I mean he couldn't even carry on a conversation with them? This suave debonair classy man whom works with young actors and actresses all the time could not make a normal conversation with two college kids when they attempted to start one? That doesn't even make sense At allPredictable Sappy Over told Repeated Could forgive all those faults might even enjoy some sap Can not forgive how you just built a story to do everything you wanted it to do but did not build your characters or their reality into the plot at allBungalow 2 is the biggest fail I've ever read from Danielle Steel And this is sad because some of her earlier work was pure magic But readers reading this for the first time would never be inspired to read the real Danielle Steel I even asked myself if this was a bad ghostwriter I can't believe this is from the same author to give us Kalidescope and Thurston House Tanya Harris is a forty something mother and homemaker and a part time moderately successful writer of short stories and soap opera scripts She is still beautiful with stable happy teenagers a fulfilling and sexually active marriage a career she loves and no desire for any other life Then her agent calls with an offer that's very hard to refuse a major director wants her and her alone for a new high profile film Tanya's first reaction is distress her daughters are just starting their senior year how can she leave them even if she could be home on weekends? Her long and detailed deliberations are cut short by her attorney husband who convinces her that this is her big opportunity and she goes off to Hollywood reluctantly to find that everything about Bungalow 2 at the Beverly Hills Hotel is perfect She's cosseted in every possible way by her director and producer she takes to the work immediately and without a hitch she learns to appreciate room service and the luxurious perks that come her way But she misses her family The weekend trips home aren't enough and her worries turn out to be well founded when her husband falls prey to a lonely neighbor Steel follows Tanya as she copes with the disappointment and pain of separation and divorce all the time pushing ahead with her screenwriting career always returning to Bungalow 2 when she starts a new project A series of relationships each seriously flawed result in an epiphany that sends her back home where what she was looking for comes to find her Steel's characters spend a lot of time debating and contemplating problems and Tanya is especially good at wringing her hands a modern day and forlorn Dorothy torn between Oz and Kansas Started it on vacation and still reading but like it DS is one of my 3 favorite fiction authors so of course I like it ;Update a good read Ending was a little disappinting than half the book was spent on detailing the main character's life but then the pace changed and the last part where the character was really being challenged seemed rushed to the point that I wondered if a publisher's deadline has snuck up on the author Ending was fine I just would have preferred as much detailstory development with the last part as was given to the first part even if the first part had been shortened This was the first book I've read in my lifetime that I wanted to return to the store for a refund I also contemplated burning it to spare others the agony of picking it up and reading it The characters were shallow and self centered but the worst was the doormat mentality of the heroine in the story Danielle Steel should be ashamed of herself for offering up the same tired storyline in every book and selling it to the gullible I would give this book a negative five stars if Goodreads would allow it okay after reading this what i really said was WHAT WAS THAT? i mean i've come to love danielle steel but this one really disappointed me i would have loved it if she stopped the story when Tanya broke up with Douglas Wayne but instead she continued the story and introduced to boys to Tanya's life just so that it'll have a happy ending I THINK I WOULD HAVE WRITTEN THIS STORY BETTER THAN HER HAHAHAone star for Danielle Steel's effort one star for the thought of having it published so two stars I hated the 1st two chapters I will give the book a chance as when in need of a light uick read I have enjoyed other Danielle Steel novels Update It never gets better This book is aggravatingly bad I usually like a book like this after a serious read or when nursing a hangover and can't uite get thru anything else This book is headache inducing I would rather drink a bucket of margaritas and wake up in the Sahara then go through this experience again

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