A Pirates Kiss (A Pirates Kiss #1)

A Pirates Kiss (A Pirates Kiss #1)[PDF / Epub] ☂ A Pirates Kiss (A Pirates Kiss #1) ✐ iluvdaisychain – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk It is Dangerous to deal with Pirates Circe's Father has always told her so So when a mysterious shadowy figure with gold and silver eyes appears on her balcony and attemptes to steal her away the firs It is Dangerous to deal with Pirates Circe's Father has always told her so So when a mysterious shadowy figure with gold and silver eyes appears on her balcony and attemptes to steal her away the A Pirates eBook ☆ first thing that she wonders is why Why does this mysterious stranger seem to know her than she knows herself with just one look Why does her Father pity Pirates And why does she feel a strange pull towards the sea Two years will go by before she finds the answers she is looking for by then Circe is certain that the Pirate will have forgotten all about her and the promise he made and sealed with a stolen kiss Unfortunatly there is still one other thing she needs to learn A Pirate never forgets Join Circe on her journey for truth as she discovers a world of lands and beings that she never believed to exist Will she find all the answers that she is looking for Or is something dark and deadly coming her way determined that she should never for fill her true destinyWinner of the Adventure category and Best Hero in the Watty Awards . 'A Pirates Kiss' is original imaginative and brilliant It's my favorite novel on Wattpad and I'd definitely recommend this Even though there is room for improvement both in the writing and plot I loved it But what great book doesn't start off like that? To me APK is a rough draft A novel not yet at its full potential but still able to capture readers' hearts I hope one day this story is published I'd definitely buy it because this is an adventure people need to read about But if not it's still amazing and wonderful and it will always be a Wattpad favorite 35 starsMixed thoughts on this one The story was really innovative when it first appeared on Wattpad Kind of was the pioneer for pirate stories that popped up later and I'm grateful This is also another story where the author's work is very juvenile and it reflects in the way the characters interactJust like the main character we are completely thrown into a world of fantasy without really knowing anything about it at all Which can also be a good thing because we really can relate to the character We watch Circe grow from a spoiled daughter of a duke to a women of adventure The fantasy aspect is literally everything you heard about in stories that you once thought was fake as a child but its actually real af now I wasn't so much of a fan of the love at first sight trope even worst when they're mixed in with love triangles It felt so forced even after I've read the other books I still feel as though the relationship is forced no matter how much experienced the author has become over the years I'll keep my focus on this book only and not the seuelsNow I want to just talk about the pirate captain Obsidian Bones We kind of get bits and pieces of his backstory thank goodness not an info dump but a gradual buildup However theres some aspects to Obsidian Bones that remain a mystery For example he's a proclaimed notoriously feared pirate captainbut we're going off word of mouth here and no back stories Except maybe a temper tantrum here and there which results crew mates mysteriously disappearing into the ocean but thats it I wish there was to him in a way that would have helped me understood where he came from better instead of some mysterious bad boy And their relationship? Complicated but it gets a pass because guy had his reasons that were important later on But I still wish it felt natural instead of this inexplicable connection where main characterinterest is so blindly drawn to each other can't explain it its fate lol Circe is the main narrative voice most of the world is experienced through her eyes but also occasionally through the eyes of Obsidian and Cobalt or some other minor character I didn't enjoy this because it happened so periodically and sometimes it was confusing I especially didn't like how immature the dialogue could be at times the childish bickering some conversations lost to me because I have no idea whose talking and the ones that feel like one loooonnnnnggg sentence were hard to handle The world building was nice like Circe we're just thrown into it A lot of it is just casually explained to Circe after xyz events triggered her transformation from mortal to otherworldly Sometimes it happened so randomly I was just like okay and went with it Some scenes were hard to visualize especially the scenes that happened on the boat but when it came to the ocean and Circe's power it was uite good I liked the relationship between all the characters and you can really see it all flourish in each chapter especially in the other books The love triangle howeverits your basic aggressive possessive partner versus their slightly nicer brother vying for the attention of a girl they just kidnapped although not really kidnapped her for nothing its actually necessary for the story to progress but honestly the love triangle was just nauseating in some instances I'm glad it is not over done and dragged through seven layers of hell Although later Obsidians possessive nature can raise some eyebrows I'm giving it a passI like the story although sometimes I had to walk away from it but it honestly does get better Give this story a chance because it gets so much better Love it just what I was looking for I love love this book ❤️ Thrilling Hilarious Dark Addicting Alluring One of the best Wattpad stories I've ever read The characters are so beautifully complex and the story is outline so well that every little detail ends up being important I was constantly uestioning everything that happened because I never knew who to trust Oh and the ROMANCES? Damn There were so many potential romantic interests for Circe that I couldn't help but get slightly frustrated especially since I shipped one from the beginning and never wavered Even though it's past 1am I just wanna dig into the second book I found this book on Wattpad I definitely recommend this app to anyone who looooves to read and it's one of my favourite books on there I've already read books on Wattpad that aren't available any because they have been published And something tells me this one is going through the same pathI loved the story the plot and the characters Everything Altough there is space for improvement I think this book is a Have To Read 3 YEESSSSOne of my top favorites on the app Wattpad Just read it and get through the typos for now I recommend it to anyone who loves Fantasy books Keep in mind that there's to it than meets the eye ;So many twists and turns that I never wanted to put the book down The author isn't finished with the third book yet so I refuse to start reading the third book until she is done with it because I'm really bad with cliffhangers I have to say the author of this amazing book has the best imagination you could ever think of This book kept my attention every time I started to read it I didn't want to put the book down but of course I had to I couldn't live in Circe's world I can't wait to start the 2nd book in this series I think it will be just as intriguing as this one was I tried to read at least half of it but i couldn't it was just so boring to me MAYBE i'll rethink about reading it some other year