Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman Your Quick And Simple Summary And Analysis Of Thinking Fast And Slow By Daniel Kahneman Inside, You Ll Find An Introduction To Kahneman S Main Concepts A 30 Second Summary Of The Entire Book Time Saving Chapter Summaries An Action Steps Recap And Commentary A Guide To Additional Resources, Including Helpful Articles, Books, Podcasts, Printables, And Videos About Thinking Fast And Slow By Daniel Kahneman Best Selling Author And Nobel Prize Winner Daniel Kahneman S Purpose In His Book Thinking Fast And Slow Is To Bring Within The Grasp Of Everyday Understanding The Power Of Psychology, Perception, Illogical Thinking, Irrationality, And Behavioral Economics Arguably Kahneman S Most Famous Publication, The Book Summarizes Research That He Has Conducted Over Decades And Decades Inside, Kahneman Explains How We, As Humans, Often Think And Behave Irrationally Due To Faulty Intuition, Biases, And Erroneous Mental Shortcuts, And How These Patterns Of Thought Can Hold Us Back Please Note That This Summary Is NOT The Original Book And Is Meant To Be Read As A Supplement To The OriginalAbout SpeedReader Summaries Thanks So Much For Your Interest In SpeedReader Summaries We Strive To Save What Is Your Most Precious And Limited Resource Time Do You Ever Feel Like You Just Want Your Favorite Non Fiction Books To Get To The Point Are You Tired Of Wasting Time Weeding Through Fluff And Anecdotes To Get To The Meat Of The Material SpeedReader Summaries Carefully Distill And Analyze The Key Points Of Your Favorite Books And Provide Additional Commentary And Resources To Supplement Your Understanding Of The Material Inside Every SpeedReader Summary, You Ll Find A Thirty Second Overall Summary Of The Book, Brief Summaries Of The Key Points Of Each Chapter, A Custom Analysis, And Additional Resources Like Discussion Questions, Relevant Articles, Other Books, And Even Quizzes At SpeedReader Summaries, Bringing You Maximum Benefit In Minimum Time Is Our Main Objective