Ascension Tales of Olympus #3

Ascension Tales of Olympus #3[Read] ➵ Ascension Tales of Olympus #3 ➼ Lee Savino – Estranged from her husband and struggling to create a life for herself Cora surrounds herself with friends from Olympus' elite But when a powerful shipping magnate targets her for an unknown purpose c Estranged from her husband and of Olympus ePUB ´ struggling to create a life for herself Cora surrounds herself with friends from Ascension Tales eBook ¼ Olympus' elite But when a powerful shipping magnate targets her for an unknown purpose can she avoid being dragged Tales of Olympus ePUB ↠ back into the Underworld And is her husband mob boss Marcus Ubeli the only one who can save her Cora is Persephone Marcus Ubeli is Hades and Zeke Sturm mayor of Olympus is Zeus in this modern retelling of the Greek myths. This is the end of the trilogy of Cora and Marcus I enjoyed the series the ending was alright However it was surreal how Cora just changed suddenly I know she needed to be strong and it's fitting but I don't know it just didn't felt right that she abruptly changed Marcus is still the alpha male he was but he became almost a lovesick puppy in this book I understand the changes but it just felt something was lacking I loved the chemistry between the protagonist This book has flaws but yet the author pulled it off well a really good adaptation of Hades and Persephone from Greek mythology 25 Slightly disappointed stars This series started out with a bang and it slowly turned into something I didn’t like reading My main problem with the last book of the series was the way it was told I didn’t care for the “secret” storyline I loath the secret storyline You know where one of the characters either the Hero or Heroine holds a secret from the other Almost ALL problems could be solved had they just had a conversation These storylines are easy typical and a cop out in my opinionWith that said I needed to finish the series because my OCD brain couldn’t handle itI liked the book had steam But I didn’t like the pacing of the bookI felt like where the book ended was where the book should have sort of began in the first place The entire second book was Cora and Marcus fighting I thought the 3rd of the book would resolve that BUT nope Cora was still fighting Marcus and when you finally understand her reasoning I was like REALLY?It’s hard to write a smutty book with a good storyline I get it Most smutty books are novellas and everything is surface I also wouldn’t call this book smutty but it’s definitely steamy I just think the writing needs to be polished AND please don’t use the “secret” storyline any Cora Ubeli held the power all along And if Marcus wants to end their short separation he needs to BEND But Ambrosia in Olympus is creating a divide and the secrets are unfolding about the end of book 2Because the war is coming45 powerful stars Wow This is the conclusion of Marcus and Cora’s story It starts about two months after Cora ran It was an emotional rollercoaster of emotions reading this I loved to see Cora grow in this book She grew into the ueen she was meant to be There is suspense action lies secrets deceit forgiveness anger hurt light darkness and twists and turns Marcus wants Cora back and is willing to do what it takes to do that I don’t want to give anything away You need to read it If you haven’t read any of these start with Innocence you will be hooked The two authors did a fantastic job with the storyline and all the characters One of my favorite uotes“You’re mine You’ve always been mine ‘Til the day we die and beyond ‘Til stars fall and this world is forgotten Forever” What in the hell just happened in this book??? So much shit to unpack This conclusion was an intensely wild and crazy to end the series I’m not uite sure I liked book3 all the way how it played out simply because it’s a stark turnaround of certain characters that just wasn’t convincing and believable From book 1 Marcus was heavy handed and cruel delivered dark romance to graphic mafia violence to his meek Cora Then the story morphing into a menage orgy fest and heavy drugs then good girl gone badass??? Phew this was a lot So many twists and turns I was shooked but not overly impressed on some parts Cora dear How else can you set yourself up to be kidnapped assaulted druggedOh let me count the ways Cora had a death wish and she might have purposely inadvertently yes if that makes sense set herself up It’s as if you are watching a horror film and know when you hear a sound you do NOT run towards it you go stage left and haul ass What is this girl doing In book 1 I chalked it up to naïveté in book 2 I was giving her a pass because well she was foolishly in love and wanted to learn her way around the big city but here we are in book 3I’ve got nothing and I officially have to say she’s got to be the dumbest person ever even if she did get braver Even I’m fed up with her stupidity and I was charmed by her innocence for a while but I mostly wanted to ring her neck It’s almost mockingly unbelievable that Cora turned ueen This was so over the top by the ending that I just couldn’t help but to just enjoy the ride of this ridiculousness “Long live the ueen” But seriously what happened to Marcus? What we get from this book is Marcus overwhelming love and devotion to Cora and Cora finally growing a backbone not brain cells though He was once this hard intense crime boss that controlled every aspect and nowwas chasing Cora around like a lost puppy The alpha fizzed The sex was just over the top Again Like a lot Just embrace your inner smut slut and be opened mindedyou might uite get a kick out of it Or just 😆 freak Not only was this series hot it was a wild crazy ride I didn’t know what I was getting into but alas it was good and got better Glad I stuck it out I did like this story throughout Enjoy Trying to find a way to write how I feel about books lately hasn’t been my kind of thing but I know when I decide on reviewing I will write on how I think of said books Like right now this review will be based on all three books I went into this series of course based on the blurbs but sometimes you know it’s either yay or nay but I found the characters in this series are likeable and here I go the age gap 🤦🏽‍♀️ is what disappoints me sometimes like personally you’re a little to young or he’s to old for her 🤦🏽‍♀️ but if the story is readable you’ll have to just go with it and gloss over her age I actually like Marcus yet sometimes he’s abit overbearing but I think it’s due to his age and Cora was a little too immature and naive at times But was I prepared for how everything turned out yes and no ueen of the Underworld is where everything unravelled and gurl can I say the shock 😯 of it all you’ll never know and yep it’s series that I totally enjoyed and all I wanted was for Cora to really grow a backbone and did I love her in the end Fantastic conclusion to this series Cora has changed so much from the beginning She is one badass I loved this book There was so much happening from beginning to end Marcus is his usual overprotective controlling underworld boss Cora puts him in his place I highly recommend this series A fabulous ending to this fantastic seriesI have been waiting for ueen of the Underworld to come out and Lee and Stasia did not disappoint I did not think this series could get any better but it didNow I really want to hear about Sharo His beautiful enemy And then instead of destroying her like he’d meant to he’d gone and fallen in love with her And she’d changed everything I have seen the rating and read other reviewsall of which make me feel like I just missed something OR saw too much along the way in this series Giving it 3 stars is as far as I can go because I cannot give any of the three books in this series the same amount of stars reserved for the absolutely earth shattering knock you on your ass books I've readThat isn't to say this series was awful In the first 2 books I thought the overall plot and storyline were brilliant and interesting the writing was the issue for me Those same issues carried over into this book along with lacking some of the intrigue I had with the previous ones I stuck with it until the end but I can't say I'm sad its over Told in a third person dual POV the final installment of Cora and Marcus' journey ends with their HEA Picking up where Awakening left off we follow Cora as she tries to make a life for herself away from Marcus But outside forces threaten everything and everyone they care for and they realize that they need each other to defeat those that stand against them Here are the issuesThe ending is one big WTF just happened moment We are dragged through a lot of pointless plot where things are painfully obvious and slow moving only to suddenly have everything wrap up at breakneck speed Prepare for whiplash because after everything gets resolved without warming up to those events we are dropped a type of epilogue that does nothing but set up for the next bookdropping us in the middle of a conversation involving characters that literally makes NO SENSE and relates in no way to what we want to know about our two underworld rulers Cora literally transforms into a totally different person for the conclusion to happen I mean no build up or anythingone minute she can't even own up to being to blame for the whole drug confiscation disaster or walk down the street without getting herself in deep shit to suddenly knowing how to rule an entire criminal faction and being a criminal mastermind At like 1920 years oldits almost like the authors ran out of time but knew where they wanted it to go and Cora woke up with a lifetime of knowledge as a crime boss And in order to do this they had to make Marcus look like he hadn't been literally ruling over an entire city for years and years The Sleepwalking scene is ridiculous and uite possibly the most cringe worthy scene in the history of my book reading life The things that are said and the actions of Corait could have been toned way down and still given us the same overall effect The entire book basically centered around Marcus not being the intelligent crime boss we know him as I mean he knows every single thing that goes on in his city and has so many different people in his pocket yet he has no idea about the drugs or whats going on half the time We are slapped in the face with the info he needs constantly only for it to come to light towards the end Instead of creating a new issue and keep the pace and plot moving we were stuck on an issue that he could have resolved within the first few chaptersAnd finally the grammar and proofing errors For two well established authors I don't understand how so many issues passed by so many sets of eyes without anyone catching them Sharo had been such a study constant in his lifeAs much as the tease to the new book seems interesting I think these last 3 books were it for me and these authorsit might be me being used to a different style of writing Shen Douglas Winters March Sky etc but something just didn't click for me 3 35Ok ending a tad out of character but ok It seemed to me that all powerful Marcus was not so powerful in this one He wasn’t on top of anything and wasn’t a player in the power game He seemed a step behind and totally out of character Everyone knew then he did even Cora Didn’t get why his character diminished way off and Cora just seemed to become a brain child mob boss? Had problems with this series from the start and guess I still do