Doc Savage The Man of Bronze and The Land of Terror

Doc Savage The Man of Bronze and The Land of Terror❮EPUB❯ ✹ Doc Savage The Man of Bronze and The Land of Terror Author Kenneth Robeson – The Man of Bronze's origin story is revealed in the classic Lester Dent novels that launched the superhero genre in an extra length volume commemorating the 75th anniversary of Doc Savage's pulp debut The Man of Bronze's origin story is The Man MOBI ð revealed in the classic Lester Dent novels that launched the superhero genre in an extra length volume commemorating the th anniversary of Doc Savage's pulp debut First in The Doc Savage MOBI :¿ Man of Bronze the mysterious death of his father leads Doc to the Central American republic of Hidalgo where they discover a lost Mayan empire in the mythical Valley of the Vanished Can Doc defeat the Feathered Savage The Man ePUB ´ Serpent and the Red Death and free King Chaac and the beautiful Princess Monja Then in The Land of Terror Doc Savage trails the murderous master villain Kar who controls the deadly Smoke of Eternity to prehistoric Savage The Man of Bronze Kindle - Thunder Island where Doc and his men fight for their very survival against terrifying dinosaurs In honor of the Man of Bronze's th anniversary this special commemorative edition reprints the classic James Bama cover painting that launched the s Doc Savage revival along with all the features of the pulp cover edition interior illustrations by Paul Orban a never before published foreword and autobiographical essay by Lester Dent and commentary by popular culture historian Will Murray. I'm a comic book geek it's a fact And anyone with Superman nerd knowledge will tell you Doc Savage is the forerunner to the Man of Steel That said I felt it prudent to try to see what Joe Shuster Jerry Siegel saw in him Now as a book written in the 1930's I thought it would just be a fun slam and bang read nothing special So I opened this pulpy page turner with the expectation of Gee Whizzes abounding to the point of pointlessness But to my shock and awe Clark Savage Jr and his Fab Five were indeed fabulous with surprisingly imaginative and literary stories The most surprising factor in this book for me is the portrayal of exotic tribes such as spoiler warning the lost tribe of Mayans found by Doc and pals are actually very morally upright attractive people who welcome Doc with open arms not the painted guttural clucking cannibals that so many people of the 1930's and 40's seemed to accept as examples of real life end spoiler I know Freudian interpreters will rip this argument to shreds but that aside the plots are creative the characters nostalgic and for the most part the tales are kept tasteful Lester Dent's prose might com off as a bit brief at some points but I think that's the least of anyone's worries From the pulps of the past we get an adventure story that earns a tip of the Indiana Jones hat and warrants a read or two from any who enjoy good old fashioned adventure I can’t get enough adventure fiction and I’ve found precious little of my favorite variety; high adrenaline action that doesn’t get too technical or political After having devoured all of Cussler and his ilk my mind dredged up a memory of a movie and a couple paperbacks left lying around the house when I was a kid so I put Doc Savage in the search engineThis is only the beginning of a beautiful relationship Doc Savage is Dr Clark Savage Junior He’s gorgeous brainy strong and is too busy working out solutions to vexing problems and using his amazing strength to save humanity to give women a thought Begun publishing in 1933 political correctness is nonexistent yet Doc Savage and his crew possess a surprising sensitivity to the environment and native culture Brainiac Doc has invented or improved upon a number of gadgets that in 1933 must have tested the limits of one’s imagination Today they’re the norm“The Man of Bronze” is the first Doc Savage adventure He has just returned to his 86th floor home in New York after several weeks spent exercising his body and mind in his Arctic Fortress of Solitude which he does from time to time to hone his already amazing skills to find that his father is dead killed by a strange malady Doc gathers his five sidekicks and dodges several attempts on his life to travel to Central America to claim his inheritance a tract of remote jungle Doc’s inheritance is tied up in a fiendish plot to overthrow the government of fictitious Hidalgo and steal riches from a tribe of ancient Mayans and Doc has to defeat the bad guys and save the dayIn “The Land of Terror” a friend of Doc’s disappears almost before his eyes and the only trace left of him is a forearm and a vile cloud of smoke Doc chases his friend’s murderer and finds that a fiendish mastermind is behind the murder by Smoke of Eternity a compound that dissolves everything it touches Doc and company follow the villain Kar to a strange island in the far South Pacific where dinosaurs roam wild Their plane crashes courtesy of a pterodactyl and upon parachuting to the ground the must dodge T rexes and other dangerous dinosaur predators all the while hunting their uarry Kar In the end Doc’s amazing brains brawn and skill save the day and defeat the villain who meets a gruesome endSeekers of realism should look elsewhere This is pure adventure fiction as Doc uses his amazing abilities to pull off impossible stunts and outthink his enemies at every turn Every page underscores what an unusual specimen Doc Savage is but he is a man devoid of arrogance so I was smilingly rooting him on before long His sidekicks are an eclectic bantering lot it might take a couple books to become familiar with there being five and all but they too are a likeable bunch Overall the books are a very satisfying experience and I can’t wait to read I was in the middle of a furious pulp kick and decided to give one of the legends of pulp adventure a try Man of Bronze was a little stilted and stiff but Dent was working from someone else's outline I cut him some slackLand of Terror was much better and was fairly violent It is the uintessential pulp adventure story with a lost colony of dinosaurs inside an inactive volcanic crater action plot twists and a mysterious gas that breaks down the structure of atoms One thing I'm noticing is the over the top nature of some of Doc's cohorts Renny punches through door panels to relax himself Ham gets his nickname from an incident during WWI when someone everyone in the world knows it was Monk Mayfair framed him for stealing hams Pretty sure I'm not the only one who rolls my eyes whenever they mention it and I'm assured they mention it in every story All in all I caught myself enjoying it a few times So it was really hard to look past the whole for any normal man there would have appeared nothing there but to Doc's amazing superhuman eyesight every small detail was recorded with the utmost precision not an actual uote but once you get over that and as the novel goes on it calms down on that a little it is pretty amazing You also have to remember that this is the stuff that inspired most comic book heroes that we know today It is written very simplistically but not in a bad way It is just some good old fashioned laid back fun I loved it and would recommend the novel to anyone who likes superheroes or stuff like that It is also fun because it holds such a cool cultural heritage to it I mean this is the stuff that made entertainment what it is today Proof that the United States has a rich and uniue culture all to itself Without Doc Savage there would have been no Superman no James Bond no Indiana Jones Truly the adventure hero's adventure hero This double volume includes #s 1 2 of the original 1933 series They are fun but Dent the Kenneth Robeson listed as author had not fully developed the character yet so Doc is pretty bloodthirsty he calms down as the series goes on and a little physically superior than later adventures Truly a fun character marred by an awful movie in the 1970s The character is ripe for a movie today in fact Dwayne the Rock Johnson would be perfect I own over 100 of the books they were very important to me as a teenager And the Bama cover art on the old Bantam editions is incredible Enjoy First read this book when I was 12yrs old Was immediately hooked and am again At one point had almost every Doc Savage story written but lost them all over the years except the first and last WAY ahead of it's time Need to find all of these againOriginally published as serial stories in magazines starting in the 30's Doc Savage is the original Superman but without super powers Check him out on Wikipedia for info Doc Savage was an archeologistadventurer who specialized in helping the oppressed right wrongs His 5 aides were ex militaryscientists lawyers chemists etc all with widely diverse talents and masters in their respective fields Indiana Jones eat your heart out Doc Savage is one of the modern superheroes for the time that he came out He is the the very essence of an action hero and this story the story of his creation and the group that he has with him is something that would make someone want to keep reading and of him I've now read two of the Doc Savage books Good grief They are so incredibly bad In fact that is what interests me to read them I am aware they are pulp fiction But I've read pulp works before and they were nowhere near the awfulness of these books Yet there is an element of entertainment about them for me I continue reading to see just how ridiculous the plot gets And believe me no one would ever imagine how bad things get Read this for a science fiction class It was ok just not my cup of tea I didn't hate it but I also didn't particularly like it If someone likes crime fighting type comic books they might enjoy this It has a comic book type storyline

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