Tattered on My Sleeve

Tattered on My Sleeve[Read] ➵ Tattered on My Sleeve By Autumn Jones Lake – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk An alternate cover edition can be found hereI had her firstI fell in love with herThen we fucked everything upWarning This is not a typical romance It's not even a typical MC Romance LustEight years a An alternate cover edition can be found hereI had her firstI fell in love with herThen we fucked everything upWarning This is not a typical romance It's not even a Tattered on PDF or typical MC Romance LustEight years ago the Lost Kings MC was recovering from turmoil within the club Wrath and Trinity met Their connection was instant and explosive FuryWrath and Trinity's story is a heart breaking soul crushing tear your heart into pieces story The way they hurt each other over the years is intense raw frustrating and sometimes dark ForgivenessCan they move past their horrible pasts to become better people and ultimately forgive each otherThey’ve wasted too many years Once Wrath learns the dark secret that’s been fueling Trinity for years he’ll stop at nothing to prove they’re meant to be together and that she’s worthy of the love she keeps denyingTattered on My Sleeve is a full length novel at over word pages It is book in the popular Lost Kings MC series but it can be read first or as a stand alone. Re read 121619Original Review4 StarsThis is a little different than some of the usual MC Clubfare in that the heroine Trinity is not a lawyera biker's daughteror anything like thatShe's a Club Girl And we all know what that means Home girl gets around a little bit Now pipe down all you don't slut shame psychopaths I'm not slut shaming peopleCause you know sexual revolution women's rights yadda yadda yaddaMy point here there really is one I swear is that Trinity and Wrath's story is a little different than the norm in that they fuck other people during the course of their own love story NOT my favorite scenario But having read book one I already knew that would be the case and still wanted to read Trinity and Wrath's book And I could attempt to make it through this book#TeamBritBritAnd I'm glad I did Even though I sometimes got really fucking annoyed with the actions of these two ass hats and how they allowed their relationship to get to the point it didespecially Trinity we eventually discover about Trinity and her past And why she is the way she is And in the end it was really cool to watch her and Wrath come together and see to how much he cared about her Their connection was truly palpable for me and I really enjoyed it I'm looking forward to the next book in the seriesand I feel compelled to go back now and read books two and three which I originally skipped because they are about the same couple as book one however there were shenanigans between those two in this book that apparently occurred in those previous books as parts of this book overlapped with all three of those previous books and I find myself curious BLOODY HELL This is what I call a true MC romance Angst Heartbreak Hate Love Drama Dysfunction Bleeding out on the floor painfulThe first part of the book can be described with one word chaos It almost ruined me I’m an angst addict I thrive on it But that was almost too much even for me God what Wrath and Trinity did to each other It was pure torture It hurt like hell reading about it but in some sick and twisted way I loved every second of itIf you survive the first part the second part is less dramatic but still painful and gripping Here the story gets slow There are a lot of details every moment is mentioned and every event is thoroughly described But this is how it is supposed to be Because the details and internal thoughts help you understand the characters and their story Because forgiving is a painful and slow processThe third and final part focuses on healing and learning to trust each other It’s where you really fall in love with each of the characters And although there’s only a happy for now ending you’ll feel satisfied and at peaceThis book is not for everybody If you don’t like long and slow books with lots of drama heartbreak and high angst levels then this book is not for youUICK REVIEWEnjoyment 55Writing style 45Storyline 45 Hero 55Heroine 45Secondary characters 55 Hotnesssteam 45 Romance 45 Angst 55Darkness level 35Humor 35 Depth of the book 45POV dual 1st person Triggers view spoilerexplicit sex scenes with other people hide spoiler Autumn here’s my heart you ripped it out I knew going in that Tattered on My Sleeve would be so far different than Rock and Hope’s Yes Rock and Hope’s romance was far from traditional and full of angtsy twists Yet Wrath and Trinity’s story both broke and shocked me These two characters set themselves not only on a collision course from the first time they meet but on a path of self destruction Trinity may come off as a club girl but she really isn’t The club protects her and she in turn helps run the club house Her sexual exploits during her self inflicted destruction phase are hot as hell but painful to read at the same time You know where her true feelings lie but he’s someone that she can’t have She settles for hook ups as she painfully watches his own exploits Wrath on the other hand takes one misunderstanding and runs with his misguided notation His heart aches every single time Trinity goes with another one of his brothers in leather but she made her choice in his eyes He’s a tortured soul with a heart of gold and I loved him for it Autumn has taken her uniue MC premise and added so much to the story Wrath and Trinity’s romance opens up a gambit of emotions that may not have been experienced in Rock and Hope’s stories Their emotional journey and redemption is simply beautiful One minute you’ll be grabbing your fictional baseball bat to knock some sense into them and the next you’ll be ugly crying for days I took my time with this book because I knew I wanted to enjoy each beautiful chapter instead of speed reading my way to the end The extra time I spent reading this slowly made the journey even worth it You may have broken my heart Autumn but by the end you stitched it slowly back together to form something beautiful than before it was shattered Nothing to be scared of sweetheart I got you I'll fucking massacre anyone who tries to touch you even a ghost Come stay with me Tattered on My Sleeve is the fourth book in the Lost Kings MC Although you can read this as a stand alone I do not recommend it The characters are so intricately connected and in order to experience the full magnitude of the club you should start with the first book in the series Slow Burn The first three books focus on the club President Rock and his ol' lady Hope Tattered on My Sleeve is all about Wrath the club Sergeant at arms and Trinity one of the club girls From the first three books in the series we know that Trinity and Wrath have uite a history together This is their story This is perfect Wyatt Wrath Ramsey is responsible for the security of the Brotherhood He is all about protecting his club When he meets the beautiful blonde bartender Trinity Hurst a simple ride on the town on his bike ignites a flame that will be tested but never fully burns out Wrath and Trinity share a few nights together and the start of a relationship begins to bloom However when Wrath is sent out on club business Trinity finds herself in some trouble She calls Rock for help When Wrath returns from his run he finds Trinity is the new club girl for the MC Wrath is furious and a battle of the heart between Trinity and Wrath is waged This is it She's it Stop fucking it up Wrath is so broken by Trinity's willingness to serve his club instead of being only his that he pushes her far away Although Trinity is a force to be reckoned with her past has caused her to be cautious with men She feels rejected by Wrath and hence the pain begins She's mine I'm hers No fucking nonsense Tattered on My Sleeve explores Trinity and Wrath's past and their present The history between the two has put a barrier between them that seems indestructible They are continuously causing each other pain Wrath has no problem entertaining the club whores and Trinity has found solace in the arms of the brothers And yet Wrath and Trinity share a bond As the years pass the glances the touches the memories eventually sweep in and smack them both down with the force of a train But can they truly forget the years of pain and torture they have inflicted on each other? I want her to beg for my cock I want her to scream my name I want her to admit that she's mine in front of everyone Don't make me wait Angel Face I want to lick and suck your pretty pussy until you come Told in dual POV I adored this addition to the series The characterization was so thoroughly explored that I felt every ounce of emotion with every single solitary moment that passed The depth of pain that Trinity endured as a child was so deep that it affected her life That pain was so profound that she had to learn how to accept the love of a man Wrath the strong and loyal best friend was so stubborn that he missed so much precious time I loved the constant pendulum swing between healing tenderness and fiery passion shared between the two Wrath and Trinity are perfectly matched and I found watching the advanceretreat between the two invigorating as opposed to angsty The relationship between Wrath and Trinity also significantly affected the dynamics of the club I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the guys and girls of the LOKI For the Rock and Hope fans as you know from the first three books they are still a very critical part of the story and you will be happy to catch an additional perspective on their relationship as well You're mine to protect Mine to love Anyone hurts you I'll kill them Overall Tattered on My Sleeve is sheer perfection With each book I am addicted to this series The superb blend of complex characters club dynamics action and passion make the Lost Kings MC a must read Bravo Ms Lake BravoLost Kings MCCOPY kindly gifted via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you Autumn Jones Lake for blessing my KINDLE with your writing For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit 5 BEAUTIFULLY TATTERED RIP YOUR HEART OUT STARSI’m stunned by the sincere heartfelt intensity of Tattered on My Sleeve I shouldn’t be Hope and Rock’s journey was no picnic and full of struggles Brace yourself this author has sharpened the tools she uses to rip your heart out with Wrath and Trinity’s story We know who Trinity is She told Hope very plainly in Corrupting Cinderella that she “serves the members on as needed basis” Yet Trinity is written like no other “club girl” I’ve ever read before The only one who comes close is Dorothy in Madeline Sheehan’s Undeniable series I already loved Trinity from the first three books I thought Wrath was a big jerk who couldn’t admit he was in love with her I expected a simple story about them finally admitting their feelings and getting togetherI should have known better Nothing this author does is simple Autumn Jones Lake is not your conventional romance author Tattered does not follow any of the usual romance formulas But it’s a beautiful journey and ends on the perfect note Wrath surpassed all my expectations for the perfect alpha hero in a romance Biker or otherwise He's hot and possessive He's also understanding and forgiving After he decides to stop fucking around he puts Trinity's needs first even though at times he has no idea what they are I really fell in love with him for the way he would be gentle when she needed gentle and hard when she needed hard Tattered is a long emotional book The author was not fucking around when she chose the title Be prepared to cry laugh and want to smack these two I'm almost mad at myself for reading it too fast I need to go back and reread TATTERED ON MY SLEEVE the 4th book in the Lost Kings MC series starts eight years prior to Slow Burn For the first part the book moves back and forth between the past and present with scenes that compliment each other You’d see how they fucked up in the past and then you’d see them in a similar situation in the present where they got it right or almost I really loved that It’s different and I don’t think I’ve seen very many books attempt that beforeI don’t want to spoil it but because of the way it’s written you are rooting for Wrath and Trinity to get their shit together from the very beginning We are given a hint right from the start that Trinity has a dark secret in her past The author does what so many authors can’t seem to figure out how to do She teases the story out in a realistic way We don’t get a big back story or info dump on page one Nope The story moves along and we pick up clues and learn things along the way And when you finally learn the story it’s devastating By then all you want to do is hug Trinity Has that story line been done before? Sure Has it been done like this? NEVERWrath also has his own dark past It shaped him into who he is but he’s not some whiny angsty guy who wallows in the past He feels deeply and you really see his caring side without the author completely emmasculating him I don’t know what it is but this author knows how to write fierce alpha male characters who are also deep and sensitive in their own way without making them pussies REAL MEN Not violent assholes who pretend to be men Wrath is no exception He is who he is and doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of him What fascinated me about Tattered is how closely woven and interconnected it is to the first three books yet it is not just a retelling of those stories When events overlap they are told from Wrath’s or Trinity’s side and how it impacts them You learn Wrath often wasn’t being the big jerk everyone thought he was My favorite thing is the layers and deep feelings explored between all of the characters Rock and Wrath’s relationship has always been one of my favorites But seeing things from Wrath’s side makes you look at Rock a littledifferent Not bad different Wrath loves Rock and looks up to him very much like a big brother But he’s also incredibly angry and frustrated with him with good reason My other favorite relationship is between Wrath and Hope They provide some needed comic relief Besides their funny moments they also share some deep ones We already saw how Wrath’s attitude towards Hope changed over the first three books but now we see it from his perspective and it made me love him even Like Rock Wrath treats the women around the MC with respect even if he dislikes them He’s not abusive to prove he’s a “real man” One of my favorite scenes is when he throws Cookie out of the clubhouse He’s firm but not mean or cruel and when she’s blubbering about what she should do he simply says “leave”We also get to see his relationship with the other brothers—and Wrath’s immense patience and restraint Z – the prankster Murphy and Teller who are young and dumb We also get to see of the brothers that we’ve only heard bits and pieces from Ravage Dex Stash and Sparky make a few appearances I loved every page of Tattered on My Sleeve and I can't wait for from the Lost Kings MC I'm really hoping the author does another book with Wrath and Trinity and Hope and Rock I'm also looking forward to Murphy and Heidi's story or Axel and Heidi the suspense is killing meIf you're looking for a fast uick smutty read this isn't your book Tattered On My Sleeve is intense deep emotional and burning hot It will break your heart melt your panties and leave you with a big smile on your face when it's over ★★★★ 4 Stars ★★★★Now LIVEUS UK you know what it's about damn time someone wrote a book about a heroine who is as 'slutty' as her male counterpart Tattered on my Sleeve is basically a second chance romance between Sergeant at Arms Wyatt 'Wrath' Ramsey and club Mama Trinity HirstTrinity grew up in the MC life and has literally seen it all she's experienced things that would break most people and have leave a long lasting psychological effect However she is a very strong woman and when the President of The Lost Kings MC offers her shelter and protection she is so grateful that she ends up making the club her life She takes pride in looking after the compound and all of the brothers and although she is never obliged to she does indulge in recreational sex and why the hell notThere is one problem though and that comes in the form of the blond haired and beautiful underground fighter and Sergeant at Arms WrathIn a case of bad timing they meet the week before Trinity's past catches up with her and they have beautiful 3 days together before Wrath has to go on a run Trinity feels strangely safe with this big bad biker and he is drawn to her sweet and fearless charm She glared up at me with bold eyesHer fearlessness was the biggest turn on The shit hits the fan and a man from her past spots her which causes her to seek help from Wrath's president at The Lost Kings On his return Wrath begs her to not move into the clubhouse but she has no choiceWrath assumes that she is offering herself up to his brothers so refuses to listen to her explanation and for eight years they torture each other by going with other people and their relationship becomes a destructive one I'm too fucked upToo damaged to ever be anything than I am nowA club whore When Wrath finally comes to his senses he realises that he needs to claim this beautiful and kind hearted woman Autumn Jones Lake is a new author to me I have not read the first 3 books in this series which follow the President's journey to find love This was not an easy read it was such a detailed story spanning 8 years and the character development and story progression was phenomenalWyatt was your typical biker he had his share of club sluts and was absolutely awful to Trinity at times but I can forgive my fictitious bikers because as much as Wyatt was lashing out in anger deep down he was a passionate and loyal man who had a delicious alpha possessive vibe going on for his girl Holy fuckWe're so goddamn dysfunctional and twisted I don't know if I can ever fix usBut I want to try My heart broke for poor Trinity she was trying to make the best of her life after a horrific start and I could absolutely forgive her for using sex as both a weapon and a crutch Since her daddy died when she was a child she hadn't received or given love and truly believed that her only value was for sex I found it so sadI loved how everybody loved and appreciated her and that it was Wrath who finally made her see and believe that just because she had sex with a lot of the men in the brotherhood that she was a woman with compassion a talent for art and many other attributes that made her her She was worth everythingThe writing was flawless and I think if it wasn't as long as it was sorry I'm not a fan of mega long books then I would have rate slightly higher I am looking forward to future books in this series which will concentrate on new characters but also catch up with the previous onesThis is a standalone biker romance told in dual POV past and present ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review This was a long one but so worth it I have never read an MC book that was so detailed and complicated This book is raw gritty emotional and heart breakingIt's the story of Wrath and Trinity Trinity is a woman who's been raised in motorcycle clubs She knows bikers well and she knows her way around them Wrath is the sergeant at arms of The Lost Kings MC He is cocky a player and he never plans to settle down let alone have an old lady Everything changes when he meets Trinity at one of the club's bars Her personality is like a shock of fresh air and he is immediately captivated Trinity is attracted to him as well but her low self esteem makes her doubt herself They begin a short but very passionate affair that comes to an abrupt end when Trinity's past comes back to haunt her Trinity is forced to make a choice and that choice will push Wrath out of her life Being a club mama means that she is fair game to anyone of the brothers Wrath's stubborn personality won't let her explain that her life is in danger and so they begin a push and pull relationship that will ruin them Wrath's jealousy against his president and his club brothers will poison his feelings for Trinity and they will spend eight years trying to destroy and hurt each otherTheir lives will be shaken from that short affair and they will have to face each other every day while forcing themselves to be apart They will lose themselves into a useless chain of affairs that has only one purpose; to make the other one hurtThe road to happiness is built with thorns and the way to forgiveness will be rocky and dangerous One thing is for certain; they need each other The book was a long one It could have been really tiring if the writing and heroes weren't so great The book was very detailed and there were a lot of characters that made it richer I was amazed because I wasn't tired at all while I was reading it It's one hell of a long ride but you will not be disappointed If you love MC books you will love this one I highly recommend it and now I am very curious about the other books in the series5 Magnificent Stars from meRelease Date July 28th I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review Another I've waited many months for I do have the knack of falling for side characters And Wrath was no exceptionOf course that at first I didn't like him He was an a hole to Hope and Trinity too I don't know where and when but that changed and I became #PropertyofWrath I kept bugging Autumn about it but she's so awesome and a sweetie being patient with me and not getting mad What can I say I'm passionate about characters I loveI don't get on my knees for anyone EverWe've all met Trinity in the previous books She's the woman in charge of running the club house; cleaning cooking She's also a club momma Now the fact that a woman sleeps with men she likes whenever she likes is not a big deal However in the MC world there's no respect for women that do that Outside of the LOKI MC there was no respect for Trin Of course that Rock's a sweetheart and has laid down the law from the beginning It was her choiceNow at first I was pissed at Trinity I didn't get it She frustrated me to no end I ached for Wrath But as the story progressed we found out and and I started to understand and really it broke my heart We all have a past Some of us had it better than others Trin was in the latter Wrath had his moments too He'd piss me off there's proof of that in a convo with Autumn hah then he'd say or do something and make me melt Both of them are so complex and complicated but they make it work Once they overcome some things cough Wrath pulls his head out of his lovely derriere cough all's well Or as can be expected in the MC world The many feelings I've had ranged from being pissed frustrated to teary eyed brokenhearted and wanting Yes it's a long book but I still want It's Wrath can you blame me? I loved it I'm going to reread it I'm sure of thatIt was one heck of a ride 5 starsI wish to thank the author and Give Me Books for this copy given in exchange of an honest reviewPS Wrath is also #PropertyofIza What a beautiful story of two broken people forgiveness redemption and survival Absolutely loved Trinity and Wrath's story He was Ah Ma Zing Holy hotnessLong book but did not feel long at all Was wonderful the way it covered the same time period as the first three books some of it but it all still felt fresh and new So well done