For Now Forever #1

For Now Forever #1✮ [PDF] ✩ For Now Forever #1 By Kylee Richards ✻ – Elaina Roberts works at her aunt's bar When her aunt runs into financial trouble that puts the bar at risk Elaina knows that she needs to find a way to help her Her aunt took her in after her parents Elaina Roberts works at her aunt's bar When her aunt runs into financial trouble that puts the bar at risk Elaina knows that she needs to find a For Now PDF/EPUB ² way to help her Her aunt took her in after her parents and brother died An opportunity of a lifetime presents itself one night at the bar Camden Michaels is the personal assistant for rock star Ryder Kinick After a bar fight leaves a man in a coma Camden needs to find a way to fix Ryder's image Ryder needs to be seen with a good girl to prove that he can tame his wild ways When Camden and Ryder walk into Elaina's bar they find the solution to their problems Elaina must go on tour with Ryder and play the part of his girlfriend and Elaina's money problems will be over Elaina and Camden uickly form a connection that neither of them expects Since everyone believes that Elaina is dating Ryder they are forced to start a secret relationship The connection that they feel will have to be enough until the tour ends If they can survive the pressure of her having to be seen with Ryder having to hide their love and their upcoming separation at the end of the tour it just might be enough to make it forever. I received this book in exchange for my honest review I really enjoyed reading this story It was such a super cute romantic love story Not the typical she falls for the bad boy story Elaina and Cam were so cute together You could feel the connection between them from the start The little day trips together were super cute and romantic something any girl would dream of Cam was defiantly a perfect book boyfriend I liked the secondary characters they really added to the story Can't wait to read Really want to know what is up with Isabel and Ryder Note I received this free eBook from the author in exchange for an honest review 35 SUGARY SWEET STARS Ellie Camden If you're going to read my updates reading progress below I was gushing about how interesting the book was Interesting in a sense that I was intrigued as to what would happen next the plot The story also progresses fast so you won't likely abandon it out of boredom So why only 35 stars? Here's whyI am very particular with typographical errors I don't know if this is some kind of a complex or what but what I do know is that I couldn't stand them They distract me and somehow cause me to lose that mood in my reading I try my best to look past these typos if there were only a few but I actually spotted a lot for my standards I understand that this is an ARC so I believe it's best to raise this concern I think it has something to do with the spelling checkerauto correct stuff Nothing beats a human proofreader so a lot of spelling errors are made Aside from spelling errors there are misplaced words Sometimes a word is also omitted andor added to the sentence making grammar errors And the use of proper punctuation A period when it's supposed to be a uestion mark? I don't think they're interchangeableSo excuse the Language Teacher in me LOL and let's move on to the GOOD stuff I like that the dialogues are just so natural Cam and Ellie's love story is also realistic overlooking the celebrity status Less drama less issues I like that they follow the I love you You love me Let's be together mantra The traumadamaged heroinepanic attack sorts aren't so original but I'll look past those and appreciate the fact that this is a sweet short light read Cam is just so sweet and Ellie despite some of her issues isn't too afraid to give her heart away I swear all the characters here are good people No villains It's a good thing I guess In the real world most of our struggles are not brought about by other people but by ourselves or occurrences we have no control overSince this book is a part of a series I like that the author doesn't give a lot of details about what's REALLY going on with Ryder and Isabel They don't steal the limelight from Cam and Ellie They'll have their own book anyway I get that my opinion might differ from other readers so if you do not care much about spellings and all and just looking for a sweet love story this one's for you You might even rate this five starsCredits to the copyright owners of the images used Awwwww I actually loved this super sweet adorable feel good story Elaina has been through so much with losing her parents and brother Having no other family her aunt Karen brings her to Chicago They struggle to make ends meet and Ellie continues to work at the bar Karen owns after she graduates from college Enter Camden and Ryder Ryder is a bad boy rocker with a need for cleaning up his public image When Cam meets Ellie at the bar he realizes she could help him with that An arrangement is made and she gets ready to go on tour with the band One thing leads to another and feelings develop and become very deep between Cam and Ellie Of course there's a problem no one can know because she is Ryder's girlfriend I love how sweet Cam is from the start He is a wonderful friend and boyfriend He arranges all sorts of things to make Ellie happy Yes sometimes sugary sweet can be awesome Ellie has a big heart and only thinks of how she can help Karen Amy is a kooky friend of Ellie's Isabel is Cam's sister and I can't wait til of this series comes out I have plans to be glued to each oneARC provided in exchange for honest review This is the first time I've read a book by this author and I have to say it was good I only really had one problem and that's I wish it was longer I was so engrossed in it I felt as soon as I started reading i'd finished I did read it in one sitting Elaina has been through such a tragedy it's great to see her find love You could feel the connection between her and Camden from the beginning I feel that much could have happened in this book There could have been a little angst and the battle between them fighting their feelings but all in all I really enjoyed it Please say there's coming from Ryder? I want to know the mystery of him and Isabel Thanks for the copy I was gifted an e copy for an honest review Let me start off by saying that I did enjoy reading this I enjoy reading anything With that said there was one thing I did not like I understand that Ryder needed a way to better his reputation and I understand why they chose Elaina What I did not like was that all the other girls Ryder was involved with were being put down as if they weren’t worthy If those girls loved following Ryder around and loved having their fun with him then there is nothing wrong with that Simply put I didn’t like how the other girls were being treated They just like Elaina are nice girlswho happen to like completely different things But all in all easy read really liked the ending It was very romantic—just how I like ‘em What a cute and fast readElaina Ellie is asked to be in a PRelationship with a rock star but has her eye on his PA Cam I loved reading about the little day trips that Cam and Ellis went on together and seeing their relationship grow It was a little angst y here and there but I guess that's expected in this type of story I would have given this book four stars but the overuse of commas and other punctuation in improper places really threw me off I highlighted a lot of them and had 27 highlights so if proper punctuation in a book isn't that big of a deal for you then you'll love this book regardlessA copy was provided in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed this it was a sweet and so adorable and just nice to read soetjing different It was fast paced so you don't get bored but it's not too fast so you can still connect with the characters Came was so cute from the beginning he would would do anything for Ellie and I just loved that he eats so thoughtful I'm excited to read in this series and from this author I'm not too fused on the writing style and that's why it's not got the give stars from meI received a copy in exchange for an honest review This is the first book I have read by Ms Richarda and I must say I liked it very muchIt was a sweet book with a little bit of love angstand humor Elaina has been through a great tragedy young in life and it left her with strong convictions which I admired Her manCamden Micheals is PA to rock star Ryder Kinickwatches after her when she agrees to play the role of Ryder's girlfriend During this time they develop strong feelings for each otherThe book is well written and kept my interest until the very end Amazing What a Great book I loved this story It was so sweet and heartfelt I loved the characters This is my favorite kind of story It's was definitely a Tearjerker I cried a few times touched my heart All the pain that Elaina went through Cam is the perfect book Boyfriend Every girl should have a Cam Once I started reading I didn't want to put my kindle down This is one of those books you sign contently while reading I will definitely be waiting for the next book in this series I received arc in exchange for a honest review This book is so sweet it's a easy readElli is a good person in and out would hurt no oneShe's had a hard start to life and things don't always go the way she planned but this opportunity comes up and she grabs the bull by the hornCam is the pa to a Rock godThings get fun when they all end up in a position that will help everyone of will itWe can't help who we fall forHearts are fragile and only take so much fight for what you want