The Spanish Club

The Spanish Club[Read] ➻ The Spanish Club ➸ Danielle Burnette – When Brianna unearths a family secret the life she's known unravels She trusts no one except Dana her best friend But Dana will move away at the end of the summer leaving Brianna to face her senior ye When Brianna unearths a family secret the life she's known unravels She trusts no one except Dana her best friend But Dana will move away at the end of the summer leaving Brianna to The Spanish Kindle - face her senior year friendless and aloneA last chance to bond with Dana lies in a summer trip abroad with The Spanish Club Yet the promise of a once unattainable first love another painful secret and Mexico gripped in World Cup fever threaten to rip the girls apart for good As their lives hang in the balance Brianna must find the strength and forgiveness to reconcile the friend she once was with the new person she desperately wants to beAn honest coming of age The Spanish Club chronicles the universal struggle to define oneself within the boundaries of friendship and love even when the ones you trust break the rules. I recently read Danielle Burnette's The Spanish Club a contemporary novel which takes place in Mexico as a high school’s Spanish Club travels there from Chicago to soak up history practice the language and take in the summer sights during the World Cup Their tour guide Miguel shows them around the pyramids and they later travel to the interior of Mexico and end up in Puerto Vallarta on the West Coast The students travel by bus and lively minor characters abound The novel centers around two seventeen year old best friends Brianna and Dana who share a close bond and now Dana will sadly be moving away at the end of the summer right before their senior year Both of them deal with a family secret where they feel deeply betrayed but it’s the transformation of their personal friendship that interests me the most When Brianna slowly finds herself falling in love with Enriue one of the students on the tour this creates problems for Dana posing a threat to the established order I enjoy reading novels about the ups and downs of female friendships and Brianna is a strong heroine and easy to like Dana is flawed and operates from a place of hurt She cannot be trusted to give the best advice and she creates problems between Brianna and Enriue having the tendency to play games Throughout the novel Brianna advances toward and retreats from both Enriue and Dana as she tries to figure out what’s best for her The problem of whether or not to trust Enriue comes into play than once Brianna goes through a series of dilemmas that reuire her to make choices she hasn't had to make before Can she trust the person she's falling in love with Can she trust her closest friend Can she trust herself Brianna travels through her problems with honesty and integrity and this is the thing I like most about the book She's a good role model especially for teenage girls I am reading the novel from a mother’s point of view a grandmother’s point of view and it's nice to come across a heroine with a strong sense of herself I would especially recommend the book because of this Another plus was the vivid description of the setting I have traveled extensively throughout Mexico and it was nice being reminded of some of the places I had visited Miguel is a fun tour guide and the book is filled with historical facts and sprinkled with Spanish The pace of the novel is at first slow and easy as are the days themselves and picks up as the conflict intensifies The ending was a complete surprise An enjoyable readIn the book you meet a group of teenagers all members of the Spanish club from a Chicago high school on a tour of Mexico The main characters in the book are Brianna Dana and Enriue Brianna is struggling to cope with a family secret and at the same time is experiencing her first crush Dana Brianna’s best friend is an angry and depressed teenager who feels rejected by her family Whereas Enriue is a popular member of the high school football team This is really a coming of age story and deals with issues such as trust friendship family relations and the choices dilemmas and issues that teenagers face as they grow into young adults The story’s atmosphere set in historical Mexico made interesting reading The culture and the historical sites are vividly described The author clearly did her researchThe characters were complex well developed and were realistic Although I did not always approve of their actions I could understand where they were coming from Overall a nicely written story that flows well and is enjoyable to readReview copy provided by Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review Danielle Burnette's The Spanish Club is a contemporary novel set in Mexico during the World CupThe novel's main characters two seventeen year old best friends Brianna and Dana travel with their Spanish Club to an ancient land beautifully described by Ms Burnette to struggle with teenage angst about core values honesty friendship and a loyalty strained as Brianna develops an attraction to the mysterious and handsome EnriueThe author has an ear for teenage relationships So if you're looking for a book with honest dialogue and vivid descriptions of a land rich in history try The Spanish Club Fresh take on young love friendship and forgivenessDanielle Burnette's The Spanish Club is a fresh take on young love friendship and foregiveness It's greatly appreciated that Burnette chose to create a diverse cast of characters and set the novel in Mexico The characters Brianna Dana and Enriue felt realistic and we're not wrapped in pretty little bows I found myself feeling sorry for Brianna through most of the book as she tried to process her family secret and deal with her not so great best friend and new found boyfriend who seemed like a creep to me Young adults will enjoy the romance and teen drama this book provides Entertaining I bought this book directly from the author in Portland at Pioneer Suare I've spent the last week reading it on my bus commute and it has really been a delight to read Really satisfying ending and I love all the Spanish thrown in with the perfect amount of context and explanation to add to the tone of the story without bringing you out of it or making you feel like you're getting a language lesson Brianna's journey had the perfect amount of ups and downs and I really enjoyed the pacing I would definitely recommend this book A great read I received an ecopy of this book from story cartel in exchange for an honest review This book tells the story of a group of people traveling and learning about cultures Really enjoyed the whole concept of the book itself and the characters were very relatable I rated this a 4 because I feel like this book would suit middle aged teenagers and below Great job Sent for honest review by Reading AlleyWhile I enjoyed Danielle Burnett's coming of age novel The Spanish Club I found it lacking in philosophical ruminations or the proverbial ah ha moment that is the crux of coming of age novels Sadly every minute of Brianna's story revolved around one issue that was glazed over at its inception Her parents telling her she is adopted and coming clean that she is not their child should have been a monumental event if it was going to be the running reason for her ill feelings of not knowing who or where she came from It felt a little paper thin the break up then subseuent make up with her adoptive parents There were some shining moments but many were around the 80% mark when the whining of her friends and instant love from Enriue came to steaming halt Ok so what was the good you may be wondering Well simply put Burnette knows how to transport the reader to a place and make them feel as though they've been there before Throughout the novel the reader follows the Spanish Club on their excursion throughout various placed in Mexico from the restaurants bars mariachi bands shops and even the ugliness of its darker side peeks into the storyline Burnette provided beautifully landscaped descriptions of the surroundings and its people Overall I enjoyed the setting than the protagonist's journey to finding herselfRaging Book Reviews I received a digital copy of The Spanish Club in exchange for my honest review I have been trying for several weeks to finish The Spanish Club so after eighteen chapters I will be abandoning it instead I realize that I did not make the necessary connection to either Brianna or Dana to wonder if they made it home from their class trip to Mexico or if their friendship survived the journeySeveral things that may have deterred meThe characters were cliche than realistic I believe I was supposed to feel sorry for Brianna big family secret having been revealed but I didn't see a need to her life seemed okay maybe even better than okay She was on a school trip to Mexico with her best friend And then there was Dana who just could never get out from under the cloud that made her genuinely dislikable The element that was the hardest for me to overcome was a narrative laden down with locational information the touristy banter I have enjoyed many a novel because of the places I have visited but I was as bored as Brianna and here classmates with most of Miguel's ramblings That man never stopped and frankly I lost interest In several of the chapters there was historical biographical geographical information than there was story Immerse me in their trip don't make read the travel brochure to follow along I have received a copy from Danielle Burnette in exchange of a honest reviewThe best parts that I love in this books are theseI love how the novel takes the readers to the streets of Mexico It uses vivid descriptions and even incorporated history to the places they visitedThe characters are great and well written since they are relatable and likable Lastly the ending was also well written I honestly don't know how it was going to end I love how everything turned for every character in the endOn the other hand these are the parts that I didn't enjoyI didn't appreaciate the romance of Enriue and Brianna In one part it was written that Brianna glimpsed something deeper in which he is a gentleman that chased overeager peddlers wanted to impressed his own family and lugged around her bags from the flea market It actually came across to me as superficial I didn't like how Briana seemed to be a cardboard cutout She had two conflicts with Enriue On the first conflict she thought on how she does not have a family and boyfriend On the secondbshe got no mother father boyfriend and friends It's way too repetitive Nevertheless The Spanish Club is a great book So a few days ago I got into this HUGE contemporary mood for a few hours As a result this book was started just by a simple thought I feel this book was a great change for me considring I've been reading A LOT of fantasy lately In fact I'm reading fantasy now I really felt for Brianna and definitely was able to form opinions on other characters ie Stacia Dana Enriue etc Overall the story was very intriuing and heartfelt Now there IS a story of how I auired this book Because I usually do not buy conteporary books off the shelf A couple weeks ago I went to a book festival in Berkeley and with enough convincing my mom got me to buy this wonderful book I was lucky enough to have Danielle Burnette herself sign it directly acter purchasing She seemed so sweet and definitely made me smile Thank you so much Danielle I really enjoyed the book Check out the book here The Spanish Club