The Afterlife of Birds

The Afterlife of Birds➮ [Ebook] ➩ The Afterlife of Birds By Elizabeth Philips ➺ – A gorgeous deeply felt debut novel about obsession loneliness and the surprising ways we find to connect with each otherHenry Jett's life is slowly going nowhere His girlfriend recently left and his j A gorgeous deeply felt debut novel about obsession loneliness and the surprising ways we find to connect with each otherHenry Jett's life is slowly going nowhere His girlfriend recently left and his job in a local garage is uninspiring considering that he doesn't particularly like cars Henry finds solace in his eccentric passion rebuilding the skeletons of birds and animals Meanwhile Henry's brother Dan is disappearing into an obsession of his ownWithout Dan to rely on Henry begins to engage in new ways with the people around him The Afterlife PDF/EPUB ² in his Prairie city the year old Russian émigré who delights in telling stories; the very pregnant former employee of his mother's; the lawyer who may or may not be his brother's ex girlfriend Gradually they demand that Henry become a participant in his own story and Henry must forge his own way of living in the worldIn The Afterlife of Birds award winning poet Elizabeth Philips draws together unforgettable characters who subtly powerfully demonstrate the beauty of ordinary lives and finding our place in the world. This is definitely a character driven story about ordinary people living ordinary lives The prose is exuisite and the characters are exceptionally well drawn In some ways it is like a coming of age story if that can be said about a book in which the main character Henry is in his 20s A truly beautiful book that I highly recommend Absolutely beautifully written; character driven writing at its finest I didn't want the story to end Thoroughly enjoyed it Lovely writing and wonderful themes Philips is a well respected poet and her delight and precision with language shows here Thoroughly enjoyed this and found it hard to believe it's a debut novel Poor Henry This 30 or maybe 40 something Saskatoon bachelor got dumped by his girlfriend because all he really cared about was reassembling bird skeletons I know just how she feels I couldn't stick with him to the end of his story either You cant win an argument with someone who doesnt listen p106I love it when an author can interest me in something i had deemed deeply boring or disgustingHenry would not have appreciated me and I would feel stfled in his rooms but through the compassionate skill of EP I grew to appreciate Henry his awkward relationship with the world his observant self deprecating meditations and his concern for his scattered and chosen family Identity and integrity are the standout themes and the importance of not running out on your life is highlighted as the brothers imperceptibly switch roles It doesn't matter if the finale is visible from about the middle of the book I loved the slow unfolding of Henry and his articulation of a satisfying life Excellent Canlit Well developed and interesting characters Everyone will want a nerdy Henry in their lives after reading this book even though his charismatic brother Dan is the always popular one that we tend to fall for The portrayal of Henry develops from him being a nerdy naturalist with a strange hobby then he gradually evolves into a kind thoughtful and loving individual true to himself his family and those closest to himThe author builds this story much like the protagonist Henry builds his bird skeletons Each of the characters add to the story with their own stories and challenges Loved the Russian lady character In searching for a penis bone Henry appears to have found his back bone I'd really like to give this book a 46 it isn't perfect it isn't transcendent it doesn't change the way I see love in a profound way But it is beautiful lovely to read feels very Canadian despite being mostly taking place in locations that could be anywhere and opened my heart A very very good book indeed I hope to see of Elizabeth Philips In The Afterlife of Birds Henry Jett is alone his latest girlfriend having packed it in after being freaked out by his unconventional hobby of reassembling the skeletons of birds and small animals Even though he has no interest in cars he works a menial job at Ed’s Garage Unlike his self centred brother Dan whose looks charisma and athleticism have made him a social dynamo and girl magnet all his life Henry is unassertive and unremarkable the friend whose face you have trouble remembering but who can nonetheless be counted upon to answer the call for help when things fall apart Henry’s life is going nowhere at a snail’s pace and he knows it But what is he to do? However change is happening all around him His brother falls off the radar after deciding to run a marathon and embarking upon an obsessive regimen that takes over his life; his mother decides to sell the nursery that she’s been operating for as long as Henry can remember and go to Australia; Marcie an employee of long standing at the nursery and close friend of Henry’s decides she wants to be a mother; and Mrs Bogdanov an elderly acuaintance of Henry’s who he’s been helping in numerous small ways for years runs into health problems As he observes the effects these changes are having on himself and those he loves Henry finds it is impossible to stay unaffected and remote Elizabeth Philips’ novel is about an ordinary man who discovers that to be ordinary is to be anything but Drawn into a world of change Henry Jett is forced to acknowledge wishes and desires he didn’t even know he harboured The novel is closely observed and emotionally resonant The action moves at a slow burn but Philips writes complex and beautiful sentences that must be savoured in a leisurely manner Admirable and entertaining The Afterlife of Birds is literary fiction at its best I can't remember the last time I liked a protagonist as much as I like Henry Jett

The Afterlife of Birds PDF æ The Afterlife  PDF/EPUB
  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • The Afterlife of Birds
  • Elizabeth Philips
  • English
  • 12 March 2016
  • 9781554812653