An Anthropologist among the Marxists and Other Essays

An Anthropologist among the Marxists and Other Essays[BOOKS] ✸ An Anthropologist among the Marxists and Other Essays By Ramachandra Guha – 'Inside every thinking there is a Gandhian and a Marxist struggling for supremacy' says Ramachandra Guha in the opening sentence of this wonderfully readable book of ideas opinions and reflections A s 'Inside every thinking there among the PDF/EPUB » is a Gandhian and a Marxist struggling for supremacy' says Ramachandra Guha in the opening sentence of this wonderfully readable book of ideas opinions and reflections A substantial portion of the book An Anthropologist eBook ë expands on this salvo it analyses Gandhians and psuedo Gandhians Marxists and anti Marxists Nehruvians and anti secularists democrats and Stalinists scientists and historians environmentalists and cricketers in short all those who comprise the intellectual life of Anthropologist among the Kindle Ó thinking Indians today. The collection of essays regarding the historical Indian intellectuals who weren't from the mainstream mass of Gandhian Nehruvian and the globalized times In such a way it is indeed a wonderful portrayal of various Marxists Marxist Communist Naxalites Gandhian Marxists Socialists and some pseudo Ideologists as well Getting to know about the author's academic life at Delhi and Calcutta is something worth knowing on a personal basis for me I definitely didn't prefer the essays of the author on Cricket and Players which are filled with too many tiny details but a cricket fanatic like the author himself would find it worth knowing but not for me It has a collection of 29 essays It went out of print right after the first edition in 2001 Glad I found it in my University Library The essay on Khushwant singh is so wonderful The section Use and abuse of Gandhi is a must read Best collection of essays that I have read so far The essays are extremely well researched and presented in a non partisan impartial vein The book is divided in 4 broad sections each containing several essays by Guha The first part 'Comrades and Companions' discusses intellectuals ad civil servants of high repute and fine calibre and their ideologicalsocialisticmarxistnaxal leaningsThe second part 'use and Abuse of Gandhi' examines Gandhis teachings his life views as on Ambedkar the British etc and the miscarriage of his ideas as in case of Vinoba BhaveThe third part 'Internationalist' studies the lives of EP Thompson Nirad Chaudhuri and those who came to India from abroad Miraben Verrier Elwin Spratt HaldaneThe fourth 'Patriots' examines the Bharat Ratna awardees the life and times of Nehru Indira EMS Namboodiripad and India's illogical fascination with N bombsThe fifth 'Players' is a brilliant account of the Greats of Indian Cricket starting from CK Nayudu to Bishen Bedi to Vijay Hazare to Gavaskar and Sachin in addition to a study on socialism and soccerThis is a work of high standard and anyone interested in a serious studyreflection on the history of India must read this rich collection Ramachandra Guha's collection of essays covers topics ranging from biographies of historians and ecologists to the contribution of Sikhs to Indian cricket Beautifully written and an absolute joy to read though published in 2001 when Tendulkar was not yet thirty One of the most enjoyable essays has his criticism of Arun Shourie a pamphleteer masuerading as a historian I also found it useful as a pointer about other great books and authors to read Definitely makes me want to read books by Ramachandra Guha A typical Ramachandra Guha novel as he tells us about people who have shaped India's history culture politics and sports in the last century More importantly he chronicles people who we do not usually find mention in our history books As usual Guha's writing style is fluid with ample set of facts corroborated by his analysis and insights Especially the essays on CV Subbarao EP Thompson Nirad C Chaudhuri the non Indian Gandhians and Communists in Kolkata are uite a delightHowever there is a bias in the selection of individuals as some of them make the cut here due to his personal knowledge of and connect with them Also there is overlap with his other works if ones reads his works regularly For eg the section on cricket is just a uick snapshot of his landmark book 'A Corner of a Foreign Field' Brilliant collection of essays on national Indian and international personalities as well as insightful chapters on many locally important field changers of Indian history This is a book I should have read a long time back And Guha is clearly one of the most readable historians of our time Recommended to anyone with an interest in Indian history and society Great Book read most of the articles good thing is mostly opinion is interspersed with personal experience of the author with the person about whom he is writing

An Anthropologist among the Marxists and Other Essays ePUB
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