Overnight Male

Overnight Male[PDF / Epub] ❤ Overnight Male ✅ Elizabeth Bevarly – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk In the world of international espionage Lila Moreau is as tough as they come But now she's ready to trade her secret double life for domestic bliss That is after she takes care of one last vendetta to In the world of international espionage Lila Moreau is as tough as they come But now she's ready to trade her secret double life for domestic bliss That is after she takes care of one last vendetta to bring in rogue agent Adrian Padgett before he unleashes disaster. Rating 25 5This will be a shorter review than I normally write because I just can't think of much to say about this book It didn't grab me and mostly just bored me Overnight Male is the long awaited third and last book in Elizabeth Bevarly's OPUS series This one features the mysterious Lila Moreau Lila is a total hardcore loner bad ass with a reputation as a kick ass secret agent For years she and the rest of OPUS have been trying to capture Adrian Padgett a former OPUS agent who turned bad With her regular partner off preparing for his wedding Lila teams up with Joel Faraday to finally bring Adrian in She just wants to get the job done and get on with her solitary life What she hadn't expected was the attraction and attachment that develops between her and Joel or the strange twist the case takesI don't know what it was about this book It just didn't grab my attention very much The first 150 pages were rather boring and dull I didn't feel the chemistry between Joel and Lila and personally didn't really like Lila all that much She's too stand offish and too set on being the original bad ass I never connected with her once during the entire story Bevarly tries to soften her up near the end but it didn't work for me So I just never invested myself in these two Plus there's something about Bevarly's writing that's kind ofbland That didn't help the readability eitherThe most interesting part of the book were the parts with Adrian and the relationship that developed between him and Iris I actually wouldn't have minded if the whole book had been about them But even soI thought the way Adrian's situation was resolved was really kinda lame It didn't fit the way his story was built over three books And it made the ending rather anti climaticAnd that's all I can think to say I was just glad to finish this one For those of you've who've read the other books in the series you'll probably still want to read this one to close out the continuing storylines But if you're just considering this book or series well there are a lot interesting books out there to read This review will seem familiar because the same review will go for every book in this series and that's not a bad thing It was a fun and fast read I would recommend to anyone who was looking for something that didn't reuire a lot of thought It was cute and worth a beach read or a rainy day read to fill your time I am giving it a two star even thought I would like to give it a two and half star because even though the book wasn't very deep it was still greatly entertaining This book was just ok I wasn't to keen on the characters Lila is a kick butt kinda women rethinking her life sure I get that but the one she falls for Joel is a wuss Yes he is supposed to be the geek part of the partnership but come on he gets kidnapped by 3 geeks who biggest activity is playing video games and in another instance he fights one man while Lila has to save him and get the other two or rescue him from the kidnapping come on didn't he go thru spy training too??? Final in the series Okay ending but not my favorite series of books They all took me longer to read than most other books I just couldn't get into the books so much Sometimes it seems as though too much time is spent describing the scenery and it doesn't really add to the book The finale book for the OPUS series this continues the story of Lila Moreau super agent Fun story but you should read the rest of the series before this one I enjoyed this fun series didn't finish itcouldn't really get into it This was a satisfying if slightly sappy ending for all of the characters in the OPUS series But in the end it is romance novel than spy thriller so that's okay Good mystery Hot romance Far out espionage at least I hope it is far out

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  • Paperback
  • 328 pages
  • Overnight Male
  • Elizabeth Bevarly
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  • 15 January 2016
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