A Look Inside a Rare Mind

A Look Inside a Rare Mind My Entire Life Was Spent Questioning Myself I Always Wondered Why I Seemed Different Why I Could Never Fit In Anywhere Why I Struggled So Much Emotionally And Most Of All, Why I Could Not Find Anyone Who Understood I Continued To Fail I Continued To Remain Alone, Misunderstood By Myself And Everyone Around Me Until One Day, I Took A Myers Briggs Personality Test And Read The Results INFJ What Does That Mean I Researched And Researched, Read And Read, Pondered And Pondered, Until It Hit Me I Am Not Insane I Am Not Failing I Am Not Broken I Am An INFJ Once I Learned My Personality Type, I Was Able To Begin My Personal Growth And Development In These Pages, I Wish To Share With You My Thoughts Through The Early Stages Of My Discovery The Positive, The Negative, The Joyful And The Depressing Welcome To The Rare Mind Of An INFJ. Its a very interesting, in the moment perspective on many of the traits of the personality type it very much felt like I was readying someone s journal.