50 Shades of Grrr 1

50 Shades of Grrr 1 10 Book Set, Books Included Are Silverback Shift Artemis Wolffe This Selection Is M M Bearly Hanging On Wednesday Raven Cinder Wolf Terra Wolf Rogue Bear Amelia Jade Alpha Shot Jacklyn Black Bear And Broken Mercy May Trancing The Tiger Rachael Slate Shifter Grizzly Part 1 Emerald Wright Accidental Mate Shelley Shifter Bear Trapped Eve Hunter These books are one of my first experiences with shifter stories I m hooked, what can I sayFrom Silverback Shift, a short M M story to Trancing the Tiger, an awesome Chinese Zodiac Spirit Animal story, t
50 Shades of Grrr 1Another good collection of shifters stories I read almost the entire collection and I m pleased with all the stories There is something for everyone Good way to meet new authors at a very good price Received the ARC for an honest reviewSilverback Shift by Artemis WolfeLyle Harris, CEO of SoftShift, was a silverback gorilla shifter Only his family knew about it He had been lonely for many years He had not found someone special for him Now there was a breach in his company that needed to be fixed fast so, he hired an intern, Gunnar Gray to deal with the problem During the job interview each on was eyeing each other and they were liking what they was seeing To deal with his mother hospital bills he had an extra job, landscaping Talia gave him the opportunity to make a little money doing the boss landscaping and he went for it but he tripped and fell in the yard seeing what he was not supposed to see The attraction between Lyle and him was strong They make out with a steamy sex encounter and talked about secrets but friends and a drunken night were his enemies The Loss of Gunnar struck Lyle hard Would they fi
Cinder Wolf Terra Wolf I love Terra wolf and Amelia Jade s books They do such an amazing job They are truly creative when it comes to writing You always think about how if a shifter has the magic and ability to shift why can t they use that magic to make their clothes to disappear or to hide when they shift Thanks guys loved the route you took on this.Jake Jefferies and his friends are on a quest looking for their true mate During this journey they are staying at a Muller Lodge Campground when it burned down to the ground He never dreamed during this time he would meet his mate The shock it must have been to find out she was a human It was very rare for a human and a shifter to mate I love how he did not hesitate to jump in and be her protector He would do anything to easy her burden, hurts, and fears Harper Muller owner of Muller Lodge Campground was a beautiful plus size woman She was very strong willed and worked hard to build the campground from the ground up Ever since the moment she had woke up that morning everything had been going wrong Now everything she worked so hard for was gone How would she pick up the
enjoyed the different takes on shifters Though a little variety in the sexuality preferences would be good Over all, the stories were great. Given to me for an honest review I dislike reading stories with cliffhangers when I have not been told that they are serials Invariably, most of these stories are good ones, but I still prefer to know before reading.Silverback Shift by Artemis Wollfe Lyle is the CEO of SoftShift His fixes for the software is not going well so he asks Talia to get a cheap intern to help him She found him one that she thought was just perfect Lyle has secrets that need to be kept but it is hard He had a house that was too big for one man, but he had to choose his mate carefully.Bearly Hanging On by Wednesday Raven Holden is done with his lifestyle Secretly he had been trying to find the ONE who would be truthful and good hearted Emily came in to have a tattoo She has a bucket list and this was on her list Holden and his bear were concerned about her because she was quieter than most women having a tattoo She was pale when she came in and at times she was paler than when she came in Holden thinks this might be the ONE.This is one of the stories that has a sequel, Bearly Hanging On 2 Available as a single at for 0.99 as of this posting.Cinder Wolf by Terra Wolf Jake and his friends go back to the campground to sleep But there is practically nothing left after the fire They wonder how it started Since they couldn t get to the campground, they decide to go to a bar where J
Lions, tiger and Bears OH MY you can get all of this and in this set of shifter books You get 10 novella books for one great low price Each book is good on it s own but together they create a really growling set.Let me share with you a few of my favorites My number one favorite and a new author for me one I plan to go and read the next book in this series wasTrancing the Tiger which you get to read the entire first book of the Chinese Zodiac Romance Series by Rachael Slate This book was really exciting It is set in a time where the Red Plague has killed many people in America and when Lucy s parents die she goes to Malaysia to live with her father s brother Once there weird things happen where she discovers many new things about herself This is not your typical shifter book and deals with Shengxiao Or Chinese Zodiac spirits Choose people to live in and do their work This story was so good I could not put it down Lucy and LI OH YES Silverback Shift Artemis Wolffe is a MM story and one that is good a
This is a great box set, which has introduced me to some great new authors There is something for everyone with cliffies, novellas and fully fledged books I haven t read all of them as yet and will update review as I get through them Here is my review for the books I ve read so far Trancing the Tiger by Rachael SlateRather than the usual shifters, we have animal spirits from the Chinese Zodiac, hosted within humans.We join the action in the aftermath of the red death, which decimated the worlds population Lucy is a survivor from the USA, who sets off to live with her remaining relative On her arrival she is met by a mysterious driver, who grabs her attention We later find out that this was not her intended driver but the enigmatic Sheng Sheng, host of the tiger spirit, meets Lucy to gain her loyalty and induct the spirit she carries, the Dragon, into his Kongsi However, his plans come adrift when he realises that Lucy carries not the Dragon but therabbit Sheng make a great alpha It is so nice to have a hero who does not fit the stereotypical hero shifter mould He is alpha to the core, but carried a sense of vulnerability and a sparking sense of humour Lucy, to timid and submissive, but with an inner core of strength that even she does not reckon she possesses When they join forces they become an unique and well balances force of nature, one that
I received an ARC eBook in exchange for an honest review I will update my review as I finish each book 1 SILVERBACK SHIFT by Artemis Wolffe This is a gay paranormal romance and doesn t interest me at all I appreciate the blurb beforehand so that I didn t discover this as I read it 2 BEARLY HANGING ON by Wednesday Raven A sweet and sexy face pace romance between Holden, Bear Shifter, and Emily, a girl with nothing to lose This is the first part of their romance and continues in another book I enjoyed it 4 Stars 3 CINDER WOLF by Terra Wolf I tho
I was given this ARC for an honest review A box set of 10 shifter books with approximately 900 pages and not too many editing issues, which is always a plus.OK, well the first thing I have to say is that usually I really don t enjoy short stories they take longer to get on the Kindle than to read lol However, maybe because these are all together in one box set, I enjoyed reading them and although some are quite short I didn t feel cheated.Some I enjoyed than others to be honest, but there are plenty of steaming hot adventures with a variety of shifters from Gorillas to Rabbits finding love all over the world A coupl
A Grrreat collection of shifter book s I enjoyed mostly all of them, some were cliffhangers driving you to want much and others were just simply cliffhangers while others were captivating complete book s, wonderfully written works of art Bravo and many thanks to all of the Authors who have graciously put this 10 book collection together.A couple of book s were a bit tricky with regards to reading each of the characters roles, but eventuall