Το υγρόν πυρ και η συμβολή του στη βυζαντινή ισχύ

Το υγρόν πυρ και η συμβολή του στη βυζαντινή ισχύ❮Download❯ ➾ Το υγρόν πυρ και η συμβολή του στη βυζαντινή ισχύ ➹ Author Konstantinos Karatolios – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk The wonder of the thousand year Byzantine Empire could not have been achieved without its armed forces allowing it to maintain its power in the face of constant challenges from external enemies that d The wonder of the thousand year Byzantine πυρ και Epub µ Empire could not have been achieved without its armed forces allowing it to maintain its power in the face of constant challenges from external enemies that differed significantly in their nature In this context Το υγρόν PDF or what had been inherited from the Romans was just as important as the adoption of new weapons and tactics in battle Greek fire if not the most important of these weapons was certainly the one that achieved the greatest fame It was υγρόν πυρ και ePUB ´ used throughout the course of the Byzantine Empire and granted resounding victories to its navy This terrifying weapon was legendary yet almost all we know about it and its use is clouded by the vagueness of contemporary accounts In this work Konstantinos υγρόν πυρ και η συμβολή Epub / Karatolios attempts to answer a number of uestions concerning Greek Fire What was the formula How effective was it Who was its true inventor How was it used in battles on land and at sea This book aims not only to provide an overview of the current state of research that can be easily read by non specialists but also to make is own contribution to the study of the subject respecting academic research methods. Karatolios is a teacher and historian Byzantinologist and both of these show in his book He has approached his subject the weapon known as Greek Fire with a historian's characteristic combination of passion and distance Each and every aspect of this formidable forefather of the modern napalm bomb is isolated and examined in detailAt the same time the book is separated by topic in easily accessible chapters as one would expect from a teacher From the inventor of Greek Fire to its history to its military applications; every individual aspect has one chapter dedicated to it What I enjoyed most is that Karatolios takes care to inform the reader of all theories surrounding this weapon before presenting his own usually very convincing conclusion at each chapter's end He even goes as far as to list an unusual number of primary sources at the end ending up with almost half the book consisting of footnotesThis book was particularly timely for me as I had been researching Greek Fire for my fantasy series I suspect Martin did the same during his writing of A Clash of Kings since the battle at King's Landing is saved by use of incendiary flasks that resemble Greek Fire A freuent grumble of mine is books that do not do what they say on the tin You eagerly thumb through the preamble to get to the knowledge promised within and end up reading something else entirely Unlike PPI there is no compensation when one has been mis sold a book Last time it happened with a book that was supposed to be about Basil II I was so cross I didn't even review it Not so with this one This one delivers entirely Good things come in small packages and this book makes a virtue of brevity by getting to the point Everything you wanted to know about Greek fire but were afraid to ask What was in it? How was it used? When was it invented? How much did other people know about it? Nicely written and immaculately translated from its mother Greek it answers all of these thoroughly and concisely with references to original scholarship and leaves us with a myth busting conclusion Greek fire was not invented lock stock and two smoking syphons by Kalinikos in the 7th Century it was however developed and perfected to reach its maximum deadly potential at around this time and no one ever mastered it to the extent that the Byzantines did Greek Fire is one of the most fascinating and enduring mysteries of the Byzantine Empire but information about it in English is rather sparse and usually only mentioned in passing In this concise monograph the author brings together the investigators and speculations of many writers from the ancient to the modern era He examines every aspect of the subject from the composition of Greek Fire to its delivery system from its discovery to its possible use by pre Byzantine peoples including the Arabs against whom it was used most often by the Byzantines The author provides an extensive bibliography for those who want to track down the original documents as well as full notes on the references often in the original Greek or Latin It also includes a few illustrations This is the best examination of the subject I have read and am glad to now add it to my Byzantine library See of my book reviews on my blog Literary FlitsI bought this short scholarly work after having seen the wildfire episode of Game Of Thrones and discovering that there was actually a historical reality for the dramatic weapon Although the Byzantine 'Greek Fire' or 'Liuid Fire' doesn't seem to have ever been described as bright green Karatolios has investigated a wide variety of ancient sources and chronicles for mention of Greek Fire and this book is the pleasantly accessible result of his studies Information is presented in clearly defined chapters in which both his knowledge and his teacher's desire to enthuse students and readers shine through My only complaint I suppose would be that the book is so short Readers of this excellent academic paper it is far too short to be called a book will not be surprised to learn that at the time of its publication the author was finishing a postgraduate degree in Byzantine Studies It’s a uick and informative read and should fascinate anyone interested in the “ancient” world and in warfare and the importance of weaponry in the continuous struggles for supremacy between peoples and civilisations For those who want to delve deeper into the subject there is an extensive list of sources though in many instances your Greek will have to be up to it I read it during a twenty minute car journey and thoroughly enjoyed it I loved this little book a real gem for those who love arcane histories Konstantin provides a fantastic introduction to the mystery of Greek Fire and its uses in Byzantium His extensive bibliography is immensely useful Konstantinos' love of Byzantine history shines through as does his extensive knowledge of the subject The only complaint I have is that I wanted I look forward to reading from this talented historian An excellent study on Late RomanByzantine naval weapon commonly known as Greek fire liuid fire Extensively citing primary sources this work elucidates where our knowledge of Greek fire comes from what Greek fire might have been and how it became such a potent weapon used by the Byzantines against horde of enemies surrounding their empire Excellent work Very informative book and easy to understand it A fascinating history book that shows the depth of expert research done by the author It's written in a very accessible language for those that are not looking for an academic explanation and want to have an easy reference to a part of history that's still a mystery It was nothing short of enlightening and I'm glad I found this book as I was doing research about the Byzantine empire for an essay I highly recommend it for history lovers

Το υγρόν πυρ και η συμβολή του
  • Paperback
  • 74 pages
  • Το υγρόν πυρ και η συμβολή του στη βυζαντινή ισχύ
  • Konstantinos Karatolios
  • English
  • 08 October 2016
  • 9781511615464