Make Mead Like a Viking

Make Mead Like a Viking[Download] ➵ Make Mead Like a Viking Author Jereme Zimmerman – A complete guide to using the best ingredients and minimal euipment to create fun and flavorful brewsAncient societies brewed flavorful and healing meads ales and wines for millennia using only intuit A complete guide Like a eBook ↠ to using the best ingredients and minimal euipment to create fun and flavorful brewsAncient societies brewed flavorful and healing Make Mead Epub / meads ales and wines for millennia using only intuition storytelling and knowledge passed down through generations no fancy expensive euipment or degrees in Mead Like a PDF/EPUB ✓ chemistry needed In Make Mead Like a Viking homesteader fermentation enthusiast and self described Appalachian Yeti Viking Jereme Zimmerman summons the bryggjemann of the ancient Norse to demonstrate how homebrewing mead arguably the world's oldest fermented alcoholic beverage can be not only uncomplicated but fun Armed with wild yeast bearing totem sticks readers will learn techniues for brewing sweet semi sweet and dry meads melomels fruit meads metheglins spiced meads Ethiopian t'ej flower and herbal meads braggots honey beers country wines and even Viking grog opening the Mead Hall doors to further experimentation in fermentation and flavor In addition aspiring Vikings will explore The importance of local and unpasteurized honey for both flavor and health benefits; Why modern homebrewing practices materials and chemicals work but aren't necessary; How to grow and harvest herbs and collect wild botanicals for use in healing nutritious and magical meads beers and wines; Hops' recent monopoly as a primary brewing ingredient and how to use botanicals other than hops for flavoring and preserving mead ancient ales and gruits; The rituals mysticism and communion with nature that were integral components of ancient brewing and can be for modern homebrewers as well; Recommendations for starting a mead circle to share your wild meads with other brewers as part of the growing mead movement subculture; and Whether you've been intimidated by modern homebrewing's cost or seeming complexity in the past and its focus on the use of unnatural chemicals or are boldly looking to expand your current brewing and fermentation practices Zimmerman's welcoming style and spirit will usher you into exciting new territory Grounded in history and mythology but like Odin's ever seeking eye focusing continually on the future of self sufficient food culture Make Mead Like a Viking is a practical and entertaining guide for the ages. Of the four brewing books I've read so far this is the one that made me feel best about making mead He's very positive has a lot of personality and wants you to experiment and research to make mead in the best way for you He even recognizes that his way isn't the end all be all of brewing methodologies Take everything you read with a grain of salt including my own articles 103He's very into wild fermentation and minimal sterilization which I would like to do research about to make sure I can recognize if things are going a bad place but he gives a good starting point for lots of ideas uestions and easy little experiments like ginger bug small batches and small beer Beyond the wild ferment his emphasis is on doing it your own way and experimenting and learning Learned the basics for mead making in the “wild” style Will complement my foraging and local based ferments Very interesting stories and recipes It is not a book for beginners you need to have previous knowledge to understand the process because it doesn’t explain step by step This book was pretty informative and would definitely get you off on the right foot if you wanted to try your hand at this at home That being said it wasn't terribly scientific or comprehensive so you would probably want to move on from this to something in depth I don't have a recommendation on that front because I haven't read any further on the subject Overall it was a good primer on making interesting home made honey wines and has inspired me to further exploration Sidenote I would recommend if you are interested in home fermentation of any kind from alcohol to kombucha to sauerkraut to tempeh to salami and everything in between the book The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz While not comprehensive on any one topic it covers a broad range of techniues and inspired me to make my own Kombucha Sauerkraut and home fermented ginger ale Part recipe book for the titular beverage part history of bees and bee keeping part history of Vikings and the north lands and part personal experience as are all home fermentation endeavors with a bit of fun and trivia and a couple of puns thrown inRecipe books usually are not my thing but I'd known about the author from seeing info on him doing brief demonstrations at Mother Earth News Fair events and although I've been to 3 MENFs I'd not had the opportunity to sit in on one of his demosI'd perused some the recipes he's included and currently have 2 two 1 gallon jugs with two different meads that look to be still but will be waiting another 4 6 months before I bottle themAltogether an uick and interesting read containing many aspects of informative discussion and web links in the Resources and Inspiration section at the back will be checking those out at some dateBonus in his acknowledgements Mr Zimmerman give a tip of the hat to three writers from whom I have also received numerous hours of literary pleasure Terry Pratchett Douglas Adams and Neil Gaiman A great book for new or experienced home brewers of mead Refreshingly this book focuses on the art and creativity of home brewing for friends and family over obsessing about PH levels and consistency across batches that can be found in a lot of mead recipe books today This book takes the 'wine snobbery' out of home brewing and gets back to the basic mechanics of fermenting alcoholic beverages at homeThe first half of the book has an abundance of historical and mythological information about the role of mead in civilizations of the past as well as the indigenous peoples of today Mead is the oldest fermented alcohol and the base ingredient for 'potions' across the ages The second half of the book focuses on a DIY home brewing approach including recipes and realistic euipment recommendations to make various beverages and home grown yeastsAlthough the title says 'viking' and a lot of Scandinavian mythology and Medeival history is referenced in the first half of the book and that may sound cliche I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn to brew at home in the traditional pre industrialized way with minimal euipment This was an entertaining and educational read I had just started my first home brew during this pandemic and a friend mentioned I should try making mead and recommended this book The author provides some great historical background to mead and other fermented beverages while making it clear that he is not an expert and much of the history was lost or altered over timeThe humble approach to presenting the information was enjoyable and I felt like I was being welcomed into a community rather than talked down to as a newbie Experimentation is rampant throughout the text and snobbery is nowhere to be found Even if you aren't planning to make mead the background on the craft is an interesting read You will appreciate your friend's home brewing much as you lift a glass with them Enjoyable A nice compilation of both the history and the brewing of mead; so if you want to brew but don't care about the history it's good and if you are interested the history and use of mead but won't be brewingstill coolIt's VERY conversationally written so if you're looking for an academic or scholarly work this may not be your bag This was a nice beginners book for someone interested in brewing their own mead or beer The author is an everyday man who is writing about his passion Because of this there must be some leeway given that it is not 100% scientific Even still the book expresses the basic steps to make brews as well as the wide variety of meads one can create Wow I loved the way Zimmerman writes It's clear and it's like he's talking to me As a new mead brewer I found his approach to mead making well approachable I love his sustainable philosophy and experimental attitude I finished this book in a day and can't wait to base meads off both this book's recipes and philosophy I have no Nordic roots but I feel like a Viking after reading this

Make Mead Like a Viking eBook Û Mead Like a  PDF/EPUB
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Make Mead Like a Viking
  • Jereme Zimmerman
  • 13 July 2016
  • 9781603585989