Claimed by the Pack, Part Two: Sweet Submission

Claimed by the Pack, Part Two: Sweet Submission[Reading] ➸ Claimed by the Pack, Part Two: Sweet Submission ➮ Kimber White – Part 2 of Claimed by the Pack serial The darkest desires always lead to the sweetest submissionFrom the moment Tucker marked her Neve’s life changed forever Mated to a powerful Alpha wolf her heart Part the Pack, Part Two: ePUB ô the Pack, PDF/EPUB ê of Claimed by the Pack serial The darkest desires always lead to the sweetest submissionFrom the moment Tucker marked her Neve’s life changed forever Mated to a powerful Alpha wolf her heart beats for him But now she must face the rest of the pack As her love for Tucker grows fiercer by the day her desire for the pack burns just as bright They are by the Pack, Part Two: Epub / strong handsome virile and as their Alpha’s mate they’ll do anything to keep her safe As a dark intimate fantasy sparks deep within her Neve Claimed by PDF or must learn what belonging to the pack really meansThough Tucker knows he’s found the love of his life and his fated mate danger comes from all sides A rival pack hellbent on revenge will stop at nothing to take Neve away from him and destroy everything he’s built And a new threat looms from within that will test his leadership to the breaking point He’ll have to be strong enough to survive the challenge With Neve by his side he’s got everything to lose Dear Readers This is part two of a five part by the Pack, eBook ☆ paranormal werewolf shifter romance serial The story began in The Alpha's Mark and continues in Sweet Submission Rising Heat and Pack Wars concluding in Choosing an Alpha These books contain sizzling hot sex scenes that know no bounds not even when it comes to multiple partners These wolves like it rough If you’re not into that you might want to sit this one out However if you like hot dominant alpha male werewolf shifters and the kickass heroines who will do anything to please them then click away and enjoy the ride. Review for Sweet SubmissionTITLE Sweet Submission Book 2SERIES Claimed by the PackAUTHOR Kimber WhiteGENRE Romance shapeshifters PUBLICATION September 21 2015MY RATING 4 STARS I received an advanced review copy of the author's book to give an honest review I must say I read a few shifter books before this and they were ok but nothing I got really thrill about or would even though to Recommend it to someone But this Series I would RecommendTucker has told Neve that she now belongs to the pack and that they will do whatever it takes to keep her safe Not sure Neve handle that much responsibility Neve ask Tucker for some time to think about her decision Neve wasnt given much to time to decide before Asher's and his pack hellbent on revenge for the accidental death of his mate comes looking for Neve the pack Jake Mal Reed and Barrett of course Tucker to Neve rescure from the big bad WolfTucker Neve still keep up the heat this story just gets hotter and hotter uite literallyby the end of installment 2 the place is literally on fire Decision made Tucker decide he needs to take Neve her new home Warning This one ends on a cliffhanger so be ready to be craving Part 3 this is 5 part series Wow This story is so hot Neve is learning what it means to be pack When Tucker has to leave she gets very close to two members of the pack Before Tucker left he told her she belongs to the pack and sex is different than being mated Mal is with Tucker Jake is wounded and Neve is horny Reed and Barrett are than willing to help out This is a very steamy menage Tucker gets home and announces they have to move on This is a great series I am ready for the rest of it Top of the TBR list I received this as an ARC in exchange for an honest review Got this book for free to give an honest review I loved the first part of this series and was looking forward to see how it went onThe first part was a very hot read and I was a bit afraid this one would compare to the first one but luckily I was wrong this one was just as hot in a total different wayTucker explains to Neve she is not only mates to him but also belongs to the pack With what he tells her and her dreams for her future being totally different as the situation she is now she needs some thinking time and gets that from Tucker I think that is beautiful that he gives her that freedom although he needs her so much to make the right decision She is just thinking when Asher has found her and wants to kill her luckily the pack is there to safe her That means so much to her so makes the decision to stay with themWhat follows when Tucker and his beta are checking the grounds between Neve and two others of the pack is so sexy hot And strangely ebough it just feels like a right thing to do and it doesn't make the love between Neve and Tucker less important it even makes it strongerI didn't like the cliffhanger on the end that was so mean Now I just have to read the third part of this stories But the be honest I would also wanted to read it without the cliffhanger because I would like to find out what will happen nextCan you read this book as stand alone? Not really you could read it without the first book But it is much better to read that one first This review is also on our blog my review on the whole series since it's basically one big book I didn't enjoy this as much as the other books in the series but it still had action suspense and pnr appeal Loved it Please read this book It rocked I read it in one day I am now searching for other book by this author One hot deliciously sexy pulse pounding action packed Alpha story you don't want to miss I definitely recommend this book in the box set Review for SWEET SUBMISSIONI received this as a gift for an honest reviewTucker has marked Neve and says she belongs to “them “ now She thinks that’s strange until she meets the rest of the pack Reed Jake Barrett and Malcolm All of them seem to be very accepting of her except for Malcolm She doesn’t understand his dislike of her It is Malcolm who asks Tucker if Neve understands what it means to belong to themit is then that full understanding and shock comes to her Although she is strangely attracted to all of them she’s not sure she can do what they are asking She tells Tucker she needs to think and he sends her to one of the other cabins What she doesn’t expect is an attack by Asher and his pack Once again her pack comes to her rescue She becomes involved with one of the other pack members when Mal and Tucker need to leave to find Asher When Tucker and Mal return they tell her they were unable to find any trace of Asher When a fire that is set to kill them they decide it is time to go home to Wild Lake That is where she meets Patricia and learns so much about this worldand where she learns that Mal wants than just to have sex with her Tucker learns of the betrayal through the pack link and stops Mal and his evil intentions But nothing can prepare them for what comes next Even though I did not read part one of this series I was able to pick up the basics of what had happened as the story unfolded in part two I would like to read part one though because if it is any where close to being as hot as this episode I'm sure I missed a lot of great action Kimber White has taken the paranormal to a new height with this series so far This episode is full of action emotions and lots of hot steamy sex But remember that it is part two therefore did finish in a very exciting cliff hanger Talk about fire and heat This part of the series has us following Neve as she tries to decipher what her life has and will become if she opts to stay with the pack and mostly Tucker As she bonds with all five of the shifters each in their own way she finds it very difficult to make her decision I am very much looking forward to reading the next part of this saga hoping that somewhere along the way all will fall into place for Neve Tucker and the rest of the packI received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review After being marked by Tucker as his Neve now is introduced to other members of his pack and learning what it means when he says that she belongs to the pack and the pack to her Still getting used to her overwhelming urge to be with Tucker she now realizes she's drawn to these other men in a similar way just not uite as intense as her draw toward her mate There are changes going on within her body that she is very much enjoying while also being very confused about it My carnal need took over Everything I was became centered on the heat between my legs Neve And the hotness just continues from thereNot only is all this sexual energy and tension going on but there is also the fact that the rival pack wants Neve for its revenge She has so many decisions to make and things to try to understand will she stay with Tucker? Can she handle belonging to the pack? Will abandon her planned college future and independent lifestyle and submit herself to the wolves? So much happening in this Part Two that you won't want to miss itI was given an ARC for an honest review