A Risky Affair

A Risky Affair[KINDLE] ❆ A Risky Affair By Maureen Smith – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk No secretsFollowing the deaths of her adoptive parents Solange Washington is finally ready to move on But after she has a run in with magnificently bare chested Dane Roarke a private investigator hire No secretsFollowing the deaths of her adoptive parents Solange Washington is finally ready to move on But after she has a run in with magnificently bare chested Dane Roarke a private investigator hired to run a routine background check on her Solange's pulse goes wild even as uestions about her past surfaceDane knows there's to Solange's story than meets the eye and he suspects it has to do with secrets about her real parents Torn by his desire for this A Risky MOBI :¿ vibrant lady and his growing suspicions Dane walks a thin line between trust and truthbecause passion has made this case personal. Although I really enjoyed Dane and Solange's story I hated how her self centered grandfather manipulated Solange's life for his own selfish agenda Dane is such a strong Alpha male but when he came to Solange realizing how he really felt about her and gently begged her not to marry Lamar my heart ached for him Beautiful story Sweet Story I enjoyed reading Solange and Dane's story They were too cute together I'm glad that Solange had family out there so that she wasn't completely alone although her grandfather handled it wrong I'm also glad that Crandall and Tessa were finally able to be together Good story I think that this book was uite different from the othersa little unreal in term of the feelings of the characters A Bit Drawn OutEnjoyed the series but felt the last book dragged Even though I have said this I would still like to read concerning the characters SecretsWell the secrets were revealed Several died from them and other healed It was worth the read It was a journey to find happiness but it's worth it Good readAs usual a great plot excitement love and finally intrigue Always look forward to the next book in the series Keep writing Maureen Sad this is the endI'm pretty sad that this ends the affair series I was enjoying the Roarke family drama The first story with Caleb and Daniella is still by far my favorite This one was a bit unexpected because I assumed it would be about Kenneth but I still thoroughly enjoyed it A Risk Worth Taking“A Risky Affair” is the final installment of Mrs Maureen Smith's Affair series As usual Mrs Smith draws you into the characters and keeps caught up in their drama and antics throughout the whole novel Dane Roarke and Solange Washingon’s story is definitely what one would call a whirlwind romance I enjoyed watching Solange’s attempts to fight her fast burning desire for Dane When Dane first meets Solange he knows exactly what he wants and goes after it despite the walls she tries to erect and the constant interference of Crandall Thorne who just so happened to have his own agenda for getting to know Solange Dane is uite an AMAZING man sexy intelligent attentive and very protective Despite the fact that Dane and Solange are attracted to one another they are a little “gun shy” about getting too SERIOUS with each other because they’ve both been burnt and neither wishes to put their heart on the line again However the chemistry between Dane and Solange is so intense it practically sets the pages of this novel on fire Can Solange and Dane get past their secrets learn to trust each other and willingly RISK their hearts for a possibility of a happily ever after?Although the final novel doesn’t have the same thrilling suspense as the first two novels it still has a few intriguing twist and turns and it’s definitely filled with some HOT SPICY love scenes that will keep you turning the pages I enjoyed this story I actually started on Sunday night and finished on Monday The story is about Solange Washington smh – I wished some imagination was used who accepts a job with Crandall Thorne Crandall is a multi millionaire attorney who’s well known respected and Tessa’s grandfather There are some twists and turns in the story such as the grandfather had an affair and a child was produced The child is given up from adoption and then the child has a child Solange and gives her up by leaving her at the hospitalAlso Solange falls for Dane Roarke a private investigator and cousin to Crandall’s daughter in law I do wish that Crandall would have experienced love in this story however that wasn’t the focus Overall it was a good read I was impressed by the depth of the characters Solange Washington and Dane Roarke It was a great story and I don’t want to give too much of the story away But I was very surprised by the way Crandall Thorne handled his issues and his past with TessaMy favorite character is Daniela because she reminds me of two women I consider my best friends I would have to say you should pick up this book as soon as possible Okay Maureen I believe I have read all of your books so you have a reputation to maintain with me Please keep them coming

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  • A Risky Affair
  • Maureen Smith
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  • 25 March 2014
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