The Black Stallion

The Black Stallion[KINDLE] ❄ The Black Stallion By Walter Farley – Published originally in 1941 this book is about a young boy Alec Ramsay who finds a wild black stallion at a small Arabian port on the Red Sea Between the black stallion and young boy a strange unders Published originally in this book is about a young boy Alec Ramsay who finds a wild black stallion at a small Arabian port on the Red Sea Between The Black Stallion The Black Kindle - and young boy a strange understanding grew that you lead them through untold dangers as they journeyed to America Nor could Alec understand that his adventures with The Black Stallion would capture the interest of an entire nation. Although I certainly enjoyed Walter Farley's classic tale of a boy and his horse when I read The Black Stallion as a young teenager I most definitely never liked it uite as much as Marguerite Henry's Misty of Chincoteague series and other horse series that were part of my childhood; further I also never did warm up to any of the seuels And part of the reason why The Black Stallion has always been a bit of a miss for me is the fact that at least some of the scenarios described by author Walter Farley have tended to sound just a bit too good to be true a bit too convenient and at times almost unbelievable and I really truly do very much despise the fact that Alec keeps feeding the Black sugar as sugar is basically really really unhealthy for horses especially if it is something they are fed regularly and not as a very occasional treat This time around and basically upon rereading The Black Stallion for the first time in decades I realise that much of my annoyance with the novel is and likely always has been with the whole thoroughbred racing scenario Thoroughbreds are often ridden and raced much too young and much too fast and the number of broken down thoroughbreds that end up in feedlots or being used as chuckwagon fodder is indeed both horrible and staggering Now my family used to raise warmbloods Trakehners to be exact And we would not even have considered breaking a horse getting a horse used to a rider to a saddle and the like until around age three or so However with thoroughbreds even one year and two year olds are routinely ridden and even raced and at breakneck speeds at that For example Alec's friend and horse trainer Henry recounts how his best horse Chang collapsed and died after a race and while you can tell that Henry is sad at what happened he obviously also is proud of the fact that Chang's record still stands And I for one have always wondered whether Chang was being overworked whether he should not have been raced that day whether the owners of Chang and even Henry might have failed to notice a potential medical issue or even refused to notice it indeed I might be reading too much into this but these thoughts did come and always emerge whenever I read this part of The Black Stallion And even the Black's final race where he beats Cyclone and Sun Raider it tends to leave a bit of a sour taste in my mouth mostly due to the fact that the Black is injured during the race and yes this is an injury that could have proven much worse than it turns out to be and I have actually watched thoroughbred races where horses physically attacked one another jockeys used their whips on other horses even on competing riders it is not a pretty sight and I cannot help but remember these scenarios these real life occurrences when reading about the Black and his races And I guess it also does not help any that the Black's fighting with other horses often seems to be almost feted and cheered by the author; personally the fights while they might be exciting to and for some have always kind of sickened me a bit because their description is almost like a revelry a glorification of violence Finally I still do think The Black Stallion is an entertaining informative and thrilling horse story and that Walter Farley started writing this his first novel when he was a mere teenager is rather awesome in and of itself The Black Stallion was published when Walter Farley was twenty six but he actually started writing the novel in high school That being said The Black Stallion most definitely has never been one of my favourite horse stories as the brutality of the races the Black's at times overly violent nature and how this is actually condoned and even feted by Walter Farley's narrative as being something amazing and wonderful and indeed that the Black was often being fed sugar have always lessened my reading pleasure than somewhat A very nice children's story No idea when I first read this but I was very young This is the German edition and I always loved the covers just looked into the English ones and am not convinced so I probably won't re buy them I was never the girly type of girl that was into horses but the fierceness of the Black Stallion the majestic way it was portrayed in the movie as well as the Arabian kept in the stables where I had my lessons and the adventures sucked me in With the generous backing of my grandfather who liked the series as much as I did I got all of the original 13 15 if you count those that Steven Farley Walter Farely's son penned or at least helped with volumes on my shelfIt's definitely time for a re read and perhaps for re watching the old movie too Alex Ramsey first meets the black stallion when they're both booked on a ship called the Drake When the ship is destroyed during a storm the Black stallion and Alex are the only survivors They wash up on a deserted island Alex knows if it wasn't for the Black he won't have survived the shipwreck When Alex is rescued from the island he insist on the Black being saved too Soon they are on a voyage to New York in America What fate awaits for a boy and a wild black stallion?I can remember reading this book around ten or eleven years old I loved it so much I went on to read all the horse books by Walter Farley and some by other authors as well This was my first taste of reading for pleasure Later I would extend my love of reading about horses to actually owning a horse on my stepmother's farm My stepmother Lynne saved horses from neglect and abuse My first horse Tonka was a prancer and I loved her Reading this book again brought back memories of bygone years of pleasurable midnight rides on Tonka I recommend this children's novel to kids and adults alike My copy was illustrated by Domenick D'Andrea Reading this to my kids I honestly wonder if I've actually read it I read all the Walter Farley books as a kid and we also owned the movie on VHS So I suspect that I had simply seen the movie and then moved on with the books after that The book is uite similar to the movie and my kids found it a little dry It goes into great detail about how wild the Black is and how only Alec can ride him but the big race takes place in just one chapter Still it's the first book about a horse that DOESN'T die and for that I honor it I know I read this as a kid yet I couldn't remember a thing about it which is odd although I hadn't remembered Misty of Chincoteague very well either Too many years I guess Anyway I'm really happy that I had a chance to reread this as an audio book narrated by Frank Muller who did an excellent jobThis is definitely a kids book perfect for young teens down It's full of adventure yet Alec never forgot to do his homework plus his parents were completely clueless while being fully supportive It's also full of fortuitous coincidence something I normally abhor but that wound up being part of the charm Things just worked out for the best that made for a great storyThis was written in 1941 so it is also nostalgic in many ways The horses were described well although using 'whistling' to describe one of their high cries bothered me throughout I've always called it a scream but things like riding without all the safety gear getting bucked off the exertion of staying on a fast moving horse were very well done The racing was great too Very reminiscent of the match races of the day between Man O' War his get They did keep using a saddle after they heard it break though The only time I've known a saddle with a broken tree to work was on an extremely fat Welsh pony It didn't pinch him due where it broke all his fat We used it because it kept good saddles from getting ruined since he had a penchant for scratching his back occasionally When Fritz decided to roll he was going to roll; to hell with the rider tackSeeing NYC Long Island today some might find it hard to believe the area was rural enough to hold a horse field since Flushing NY is right on the East River in ueens just east of LaGuardia airport While it is now one of the busiest in the world there wasn't much commercial traffic in the 30s the date is never given Alec was planning to take a month to travel back from India via ship so LaGuardia might still have been an amusement park which it was until 1929New York has also spread amazingly fast My great grandfather kept goats chickens in Glen Cove not far east into the 1940s some of his neighbors had horses Mom kept her horse in Centerport further east in the 1950s we used to ride double from our farm in Lake Grove even further east north of Lake Ronkonkoma about midway along Long Island across fields to the post office in the early 1960s By the late 70s the fields were gone completely replaced by houses packed together on uarter acre lots; completely changed in less than 20 years So much growth in so little time mostly due to the way the car changed transportation times I thinkI highly recommend this especially in this format for adults There are some great illustrated editions too If you like this I'd also recommend Old Bones the Wonder Horse That's actually based on a true horse I gave it a 5 star review here I've been an avid horse fanatic since before I can remember Unfortunately when you're a kid growing up in the city there's nothing a horse fanatic can do about it until they grow up and can afford or work for lessons of their own When I was a teenager my parents movied to Long Island and I finally had the opportunity to work summers at a barn in exhange for riding lessons Today I teach riding to little kids and spend as much time in a barn as a can In those years before my horse crazy self had my own horses to adore and lessons and training to look forward to these books among others kept my dream of being an euestrian going Although I may not have loved all the farley books eually and I've only just realized that there were around 20 of them they're all still great books in my opinion A definite gift for the horse crazed kid I don't like horses or horse books but I really enjoyed this one Wanda’s Summer Carnival of Children’s LiteratureWow talk about fantasy And yet this is the book which ignited my passion for reading Totally unrealistic and it was totally captivating to an 11 year old horse crazy girl This is the book which started my life long habit of identifying with male characters because I wanted to be Alec Ramsey I am also truly lucky to have had an indulgent father who purchased my first pony Nippy at an auction sale for 50 We left home with a truck full of pigs and returned home with a Shetland pony Nippy I came to have a very close relationship which I no doubt modelled on Alex the Black Fortunately for me Nippy was much like old Napoleon in this tale than like the wild black stallion It was a treat to re read this novel and to remember my total adoration of this series despite the fact that it really doesn’t turn my crank any as an adult Still like a first love I will always have fond memories of The Black Stallion This book is clearly a product of its time and not just because of the corny slang The second page awkwardly gives us a dose of muscular Christianity ideology Never again would he think of a missionary's work as sissy work No sir you had to be big and strong The two female characters are completely boring The Irish and Italian American characters are completely stereotyped Egyptians are referred to as natives or as the dark skinned man I deduce that this person merited description as a man because his clothes are westernized The dark skinned man is portrayed as cowardly panicing in a crisis and unconcerned about causing others' deaths NiceThere are so many unbelievable coincidences that drive the plot that I just won't get into them all But several unbelievable things could have been easily fixed without derailing the plot Why make Alec a freckled red head and then claim that his skin tans? Come on Also I have a hard time believing that a family that can afford to send a teenager to India for summer vacation would allow him to return to the US unaccompanied on a month long voyage Lastly Alec the hero is just too flawlessly heroic to feel like a real characterThe average horse loving child who reads the book will be oblivious to these concerns of mine but will probably notice that the ending is somewhat anticlimactic due to the author's ill advised decision to abandon telling the story from Alec's point of view and have the race narrated by the racetrack announcer

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