Damned, Delicious, and Dangerous

Damned, Delicious, and Dangerous➻ [Download] ➸ Damned, Delicious, and Dangerous By Delilah Devlin ➺ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Men of darkness men of passiontrapped by temptation and bound by desire No woman can refuse their erotic invitation for sexual pleasure The Demon Lord's Cloak by Delilah Devlin Bound and naked Voletta Men of darkness men of passiontrapped by temptation and bound by desire No woman Damned, Delicious, eBook Î can refuse their erotic invitation for sexual pleasure The Demon Lord's Cloak by Delilah Devlin Bound and naked Voletta has every reason to fear the mysterious man holding her in his arms Instead his brooding presence intrigues her his hard body excites her and his rough touch arouses her Night Sins by Lisa Renee Jones In the battle between good and evil Kayla Ward knows vampires are strictly off limits But Ethan's dark sensuality and seductive allure leave her craving hot passionate sex The Devil's Paradise by Megan Kerans Justice Malloy is looking for the perfect place for a wedding reception What she finds at The Last Resort Hotel is a man whose raw male power promises carnal pleasure like she's never felt before. The Demon Lord's Cloak by Delilah Devlin4 starsDamien is a ancient being imprisoned in a magical keep Every hundred years a human virgin from the village is sacrificed to him But there's something very different about this years offeringThis was one dark and compelling story A simple set up really but the characters really popped and the smex was insanely hot The erotic euivalent to Anna Campbell's gothic romances By far my favorite part of the anthology I see myself hunting down some of Devlin's tales mighty soon Night Sins by Lisa Renee Jones2 starsIs supposed to be the tale of good vs evil But in actuality it's just 2 non human do gooders who's only beef with each other are their specific group affiliations Much like the way police officer resent the FBI for pissing on their territory and taking shiz over While said encroaching FBI agents are irked that the coppers don't get how uneuipped they are to handle this situation and the sooner they clear the field for the big boys to play the better So where was? Oh yeah Why did the vamp the watcher mystic human protector cross the road? to stop the bad guyssorta Duh lol So the story wasn't horrible it was ok Just okThe Devil's Paradise by Megan Kerans3 starsRides the uality fence btwn stories It's has a 'Hotel California style plot where only love can save the delicious damned stud that resides within The concept was pretty well executed But the lack of significant plot driving conflict emotional or physical keeps me from giving it an additional star Damned Delicious and Dangerous is an anthology published by Aphrodisia Berkley's erotica line It contains three stories of dark heroesThe Demon Lord's Cloak by Delilah Devlin is about a shape shifter who's fur pelt is stolen when she is kidnapped as a virgin sacrifice to fulfill a town's deal with the devil Night Sins by Lisa Renee Jones tells what happens when a vampire and a Watcher are intended soul mates but forbidden by their respective worlds from being togetherThe Devil's Paradise is the story of a man who lost his soul and a woman who finds what she wasn't looking forI enjoyed each story Actually liked Lisa Renee Jones' story the most The three star rating is because although I began the book several weeks ago it didn't 'grab' me enough to have me finish it in one sitting When I can easily set a book aside there's just something missing for me For starters I have to say that the first story The Demon Lord's Cloak from Delilah Devlin didn't impress me much I did smile and yes it was a funny and tender story but there was something missingFor me the story pick's up when Voletta meets Damien and has to accept that she belongs to him I think that her lack of fear is due to the fact that she's not human at all and probably her life would be different from a humanNot used to give up control Voletta always had free will to go and be whatever she wanted There is also an inocence of physical knowledge and we see her falling in love with her own encarcerer as we see her discover the pleasures of the bodyOn the other hand we have Damien Lord Malphas a cursed fallen angel a dark soul that falls in love with Voletta and makes an effort to keep her in his embraceI liked Damien his sensuality his tenderness and his honesty in the decision to let her go freeIn the end I did like the story but I still felt that there was something missingThe second story Night Sins from Lisa Renee Jones enchanted my mind and bewitched my senses I love the good old dark vampires and a good love story so this one really appealed to meWe have Kayla Ward a watcher and then we have Ethan a hot vampire While she's trying to catch a murderer vampire that is killing in Vegas Ethan is trying to find out where is the leak in his staff is and find who is helping the Blood Brothers vampires that are trying to take the city from his hold They are killing his former lovers and before it's too late he has to protect Kayla from themShe is his blood mate and they cannot deny the atraction between themThis story has all the good ingredients beautifully written and with a plot development that takes you from the first page to the last wanting About The Devil's Paradise by Megan Kerans tells the story of Dashiel Wilde a soulless demon and Justice Malloy a human They meet in The Last Resort Hotel when Justice goes out to find a place for the reception of a wedding for one of her clientsThis hotel has the catch of only appearing when there are too many sinners walking the earth and it is taken care by our demon Bound to the hotel his soul is only freed by someone that will love him for what he is but with so many sinners sex and lust it is very dificult to find a woman that has in her heart true love He is provided with a compass that measures one's true self and the measure of it's lustOvelooking this story by it's hole I enjoyed it and would give a 3 stars to it eventhough I think that the first three chapters were a little bit rushed This is a 3 story paranormal erotica anthology so if smut isn't your thing stop reading nowI read 2 out of the 3 stories and I thought they were really good romances but not all that interesting as erotica they were pretty lovey dovey and vanilla The paranormal aspects were original though The first story was about a shape shifting woman who needed her animal hide to transform but was tricked into becoming the 100 year offering to an immortal lord My description sounds dreadful but it was really very good I skipped the second story it seems way too cliched for me but the third story was interesting It featured a contemporary American setting where a good hearted woman stumbles into a hotel for the damned and ends up falling in love with the devil manager redeaming his soul Cliched on the romantic end yes but I've read a ton of paranormal romance and the setup seemed uniue to me The Demon Lord's Cloak 4 stars is about a trapped demon Once every 100 years he is able to step away from his prison to take in a companion The nearby village supplies the sacrifice to keep the demon away She must be a virgin When they are unable to find a suitable victim from their own village they make due with a stranger who happens by at the wrong time She however is no ordinary human she's a shifter whose pelt was stolen It's a great uick read Night Sins 4 stars is a story I'm hoping has others out there I found the world very fascinating with opposing factions uniting to fight a common foe The Devil's Paradise 4 stars reminded me of the Eagles song Hotel California I enjoyed the read and the twist on the Last Resort Inn It really was good compared to some that I've read I'm still have a hard time believing in HEA after only a few hours even days let alone months or years But if you can grab my attention have my brain following along wishing to be in their place you've done your job as a writer grabbed the reader lured them to your cause Which these authors have done This anthology was a 38 than a 4 for me My favorite story was the first one It was sweet and cute and funny all at once The other two were okay Sex scenes were decent but not my favorite in terms of stories It's a fun novella collection worth a 35 Huh Helps to pay attention Originally gave this two stars because I thought it was a different book Looked it over again and realized that I was thinking of a completely different book than this one This was really good I liked it and the first story was my favorite A series of short stories about demons devils and vampires Really hot and erotic pretty good i really like the story Night Sins by Lisa Renee Jones the best because it was like something i would read in a regular novel the other two were okay

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