The Mechanical Bride Folklore of Industrial Man

The Mechanical Bride Folklore of Industrial Man❮BOOKS❯ ✹ The Mechanical Bride Folklore of Industrial Man ✯ Author Marshall McLuhan – This is the devastating book which first established Marshall McLuhan's reputation as the foremost and the wittiest critic of modern mass communicationsThe Mechanical Bride is vintage McLuhan so aptly This is the Bride Folklore Epub â devastating book which first established Marshall McLuhan's reputation as the foremost and the wittiest critic of modern mass communicationsThe Mechanical Bride is vintage McLuhan so aptly illustrated by dozens of examples from ads comic strips columnists etc that those who were stung by McLuhan were hard put for rebuttals It shows how sex was first used to sell industrial hardware how Orphan Annie still keeps the world on track and how an Arabian Nights wonderland of mass entertainment and suggestion The Mechanical PDF/EPUB ² makes information irrelevant and sends us to bed at night too dazed to uestion whether we're happy or not We live in an age in which legions of highly educated professionals dedicate themselves to the task of getting inside the collective public mind with the object of manipulating exploiting and controlling. Written to address the condition of public helplessness v brought about by the modern capitalist world similar to Neumann's position in Behemoth McLuhan recommends Poe's method from 'A Descent into the Maelstrom' studying the action of the whirlpool and by co operating with it id What is meant is rational detachment as a spectator regarding the world of social myths similar to Barthes in Mythologies id This perspective should remind us of Benjamin's thesis that fascism aestheticizes politics Ever since Burckhardt saw that the meaning of Machiavelli's method was to turn the state into a work of art by the rational manipulation of power it has been an open possibility to apply the method of art analysis to the critical evaluation of society viiiFrom there it is vignettes reading advertisements and other mass culture artifacts current when written in 1951 prescient much of it It's all very interesting and clever There's a prefiguration of his later 'global village' concept in remarks such as henceforth this planet is a single city 3 Plenty of other nifty insightsWhen people have been accustomed for decades to perpetual emotions a dispassionate view of anything at all is difficult to achieve 7The nihilist is born now of the violent meeting and woundings which occur when different cultures converge In short he is born of the social conditions of rapid turnover planned obsolescence and systematic change for its own sake 13 that is all that is solid melts into air causes lumpenized antisocial nihilismThe process by which dress fashions produce uniformity while pretending to cater to wild passion of the public for diversity and change is eually true in the book industry 23Spectre of Brecht in the notion that the intended lack of mental appraisal in mass fiction impair the critical evaluation which strengthens the powers of reasonable living They are things to be felt in the viscera They deliver a direct wallop to the nervous system unmediated by reflection or judgment The net result of the cult of literary violence supported as it is by other media and excitements has been to reduce the reading public to a common level of undiscriminating helplessness 26The public is not only invited inside but encouraged to believe that there is nothing inside that differs from its own thoughts and feelings regarding government and power 27 In this 'Democratic' vanity has reached such proportions that it cannot accept as human anything above the level of cretinous confusion of mind 27; the techniue for taking the teeth out of the 'democratic' envy of the great or rich also gets a good deal of support from the rapid leveling down that has taken place with respect to the mental habits of public figures id which sounds ugly and familiar in the age of TrumpAs market research tyranny has developed the object and ends of human consumption have been blurred 31At times seemingly somewhat rightwing such as citing Swift's third Gulliver travelogue approvingly on the alleged dangers of progress 34 or in the lament that Professor's Kinsey's book is a carte blanche for maximal genital activity 47 However the candid discussion of the use of sex in advertising is not exactly prudish nor is this an anti science text insofar as science is under consideration in this book it is not science considered as the passion for truth but applied science the science geared to the laws of the market 92Education as supplemented for the first time in history by an unofficial program of public instruction carried on by commerce through press radio movies 43A commercial society whose members are essentially ascetic and indifferent to social ritual has to be provided with blueprints and specifications for evoking the right tone for every occasion 51 hence etiuette guidesThe notion of cultural 'distinction' as being distinct from the herd 58 a nietzschean superlative But by putting the 'high brow' at the top of the consumer list in pace of the rich the reader was discouraged from noting that all the other ratings were terms of economic status 59 a weberian shifting of the marxian groundImplied in the cult of hygiene is a disgust with the human organism 61 Bakhtin's grotesue realism as market imperativeSometimes brilliant In the same way we can learn from the art of such moderns as Mallarme and Joyce analogical techniues not only of survival but of advance Mallarme and Joyce refused to be distracted by the fashion conscious sirens of content and subject matter and proceeded straight to the utilization of the universal forms of the artistic process itself The political analogue of that strategy is to ignore all the national and local time trappings of comfort fashion prosperity and utility in order to seize upon the master forms of human responsibility and community 75Comments at times on the interfusion of sex and technology 84 pulls into JG Ballard one of the main themes of the book here recurring throughout and in the title obviouslyRegarding Marinetti's futurism as the work of an Italian millionaire 88 Nurtured in Schopenhauer's 'pessimism' and Nietzsche's 'energy' he seized the machine as the true agent of the superman 90 which is a slick way to read the ubermensch ideaThe misleading effect of books like George Orwell's 1984 is to project into the future a state of affairs that already exists 93A genius seuence that reads Superman comics Tarzan narratives detective fiction up to Sherlock Holmes 102 9 lots of great insights such as Holmes is part of a tradition that goes back through Richardson's Lovelace Hamlet Faust Poe Baudelaire de Sade Good stuff By contrast later the gangster hero stands in relation only to the laws of the land which he has defied The Greek tragic hero stands in relation to a wider and terrible law 147Recommended for the gauleiters of big business Marchall McLuhan hates everything too so why do I like him than Slavoj Zizek? I will tell you why Because I am petty so when Zizek says 'everything is stupid' I say 'whatever duh' But when McLuhan says 'the media is evil' I say 'yeah I am the choir preach to me' The Mechanical Bride may have been an important book at one point but now it feels very old A frightening book about tv radio print and other ads ones that change our goals alter the neighborhood and elect our presidents It's impossible to measure precisely how ads affect our lives but this book tries Let's face it from now until the day we die morning noon and night seven days a week we're going to be bombarded by mind numbing ads Escaping the effects of ads is tough if not impossible This book might make you think about it That's a good start I don’t understand how this book managed to be interesting and boring at the same time Either way i really had to push myself to finish it I think nowadays its value is reaaally lower than when it was written I mean in the 50s? WOKE Today? Everyone with a little bit of common sense knows the stuff he points out already But props to McLuhan for understanding that 70 years ago Witty and entertaining but not one of McLuhan's seminal works My original thought upon picking this up was that it was like an American companion to Mythologies by Roland Barthes Not so much The latter still fascinates while this one is just cute It reads at about the same level as Thomas Frank No longer is it possible for modern man individually or collectively to live in any exclusive segment of human experience or achieved social pattern The modern mind whether in its subconscious collective dream or in its intellectual citadel of vivid awareness is a stage on which is contained and re enacted the entire experience of the human race There are no remote and easy perspective either artistic or national Everything is present and in the foreground That fact is stressed eually in current physics jazz newspapers and psychoanalysis And it is not a uestion of preference or taste This flood has already immersed us And whether it is to be a benign flood cleansing the Augean stables of speech and experience as envisaged in Joyce's Finnegan's Wake or a merely destructive element may to some extent depend on the degree of exertion and direction which we elicit in ourselves McLuhan prints a really old advertisement then gives his opinions on it on the same or opposite page The ads are hideous the opinions trite and the book worthlessMcLuhan admits in the preface that he is not doing art criticism but rather politics dressed up as art criticism So not only is he misusing art but he is doing what he accuses mass media of doing trying to force his opinions on others under the disguise of them being what the others want No No thank you we are fine thanks and do not need your wares McLuhan's The Mechanical Bride is dated yet fascinating due to the media McLuhan preserves in this book's pages Readers approaching this to understand modern media or industrialization that manifests in folklore will likely be disappointed but readers who approach this book from a historical perspective may find McLuhan's scattered thoughts an insightful glimpse into mid century American suburbancosmopolitan culture Amazing book Written in 1951 when only 1 in 10 homes had TVs This book really sets the ground work for a lot of the intellectual paths that came after it

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