The Bride Wore Black

The Bride Wore Black✅ The Bride Wore Black pdf ✈ Author Cornell Woolrich – AMERICA'S MASTER OF SUSPENSEFIRST IN THE DEFINITIVE SERIES OF THIS AMERICAN GENIUSNo one knew who she was where she came from or why she had entered their lives All they really knew about her was that AMERICA'S MASTER OF SUSPENSEFIRST IN THE DEFINITIVE SERIES OF THIS AMERICAN GENIUSNo one knew who she was where she came from or why she had entered their lives All they really knew about her was that she possessed a terrifying beauty and that each time she appeared a man died horribly. “The lights of the city streaked off below him like the luminous spokes of a warped wheel An indistinctly outlined pearly moon seemed to drip down the sky like a clot of incandescent tapioca thrown up against the night by a cosmic comic He lit the after the dance while waiting for her to come back cigarette He felt good looking down at the town that had nearly had him licked once’I'm all set now’ he thought ’I'm young I've got love I've got a clear track The rest is a cinch’” And then you are dead The WomanShe is elegant sophisticated groin tightening gorgeous and aloof in a way that indicates that if you are the man lucky enough to convince her that you are worthy of her affections you will fall so hard that you will never be the same Of course you might fall or she might push you If you are an artist you will want to paint her If you are a novelist you will want to immortalize her with words of worship If you are poor you will steal to sustain her If you are a businessman you will want to own her The thing you don’t know is that she is metamorphosing into the woman you want her to be She is like a butterfly fresh from the cocoon of your own mind She is such a carefully constructed mirage that even if you sense that she is too good to be true you tamp down those traitorous thoughts because ultimately regardless of how jaded you are you want the dream We know her name is Julie Killeen or is it? We don’t know why she is murdering these men They are all seemingly unconnected and the police are baffled She is a thoughtful killer very creative She uses a number of ways to kill these men The police several steps behind think that she is several different women but they learn that a change in demeanor a variety of wig colors and one woman can become many versions of herself The police are contending with one of the most dreaded species in noir fictionthe femme fatale I first saw Jeanne Moreau in the 1958 movie Elevator to the Gallows which also featured a Miles Davis soundtrack I fell for Jeanne Moreau just like everyone else who watched that movie There is just something about her eyes with those lips that just make a man think crazy thoughts So when I discovered that she was also in the 1968 Francois Truffaut film based on this book I knew I had to watch it I don’t remember anyone else in the film which could say something about their performances or it could be a testament to the alluring assured performance by Miss Moreau Truffaut follows the book faithfully except for the ending so you have two endings to contend with and it will be up to you if you do read the book and watch the movie to decide which one you like best I’m going with the original source Cornell Woolrich He is a master craftsman who can have this woman doing these terrible things and yet the reader is on her side even without knowing her motivation Woolrich reveals the setups for the murders but then the actual deed itself happens outside the frame of the book which creates an extra layer of suspense in which the reader has to ponder and speculate Did it work? Is she going to get away with it? Who is next? The twist is so simple yet so unexpected it hit this reader like a pair of brass knuckles to the solar plexus The Lineup of Cornell Woolrich’s I have waiting to be readWoolrich wanted to be F Scott Fitzgerald and emulated his style in his early work Magazines who could not get FSF or afford him would buy a story from Woolrich Fortunately Woolrich found his true calling writing noir fiction Many films have been made from his work but none are famous than Rear Window directed by Alfred Hitchcock This is the first in a series of unconnected “BLACK” novels that he wrote This one was followed by The Black Curtain Black Alibi The Black Angel The Black Path of Fear and Rendezvous in Black This book is a great example of stylish noir that goes perfectly while sipping a martini cocktail with a shave of twisted lemon peelIf you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at In essence The Bride Wore Black is the culmination of everything Cornell Woolrich had been building up to in the pulps Here he completely abandoned his original dream of becoming the next Fitzgerald The Bride Wore Black reaches for greatness and nearly attains it Anyone who has read it before or has heard discussions about it knows that the ending is flawed a letdown of the wonderful journey the reader has taken But like the film Apocalypse Now that journey is so galvanizing we can’t stop reading despite what we knowThough a fully fleshed out novel in The Bride Wore Black you can feel the influence of the pulps much so than in his other big works It moves at a pace reminiscent of the whiz bang pulp story only lengthened and is mesmerizing A girl works her way into the lives of several men and then kills them as police try to connect the killings and make sense of it Woolwich gives the impression she must be a tragic figure a pretty angel avenging some dark and horrible deed the reader has yet to discover The reader becomes sympathetic to murderer sensing that once all is revealed these men must have done something to deserve their fate The reader is in a way almost rooting for her waiting to discover what’s behind it all so we can feel her pain and wish for some last second reprieve where she gets awayIt is at this point near the finish when Woolrich pulls the rug out from under us Reading The Bride Wore Black after decades and not remembering how it ended I couldn’t help feeling that Woolrich began to have doubts about the long form at least for this particular story and reverted to a pulp style ending It might have worked in a short story but having created so much sympathy for the avenging angel over the course of the novel it does just the opposite It doesn’t negate how wonderful 910 of the book is but it does mar the reader’s experienceWoolrich himself felt the work had flaws and basically rewrote it seven or eight years later this time with a male protagonist — and a much much darker mood — in Rendezvous in Black The Bride Wore Black is better known today for the 1968 film adaptation by French filmmaker Truffaut who also changed the ending It’s much like Apocalypse Now in that each person must decide whether the mesmerizing journey is enough to make up for the flawed ending Probably 43 stars for me so I’ll have to go with four but the first 910 is so good that I ache to rate it higher Definitely as all Woolrich is well worth reading just be forewarned that Woolrich is not everyone's cup of tea and may not be yoursOn a technical note the Kindle version is very poorly edited I ran across a than normal and acceptable number of typos for a work this size which obviously were not in the original published version It also had some formatting glitches Nothing serious but with a crime classic like this even a flawed one someone needs to address it for the Kindle version Here it was night again and nothing wonderful nothing glamorous was ever going to happen to him Just cheapness A cheap hotel room a cheap man in his shirt sleeves cheap gin cheap regrets He supposed he might as well call up Maybelle now as later and get it over with He knew he was going to in the end anyway It was a case of Maybelle or nothing But he knew just what she'd say just what she'd wear just what she'd think Beer and liverwurst Be careful what you wish for Mitchell is a middle aged slob living in a rundown hotel the walls of his room plastered with glamour pictures of movie stars and fashion models impossible fantasies of a lonesome mind When he receives an invitation to the theatre from a mysterious lady he jumps at the chance to add a little romance in his life But these femmes are called fatale for a reason they're not good for your healthMitchell is neither the first nor the last man to be entrapped by this secretive black widow The detective assigned to the case tries in vain to find the link between the murder of four complete strangers It appears as if a woman who never met these men before is sistematically stalking them She is a master of disguises and of improvisation each murder done in a completely different manner followed by a a return to anonimityThere is a reason why so many of Woolrich novels are adapted to the silver screen His plots are really clever and his control of the suspense is flawless true edge of the seat anxiety The prologue shows a young woman in mourning Nothing is explained we just experience her despair her decision to leave everything behind and disappear Julie what can I say to you? Just 'goodbye' What else is there to say to anyone ever in this life? The next chapter begins with Ken Bliss a man getting dressed for his engagement party He has the roving eye and is excited to hear that a mystery woman has been asking the doorman at his apartment block about him He want to meet her So it begins I don't think it is a big spoiler to reveal that this woman is a modern Edmond Dantes bent on revenge against a group of men who did her wrong Even within this classical frame of narration Woolrich manages to surprise the reader to keep him guessing both at the motivation and at the final outcome of the case He dangles red herrings before the eyes of the reader with a glee that reminds me of Hitchcock He ends on a note of bitter laughter at the irony of fate view spoiler the original murder of Julie's husband on their wedding day solved by a stupid rookie cop who misdelivered the murder weapon hide spoiler One by one men are dying deaths that at first seem accidental The only link between the deaths are that each of the victims was last seen in the company of a woman How are the men connected? Is it the work of one woman or several? And can the police stop the murders before another man ends up dead?The Bride Wore Black is a great work of suspense Woolrich does a good job of building the tension and maintaining an unpredicatable feel The murders were believably done and Woolrich's writing was than up to the task Once the Bride's motivation was revealed everything made sense While I knew she'd be caught the twist at the end still threw me for a loop A note of caution If your edition has a forward DON'T READ IT Mine had a foreward that was spoiler ladenOne of the features I liked most was the structure Each group of chapters started with the setup followed by the murder followed by the police investigation I plan on swiping the structure sometime in the futureIf you like noir tales of revenge this is the book for youLater This is the one work of Woolrich's that I've read that has stuck with me long after I finished reading itAlso posted at Shelf Inflicted One of my favourite programmes on ITV is Midsomer Murders a fabulously OTT 2 hour bonanza of death and slaughter in which normally three or four people are murdered through being shot or stabbed boring being crushed under piles of falling newspapers or drinks cabinets slightly interesting poisoned by mushrooms hmmm different crushed by a herd of cattle coming to milking now we are getting somewhere drowned in a vat of wine fun way to go drowned in a slurry pit not such a fun way or my two top deaths a girl being mangled under the crushing weight of a giant cheese or a horrible sollicitor being battered to death by the onslaught of his expensive collection of classic wines being catapulted onto his body pegged out on his lawn The added frisson of pleasure here is where his poor put upon wife corrects the trajectory of the catapult that her husband's murderer is using because he keeps missing with the bottlesclassicThis long paragraph is by way of saying The bride wore black' is the fabulous grandmother of MM I absolutely adored this book It was tense and unnerving it was sinister and scary and yet there was real wit and brilliantly observed dialogue I have placed it on my favourite shelf though i cannot imagine ever reading it again However this is not because it is not well written it most certainly is but now that i know all the story loses part of its hold its tension The reasons for the murders the full implications at the end of the novel once known alter the way i would re read but that is not to say this first read was not an absolute delight and i would not have missed it for the world I will definitely be recommending it to any person who enjoys a murder mystery with uirks The story is of a woman uite clearly on a mission of some unknown revenge and she works her way imaginatively and in a marvelously businesslike way through her task To give you the rundown on her way of eking this revenge would be to spoil the story but suffice it to say 'M M has nothing on Cornell Woolrich His fund of bizarre deaths out camps Midsomer to one hundred fold The added level of the police investigation is fascinating and exciting and you read the story with your sympathies in turmoil For her capture or her escapehmmm tough oneThe pay off the final denouement is shocking and unexpected but perfect for the story I really loved it and it took me just a couple of evenings in some ways it is one of those books I had wished to be longer This review originally appeared on my blog takes a uniue spin on the police procedural by segregating scenes relevant to the crime investigation and that of the victims and perpetrator to create an almost short story like act linked by reoccurring characters The deliberate separation served to create a sense of time and space between the murderous vixen and her hunter in detective Wanger allowing the reader to focus so on the events at hand rather than the overarching investigation'The Bride Wore Black' lacks the poetic prose of other Woolrich novels notably 'The Night Has A Thousand Eyes' and reads like a modern day crime novel with a touch of Woolrich trademark noir 'The Bride Wore Black' is not formulaic nor is it comparable to other novels I've read by Cornell Woolrich Once the story gets underway it's a case of the unknown failure and success in eual measure Luckily this format worked well and was enjoyable for most of the bookThe plot was simple enough a women for means unknown acuaintances herself with members of the opposite sex only to wriggle her way into their lives for but a moment before snuffing them out Leaving nothing but a conflicting description for those who see her passing by The murderess is not without compassion operating to a killers code rather than blatantly murdering anyone that gets in her way If an innocent should stumble upon her she warns them off only to return to the task at hand Her victims are selective I liked the mystery that surrounds the murderess her true identity and rationale behind the killings isn't apparent throughout the course of her actionsThe ending was the only downer in 'The Bride Wore Black' It felt a little too convenient for my liking It did have an interesting twist at the end which I didn't see coming That aside everything else about this was solid The characters even those with a short span were given time to develop and establish context to the story while the police euation was well documented and delivered in an interesting manner If it weren't for the almost hurried ending I would've given this 5 stars That said I highly recommend 'The Bride Wore Black' 35 starsMy review of 'The Night Has A Thousand Eyes' as mentioned in this review can be found on my blog here Creepy This is one of those classic styled horror mysteries where once you read it it'll stay in your head for a long time The way the author writes evokes a definite sense of foreboding and the suspense kept getting and intense as the story continued Woolrich is the hard boiled Shakespeare Not a word wasted but still rich in simile and metaphor A plot as preposterous as the Bard would tell or maybe an opera but still we take it hook line and sinker Oh and that Woolrich twist we know is coming but never see And as dark as anything Cornell never leaves you with anything but futility Cornell Woolrich's famous novel on which the acclaimed François Truffaut film was based was uite a terrific ride up until the denouement Then coincidence extreme contrivance and dialog reading like Stephen J Cannell doing his best to write like an early 20th century bodice ripper came close to making a disappointment of the whole thing for me The plot about a mysterious woman killing several seemingly unconnected men and the police effort to unravel the mystery of her actions is taut for most of the book and I would gladly have read and of her setting up and then killing a variety of people while the police inch closer to understanding why without ever making huge strides But the wrap up the manipulation of circumstance necessary for the story to resolve in the way Woolrich wanted it to made me shake my head in disbelief And Raymond Chandler would have made eight sentences out of the last eight pages I'll be interested to go back and revisit the Truffaut film and I've liked the Woolrich I've read even this except for those final eight or ten pages This is one of Woolrich's most famous and acclaimed works I should add so your mileage may vary as they say First I was disappointed because the plot was the same but for a gender twist as 'Rendezvous in Black' Then I was gripped by the amazing plotting and writing 'Rendezvous' was even darker emotional this one fun and exciting A woman was the villain the one dealing out the in Woolrich's words deferred payment blood feud Spectacular But then the twist at the end was poorly done and the story ended with uestions hanging It felt slapped together not edited enough A shame

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