Tortured Past The Pub #2

Tortured Past The Pub #2❴Ebook❵ ➢ Tortured Past The Pub #2 Author Nicole De La Cruz – Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B016UC9XK4Amy Bennett doesn't have a plan She loves living her life the way she wants Alcohol cigarettes and sleeping with random men are what she is no Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition The Pub Epub â for ASIN BUCXKAmy Bennett doesn't have a plan She loves living her life the way she wants Alcohol cigarettes and sleeping with random men are what she is notorious for That is until she and Clive Harrington have a one night stand after her best friends wedding However the night didn't stop thereThey uickly find themselves spending time together Sharing pieces of themselves they've never shared beforeAs Tortured Past PDF or they both begin to face their own demons will their past keep them from having a future Or is their love strong enough to get through it together. I was lucky enough to get to read Tortured Past before it was released Basically the story is about a girl named Amy who isn't ashamed of being promiscuous and channels her own badass The story reveals she has a one night stand with her best friends brother in law Clive Harrington at their wedding Clive is hot rebellious and a wreck and HOT Ever since the scandalous randevouz they both seem to want to just forget about it but they can't because deep down it was the best night of their lives And the fact that they keep running into each other makes it even harder Eventually they cant seem to fight it and walls start to break down but as soon as one another starts to see a bit of each others lives no one has seen before the walls go right back up Just when you think you got the story figured out and it turns around on you and shocks you in many ways I teared up I laughed I wanted to punch Clive Harrington in the face and then give him a hug I give this book a five star because if a book actually makes me cry then well done to you I think that this is my favorite pub series so far And I cannot wait to see another release from this author already I heard a rumor she has another special project in the works Aah?? OMG I FREAKIN LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS BOOK Tortured Past is the first book that I've read by this author and I gotta say that I LOVE her writing style Amy Bennett grew up with an abusive alcoholic mother and she left home before she turned 18 Now she lives life with no plan never letting any man get too close to her She has her male friends but no desire for a relationship After her and Clive sleep together that all changes They keep finding themselves spending time together But Clive Harrington is battling his own demons that keep him from getting too close to any woman Will Amy and Clive conuer their pasts to have a beautiful future?I'm emotionally exhausted from this beautiful story The journey isn't sweet nor easy but raw gritty and full of mistakes Character development is fantastic with amazing secondaries that I pray get their own stories in the near future A well written emotional storyline flows perfectly and I couldn't get enough Nicole De La Cruz's talented and addicting writing style pulls the emotions out of me like I'm there in the story Amy and Clive's chemistry is tangible so when they finally had the sexy scenes it is SMOKIN' HOT Do yourself a solid and read this story as I HIGHLY RECOMMEND I was also lucky enough to read an advanced copy of Tortured Past which was definitely a lot darker than her first book but I loved it These characters face real issues tough decisions and develop than I've ever read in any other book Each character has gone through so much in their past which plays a lot into who they are in the presentthough with each other they might be able to change for the future This was one of those books I just could not put down There are twists and turns all throughout the story and you go through some huge emotional jumps all the way to the end We are introduced to a few new characters whom you have to absolutely love from the moment they enter the story and they really enhance the whole thing This author's writing is really developing and changing compared to the last book which shows her skill in being able to diversify This isn't your simple love story it's so much than thatI can't wait to read her next book from the series I absolutely loved this book The storyline was incredible The characters are addictive Amy is hilarious However she has a protective serious side that makes you love her even Her fierce determination reminds me of a mama bear Mess with her and you get the claws Clive has a persona that he lets people see and believe The real him is buried underneath and it takes a woman like Amy to break him free Both characters have had tragic and traumatic pasts Clive and Amy both have to learn how to let the other in This book will make you laugh ugly cry and scream It has all the feels The author did an amazing job with all the description and detail This is definitely an author that needs to be on your TBR list I can't wait for the next book in the series I know I will love it as much as I have loved the first two I loved this book I really didn't think this author could top her last book but she did Move over Kyle your twin brother has stolen my heart Yes you read that right twin brother In the first book of the Pub series Hidden Secrets we meet Clive and right away he has you thinking What an asshole I want to know Tortured Past is your reason as to why he is the way he is and let me tell you it is heart wrenching the reason Clive is the way he is I also love this book because of Amy Amy is Scarlett's best friend and I can relate to her so much its crazy From her loud unfiltered demeanor to her hidden soft side; you can’t help but to fall in love with her She and Clive have had a one night stand at Scarlett's wedding and things have been a little awkward to say the least Amy being Amy won’t stand for that especially because she can't stop thinking about Clive Clive knows that anything with Amy would be disastrous because of his past but he honestly can’t stay away from her Friendship is all he can offer her until one day the lines that protected them from each other start to blur and there is no stopping what is happening between them Clive starts to feel that maybe he can move on until the unthinkable happens and Clive does what he does best and runs away leaving Amy alone and scared Who is left to lean on another man who is love with her in ways than she wants to admit When Clive's family rallies around him to man up and come take care of his woman he knows that only one thing will make it all better the truth I won’t give it away because you need to read it and by the way there may be a tear shed or two so make sure to be ready Will Amy forgive Clive and finally get the happily ever after she's always wanted or will Clive finally make a run that he can't come back from? I would highly recommend reading the first book in the series because it’s amazing and it also is where we meet Amy and Clive This new up and coming author really has set the bar pretty high in my book and I can't wait to see what she will come up with next This book is much darker than the first in the series I should have expected that given Clive's personality in the first book but I was still surprised That also made it hard for me to like him throughout most of Tortured Past He's been through a lot which we find out through the course of this book and those experiences have shaped him into an aloof cold and bitter man Luckily he redeems himself towards the end Amy on the other hand I loved from the moment we first met her in Hidden Secrets Throughout this book we learn about her past which helps explain some of her behaviors and especially attitudes towards menI think De La Cruz did a great job with characterization not only with the main characters but also the minor ones Ash and Mel are wonderful kids who like Amy aren't letting their pasts define them I love how strong she made each of them and I'm excited to read the novella about Mel and Wyatt My only complaint is that Amy didn't end up with the guy I wanted her to end up with I don't want to include spoilers but both Sawyer and Clive were interested They both have their strengths and weaknesses Sawyer sweet and loving but smothering; Clive hot and sexy but unpredictable; however I was pulling for one than the other Sadly he didn't get the girl Hopefully there will be future story with a happy ending for himI'd recommend this to anyone who likes contemporary romance There are some typosgrammar issues so be aware if that sort of thing bothers you I was easily able to overlook them and just enjoy the story I will definitely be picking up books in this series when they're released Tortured Past is the second book in The Pub Series It is the love story of Amy and Clive I have got to say that while I enjoyed the first book this one blew me away I loved itWe met Amy Bennett in Hidden Secrets book one in this series as Scarlett's best friend and Clive Harrington is Kyle's twin brother Amy is a feisty lady who lives her life with no regrets She isn't ashamed of her promiscuous ways After the past she has had growing up with a mother that didn't care about her family abused alcohol and drugs daily Amy uses sex and alcohol to to help temporarily fill the hole so she doesn't have to let people inClive Harrington is the complete opposite of his twin brother Kyle Clive has a chip on his shoulder and doesn't want anyone to get to close to him Even though Clive has this hard exterior his interior is a big sweetie You want to punch him in the stomach to show him some emotions but then you want to cuddle him to death to make him feel loved Clive starts to feel things for Amy that he hasn't felt for anyone else We get glimpses of Clive's past and we find out a little about his past and why he has hard time letting someone inTortured Past is a very heartwarming story about pain forgiveness and love I would recommend this FIVE LEAVES book to anyone that is looking for a romance story to give you all the feels I just have to end this review asking the lovely author to give Sawyer someone special for him and on that note I want his book next A gifted copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review by Jodie Rae When I was only a few chapters into Tortured Past I knew that De La Cruz had done it again I love her writing style and I absolutely adore these characters They are just so vivid and real I want to be a part of their inner circle I really wanted to know about Clive's past and the demons that haunted him It was lovely that Amy was able to open up to him and in turn to all of her other friends She has been carrying the burden of her past alone for a long time I enjoyed watching Clive's feelings for Amy grow It was refreshing to watch him heal throughout this book When Amy gets the life changing news and Clive can't handle it I really felt her heartbreak and fear I am glad that Clive and Amy were able to make some realizations at the end and get the life they deserved The ending of Tortured Past also made me want to know and read about Sawyer Hunter and Melody These characters are just so amazing in the way that they stick with you long after the book is done Kudos to De La Cruz for another phenomenal book Actual Rating 45 StarsI won a copy of this book from the author I liked this one a lot better than the first book It just kind of sucked me in I don't know what it was about Clive and Amy's relationship that I loved so much Maybe it was the fact that they were both pretty screw up when it came to relationships but for each other they clicked in the fastest and easiest of ways Clive really fucked up when it was time to man up and he should of told Amy about his past way before they got to that point But I was glad that Eddie was able to make him get his head of his ass And I loved that Amy was able to trust Clive from the very beginning and he was able to encouraged her I didn't like Sawyer in this book or the last I hope he can get a book of his own so I can stop seeing him as a pathetic ass whose hung up on the wrong girl I just want him to have a happily ever after I'm so glad we got to see everyone else get their happily ever after though I really liked this book as well as book #1 the story was good and the characters were fun to read about