Desire for Revenge (Harlequin Presents, No 978)

Desire for Revenge (Harlequin Presents, No 978)[EPUB] ✰ Desire for Revenge (Harlequin Presents, No 978) By Penny Jordan – Sarah believed in love at first sightOne enchanted evening at a masuerade ball Sarah French fell in love with a sapphire eyed stranger I want to make love to you he murmuredAs if in a dream Sarah answ Sarah believed in love at first sightOne enchanted evening at a masuerade ball Sarah French fell in love with a sapphire eyed stranger I want to make love to you he murmuredAs if in a dream Sarah answered I want it too And that night for the first time Sarah experienced the delights of passion and tenderness But before Joss wakened she disappeared frightened by the return of realitySarah returned to London to her work as an editor convinced that she would never see her dream Desire for PDF/EPUB ² lover again Until she met her new boss Joshua Howard and had to face his furious sapphire eyes. Normal peopleH Why did you sneak out in the morning after our night of passion?h I was a virgin in love and didn't want you to reject meH You hurt my feelings by walking out but I understandh SorryH Shall we try again for a relationship?h Yes pleaseHP charactersH Why?h I needed someone anyone to take my virginity so a rapist will lose interestH I'm going to blow hotblow cold for the next 10 chapters I will protect you from rapists reject you when you're needy flaunt a wannbe OW take you on a business trip making sure we meet my old friends and stop at fabulous restaurantsh I in turn will notice every kitchen I'm inReviewer Oh Penny Jordan I love youThere were at least 4 different kitchens Penny was enjoying a dark wood cabinet phaseBoogenhagen has a real review Re Desire for Revenge so in Classic PJ style we have her strangers meeting in the night for one enchanted evening of bliss followed by 180 pages of frustration and torment The H and h meet at a party and the attraction is instant overwhelming and mutual they both get swept off their feet and carried away by physical passion Then the h upon awakening after her night of love is mortally embarrassed she acted like a tart in heat and flung her chastity over the windmill to a total stranger and runs away Not to worry tho PJ has no intention of keeping these two destined lovers apart The h is an editor for a publishing house and when she reports in on Monday guess who is her new boss? The H fell very much in lurve with his h during their night of bliss but instead of telling her that because he is angry she ran away he is standoffish and churlish and the h is mortified so she claims she was just using his lurve club to relieve herself of her virginity Obviously such miscommunication and evasions are not conducive to instant true lurve forever HEA's but they do provide a lot of reasons for H and h arguments h fretful neurosis and punishing kisses for the next 8 chapters We have the H and h going back and forth over her job and his perceptions interspersed with yet punishing kisses The H demotes the h from working with the authors of the books and pushes her towards reading and picking out potential new block busters Needless to say she isn't happy about it but she goes along with it in the end There is also the sub plot of a deranged author who is obsessed with the h and her innocence which the h naively assumed would be finished with after her one night with the h and the H has to rescue the h from rape by the man Our fragile little snowflake h had no clue that in PJ's HPLandia the H is only character allowed to conduct workplace sexual harassment against the h She soon figures it out tho so nothing bad happens really except the H spends the night in tortured unrelieved lurve club frustration on the h's couch The h is tortured too by thinking the H doesn't want her any so it all evens out in the end This all culminates in the obligatory PJ torture the h with potential OW scenario where the H and h travel to France to check on the H's apparent OW at least it appears to be so to the h an actress who wants to publish her memoirs but the H does't want to be sued for libel so they leave early The H also introduces the h to his friends along the way When the H and h are finally alone at last and within 20 feet of a horizontal surface on the way home the tempting torment of a power of tower ride overcomes all common sense After kissing each other to the brink of insanity they finally confess they both love each other madly and each misdirected each other after the night of bliss to avoid looking foolish in front of the other Awww the H turns out to an an emotionally sensitive snowflake too he just couldn't handle the h's rejection after the best night of his life when he fell tooootallly in love at once So now that their mutual devotion is assured the lurve club holding commences for the big HEA This one is really average in a PJ sorta way If you're a PJ junkie you get an okay fix but otherwise this one was just there and good if nothing else is available I enjoyed this love at first sight romance In real life I'm not sure if I believe in the concept or if relationships based on insta love can be solid and long lasting However it doesn't mean that it’s not possible Used as a plot device in romantic fiction it can certainly lead to tension and conflict because the leads have no prior basis for trust since they don’t know each other There’s a good dose of that at play in this book The first time the hero and heroine Joss and Sarah officially meet plays out like a fairytale They are immediately smitten with one another and share a magical night making love after meeting for the first time at a costumed ball Unfortunately it all goes downhill after that view spoilerFearing that Joss—whose first name is the only fact she wants to knows about him—would only want an affair at most Sarah flees without a word the next morning Joss had told her he's never slept with a stranger before and indicated that he was taken with her but these words aren't enough to comfort Sarah who has just lost her heart to a man who on the surface perfectly fits the mould of the romantic hero she's always fantasized about It turns out that the fantasy and the real man were one and the same Joss was a wonderful hero and even rescued Sarah twice from a few scary situations hide spoiler Desire for Revenge is the story of Sarah and JossOur h is an innocent belle working for a major book publishing company She's being harassed by a pervy author who is obsessed with her purity and decides to escape by going to her beloved sister's home in the countryside There she attends a masuerade meets an enigmatic man has a passionate one night stand and runs away the next dayonly to realize he is her new bossThe h then denies the H pushing him away by claiming it was only sex but the H makes many excuses to keep the h closer to him Then one day as the harassing pervy author is fired he tries to molest the drugged h and the H rescues her There is a lot of back and forth with denials and acceptances until the h gives H her love and they have their HEAHmm I don't like wuss heroines especially who are not ready to convict an almost rapist She pushed the H away throughout the book but the minute he did not give her any attention she whined and internally broke down I did like the H and h's family though Some publishing and OW drama try to spice up this mess but the h is such a debby downer it just makes the book a wah wahThis felt like a Helen Brooks novel where a crappy h gets a great HThe title is a misnomer Barely any revenge or angst Loads of self pity thoughSafe25 this would have been a good book minus the abrupt ending I love PJ's vulnerable sweet heroines and her alpha heroes Great story Cute uick story though the ending came rather abruptly Heroheroine are fighting No HEA in sightstill some issues to resolve but all of a sudden they're in the same room and there are three pages left and they're saying they love each other and want to get married ASAP THE ENDSarah and Joss come across each other at a masuerade ball their eyes meet and lock Sarah gets breathless because she has never felt this way about anyone let alone a man she hasn't met My homie Joss goes up to her and asks her to dance Instant connectioninsta lust He's feeling it she's feeling it so homie says I want to make love to you Sarah practically swoons upon hearing this and says she wants that too Joss says he's got a cottage nearby Sarah says Take me there Joss is on a roll At this point they don't even know each other's names yet Anyway Sarah loses her virginity to him Joss is elated because he thinks he's found his dream woman he's thinking true love is real and he is just so very happt but Sarah has a major freak out in the middle of the night while Joss is asleep and sneaks away She does this because the lovemaking meant so much to her and she's afraid that if she stuck around till morning she'll find out that it meant nothing to Joss She didn't think she could take the pain So she runs away Meanwhile back in London where Sarah lives and works as an editor of women's fiction she is determined to get on with her life and forget all about her mystery lover Besides having gotten rid of her pesky virginity she's pretty sure now that the nasty creepy writer who's been heavily sexually harassing her will finally leave her alone because Sarah is convinced that it was only her virginity he was obsessed with Oh Sarah you adorable naif Oh and wait till she meets her new boss JOSS the guy she wham bammed thank you ma'amedCan you believe that amazing coincidence? The guy she fell in love with at first sight the guy she gave her V to is her new boss Oh And he will also be living in the house that Sarah has fantasized living in all her life Ain't that a hoot?Joss is super pissed of course He thought Sarah felt the same way he did and their lovemaking had sealed the deal He becomes bitter and disillusioned when he woke up to find her gone Then he walks into his new London office on Monday morning as the new ownereditor in chief of the publishing house where Sarah works and guess who he finds there Sarah and Joss have an adorable meet cute and I totally bought that they had an instant connection But of course the story needs to keep going so Sarah tells Joss that she only used him to get rid of her virginity in order to protect herself from getting hurt and Joss gets even mad and decides he wants revenge from Sarah for crushing his hopes and dreams Petty jealousies big misunderstandings angry words regretful tears and lots of grabbing and not so gentle kisses soon followLike I said it's a uick read but it lags a little bit in the middle because Joss and Sarah basically go around in circles Oh and I was really annoyed by Sarah most of the time because she can be so stubborn to the point that she's being obtuse She almost gets raped because she doesn't tell anyone that this creepy writer has been sexually harassing her for six months until it escalates to the point where he's moments from succeeding in raping herI liked Joss I like the notion of a hero seeking the one instead of the other way around It's cute Before I start I'm going to hold my hands up and say that I LOVE Penny Jordan She is my all time fave Mills and Boon writer and so my review may be slightly biased in her favour As Penny Jordan novels go this is standard stock in trade stuff Sarah an employee of a publishing company shares a night of passion with a mysterious stranger who you will know if you've ever read a Penny Jordan novel before it will later be revealed is her new boss They are then free to be thrust in each other's company and lots of awkward situations until they decide they are in love after all and are destined to live happily ever after possibly with twins The characters are pretty two dimensional and don't seem to converse or indeed share much in common at all beyond mutual heaving bosoms and wild desires Pretty much the only thing Joss says to Sarah during their first encounter is I want to make love to you; and I've got to say if some strange man approached me at a party and said that I'd run a mile even if he was possessed of a granite jaw and flashing eyes of sapphire Still Sarah evidently likes the direct approach and the inevitable night of passion follows It's then of course later revealed that Joss is to be her new boss Sarah spends much of the time internally agonising over the situation and it's really impossible to tell what Joss feels about it all except that he seems to spend the next 150 pages or so basically sexually harrassing her at work demoting her humiliating her before dragging her halfway across France and admitting he's in love with her This approach would similarly put me off but hey it evidently floats Sarah's boat and they are destined for the inevitable happy ending Despite it's many faults I enjoyed this book immensely It had a real charm and made me laugh a lot Published in 1985 this book shows its age where else would the heroine willingly don a casual lemon flying suit post shower so there's a lot of nostalgic appeal there too It won't take you long to read it but it will give you lots of pleasure Sarah has an issue with an author she is an editor for He wants her virginity and she doesn't want to give it to him A weekend retreat to her sister's home brings and unexpected man in to her life Joss She falls for him losing her viriginity to him hours after they met She of course panics and runs out disappearing on himJoshua 'Joss' starts a new job and low and behold there is his little runaway SarahA nice story I read Penny Jordan because its a study in 1980's chauvinism and makes great entertainment this one does not disappoint its about Sarah who is a sensitive little thing who gets in trouble with one of her authors Its got enough of a steamy plot to keep going

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