The True Believer (The Kinmark Saga Book 3)

The True Believer (The Kinmark Saga Book 3) Although Ahkdo And Kiv Find Themselves In Radically Different Situations, One A King And The Other A Captive, Their Choice Is The Same Will They Follow Their Deeply Held Principles Down Whatever Path They Lead, Or Will They Allow Themselves To Break Free Of The Chains That Bind Them On The Periphery Of Their Emotional Struggle, The Old Enemy Of The Kinmark Family Has Returned Will The Sons Of Guoryden Reunite Their Father S Kingdom And Stop That Dark Hand From Spreading Its Shadow Across A New Continent Will They Have Help From Those They Have Called Their Enemies Only Time Will Tell. I ve had the honor of following The Last Kinmark Saga since Book I I ve enjoyed the first two books so I was definitely looking forward to this book when Brannan presented it to me I must say, it was a wonderful installment to the saga There s a lot of drama in this book and other characters besides the two brothers that we love so much But much of The Kinmark Saga remains the same We have good old fashioned battles, betrayal, and plenty of twists and turns If you ve been following the series, then you won t be disappointed with Book III because it sticks so closely to the that gritty kingdom style that Brannan has mastered I bring up the kingdom style because I m a pretty big fan of fantasy but a lot of fantasy authors are actually medieval authors with a twist of magic or supernatural That s perfectly fine but I have to be honest, I m not too fond of that but The Last Kinmark Saga is a pretty decent exception One of the things I liked most about this book in particular was the message at the core The True Believer was all about principles What will Ahkdo and Kiv choose Will their circumstances play a part