The Incredible Adventures of An Intergalactic Family

The Incredible Adventures of An Intergalactic Family Carmine Carstenson Better Known As CC By His Friends And Pop To His Grandchildren Is A Quiet Man Who Had An Outstanding Career With The FBI Three Years After His Retirement CC S Life Was Turned Upside Down When His Wife, Katie, Won A 4 Day 3 Night All Expense Paid Vacation To Bermuda It Was Here He Met Two Little Boys With Superior Intelligence, Strange Powers And The Ability To Transform Themselves Into Any Creature Imaginable They Come From A World Outside Our Universe Named Galaxstonia The Children Needed His Help To Participate In An Intergalactic Adventure To Hunt For A Small Rock Containing A Deadly And Devastating Organism This Small Rock Threatened The Existence Of Earth And Potentially The Universes That Surround Us And Time Is Running Out The CC Is Involved With The Galaxstonians The He Is Thrust Into Learning How To Time Travel, Use Time Warps, And Visit Strange Worlds Without The Use Of A Space Ship He Encounters Creatures And Inhabitants Far Different Than Anything He Knows In Galaxies He Never Knew Existed As Precious Time Passes CC And The Galaxstonians Encounter All Sorts Of Twists And Turns As They Continue To Travel Across The Galaxies Desperately Searching For The Deadly Organisms When They Discover The Rocks Surprising Location The Clock Winds Down And Time Has Just About Run Out. Fun Sci Fi StoryReally enjoyed this book A very imaginative and fun read A sci fi story any age will enjoy, teenagers in particular.