That Monroe Girl

That Monroe Girl Cat Monroe Arrives In Tombstone, Arizona Searching For Her Father And Brothers, Who Left Virginia For The West Right After The Civil War With The Help Of Newspaper Reporter Jake Spencer, She Finds Her Family And A Whole Peck Of Trouble She S Falling For The Newspaperman, But She Discovers His Family And Hers Are Feuding Over Water Rights When Her Father Finally Accepts That She Is His Daughter, He Wants To Marry Her Off To A Rich Neighbor Who Has A Dark Past Scandal And Murder Are Catching Her In A Snare Who Can She Possibly Trust In A Town Too Tough To Die Posted on What I m ReadingI actually liked That Monroe Girl it was a pretty good read We meet Cat Monroe who is in search of her father She has followed the trail to Tombstone, Arizona I have to say is pretty good When she arrives her father doesn t believe she s his daughter, because he received news many years ago that she passed Complicated mess Anyway, Jake Spencer is trying to help and at the same time write a story about her reuniting with her family However, he comes to his senses In someways the story reminded me of 27 Dresses, not that she was a bridesmaid to 27 women More like the hero in that movie was writing a story about the heroine and decided to take another approach, but boss decides to do what they want to do anyway Anyway, there is a lot going on in the story, but it all ties together A lot of themes going, but it works We have father reuniting with long last daughter and possible use her to his advantage, blackmail, and of course romance Overall, a pretty good read So, if you are in need to take a journey to the wild west, you might consider taking a ride with That Monroe Girl Copy provided. This is romantic, suspenseful, dramatic and full of intrigue Jake is an equal mix of cowboy and nerd He s a gentleman tough guy Cat is brave, sometimes strong and has a sassy mouth Cat finding her father doesn t start off well, he and one if her brothers are real losers This is a captivating story that pulls at your heartstrings It s well written with plenty of twists. THAT LITTLE COQUETTE KNOWS HOW TO SPIN A WEB, AND IV E BECOME THE WILLING FLYI enjoyed this western story that was full of mystery, suspense, lies, deceit, murder, extortion, blackmail, scandal and cover ups For Catherine Cat Monroe, she has traveled from Virginia to Arizona, with a stop in Tombstone, trying to find her father and brothers There are anger and accusation of being a fraud, but Cat is determined that her father will see the truth The plot has so many different situations that take place, but they all tie in together So many things had been happening in the past, and now Cat has become a pawn in the game She may have been raised in the south as a lady but not a fool, she understands business and not afraid to make a stand and say what is on her mind When newspaperman, Jake Spencer, helps her out, he starts out seeking a story but time spent with Cat becomes two people developing feelings for one another Throw in a father trying to arrange a marriage, feuding families, water rights, murder, and scandal and you have a story that keeps the pages turning with an entertaining cast of characters and situations. In her latest novel That Monroe Girl, Ilona Fridl introduces her readers to Cat Morgan who is a woman on a mission as she searches for her father and brothers throughout the west with her maid Edna Cat finds herself in Tombstone in the late 1800 s where she believes her search has come to an end, but when she makes contact with her father he does not believe that Cat is who she says she is and they have a rocky start to their new relationship Jake Spencer is a reporter for the local newspaper and finds himself enad by the beautiful Miss Morgan Cat has no idea the turmoil that her family is wrapped up in, and when her father begins to push her into a marriage that she does not want Jake comes to her rescue and the two of them work hard to figure out all of the drama while falling in love with each other Ms Fridl has spun a tale of love and intrigue in the old west all the while engaging her reader in a fast paced dialogue I was given this novel to read by the author in exchange for an honest review.