Defying the Odds

Defying the Odds☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Defying the Odds By Kele Moon ❤ – A MMA Romance When struggling waitress Melody Dylan gives a handsome lonely stranger a simple gift she has no clue her life is about to take a drastic turn The stranger ends up being Clay Powers a fam A MMA Romance When struggling waitress Melody Dylan gives a handsome lonely stranger a simple gift she has no clue her life is about to take a drastic turn The stranger ends up being Clay Powers Defying the MOBI :¿ a famous UFC heavyweight fighter Clay’s large build and dangerous fists have always intimidated People in his hometown keep their distance and Clay is fine with that Everything changes when a new waitress at the local diner buys him a piece of pie on Thanksgiving Touched by the gesture when it’s obvious she can barely afford to survive her warm smile and lush body churn up powerful feelings that leave Clay wanting from her than pie Melody is running from her past and the small country town of Garnet is the perfect hiding place With an ex husband after her and scars from her abusive marriage etched deep the last thing she expects is to fall for a man who makes a living with his fists but she can’t resist Clay or the tender connection they share Finding love in the most unlikely of places the passion is undeniable but Clay and Melody know their haunted pasts and unpredictable futures leave the odds stacked against them. Solid 4 stars Defying the Odds was the perfect book to start off the New YearI thoroughly enjoyed this emotional endearing fun and heartfelt story The cast of characters were multidimensional engaging and fantastically uirky The hero and heroine were adorkable I couldn't seem to get enough of their fun dialogue and sizzling HOT chemistry I'm definitely looking forward to the next addition to this seriesCaution There is uite a bit of descriptive violence in this book as the hero is a heavyweight fighter   Book One in one of my favorite series is on sale for 099 for those interested is the book that starts it all Battered Hearts SeriesBook Two Star CrossedBook Three Crossing the Line Untamed Hearts SeriesBook One The Viper the only one I didn't loveBook Two The SlayerBook Three The Enforcer Original ReviewI find myself in an odd situation herebecause I finally read this book book one of the series AFTER reading books two and three I have no idea why but oddly enough I'm actually glad it went that way because this book turned out to be my least favorite in the series I still liked it but I actually think having read the two books following it made me like this one because I went in knowing and appreciating a lot about the characters So imagine if I had read it firstThis book was refreshing in the sense that the two main characters don't really play any games They like each other right away and they kind of let each other know that right away; however there is a lack of depth to this story that is not present in books two and three In short I hope this book doesn't deter anyone from continuing with the series because book 3 is worth it all by itself IMO Find me at Defying the Odds is the love story of a gruff heavyweight UFC champion with abandonment issues and a struggling waitress with an abusive ex husband Melody has no idea who Clay is and what UFC is She is working hard trying to be strong but also very tired She is fearful and overwrought Considering all these things and her dreadful past it is weird how open and chatty she is and trusts in Clay immediately That fighter had her feeling young and alive when she’d felt worn out and beaten for so long She felt normal and womanly and blissfully free from her demons Clay is lonely gruff and unsociable lives only for the fight He is idolized but without real relationships except his two best friends Wyatt and Jules He is touched and stunned by Melody’s honest interest in him It was than her lush figure and beautiful smile It was her soul that called out to him Being around her felt like coming home He could smile around her He could laugh and feel normal in a way he never anticipated with anyone Melody and Clay both are lonely and are about uitting the fight Clay literally from his career Melody figuratively from her fight of hiding struggling being strong PlotThe beginning was nice I enjoyed the elongated phase of longing for each other But later everything was rushed not only the events but the emotions as well Sometimes I felt I missed something the descriptions were too long and thoughts were repeated Justin the ex husband’s appearance was inevitable and the way it was handled was the best part of the story The ending was great again nicely frames the story All in allIt is a sweet well sugary sweet romance with a naïve but likeable heroine with a rugged but tender hero and great secondary characters The erotic scenes are mediocre for me; I couldn’t feel the sparks and passion The story has its good features but it is far from perfect “I never met anyone like you Mel First time I saw you I thought you were an angel and I’m still not all that sure you’re not” image error Melody Dylan places a piece of pumpkin pie in front of a customer as a gift to him on Thanksgiving because she feels sorry for him eating alone Divorced from her abusive husband Melody is trying to make a new life for herself waitressing in the small town of GarnetClay Powers hates pumpkin pie But he'll gag it all down so as to not embarrass the sweet new waitress This is such a gorgeous romance and I can't think of anything in it to complain about There were no hidden agendas no misunderstandings Just two very real lovely and yet lonely people falling in love And big surprise well before they tumbled into the shower together they had come to know each other and were in love The sex scenes are steamy yet beautiful These two sweet and damaged people are just right for each other There are some descriptions of violence and there is some crude talk especially between Clay and his best friend Wyatt the sheriff This is to be expected though Afterall Clay is a thirty three year old 6 feet 5 inches 260 lb UFC fighter Defying the Odds is without a doubt one of the sweetest yet hottest contemporary romances I've read in a while The couple is adorable Looking forward to the next instalment in the Battered Hearts series perhaps with Wyatt or his sister Jules getting their happily ever after Highly recommendedSteam 35 4 I have loved Kele Moon's MM books but this really wasn't for me For a lot of reasons I read this because it's been on my tbr list for what feels like forever and many book friends of mine loved this one I felt the characters could have been developed a lot than they were and the relationship was to instalovey for me which led to me not being sold on their loveA friend told me not to judge the rest of the series based on this book so I won't and I will definitely try Moon's other books I'm keeping this short because there are already so many awesome reviews out there Defying the Odds is the first book in the Battered Hearts series and a very very sweet story In fact it's uncommonly sweet given that it's also an extremely hot tale and readers used to edgier erotica might miss that in with this storyThat said I adored Clay and Melody and loved watching their relationship grow Wyatt and Jules were also great in an annoying family members kind of way I'm very much looking forward to the next book in the series35 of 5 stars 4 Sweet Giant Pumpkin Pie Stars Awww Well I was smiling at the end so I think that's the sign of a good book Love Clay And his story was so stinkin' cute So I read this series all out of orderit's become a nasty habit of mine I was going to skip this book altogether because I was told it was just a uick sweet read and not integral to the rest of the series HOWEVER after reading the third book in the series Crossing the Line I HAD to read Clay's book This poor guy He and Tabitha the heroine from Crossing the Line were best buddies as kids and both stuck together They had a huge thing in common a terrible home life and parents that straight did not give a shit So heart breaking Clay is just a guy that takes what life handed him though He doesn't have a lot to say and he never complains about anything One Thanksgiving he is perfectly content to be eating by himself at Garnet's own Hal's Diner when a new waitress decides that he looks lonely and attempts to cheer him up with a slice of pumpkin pie If Clay had a female euivalent it would be Melody Coming out of a terrible marriage with an ex that used to beat the crap out of her she too has nothing to complain about She was brave enough to escape from her ex and as long as she was able to do that and gets to open her eyes every morning as far away from him as possible she's happy Even though the chick's flat broke has no heat her shoes are falling apartshe's happy as a clam Her are Clay have this adorable little attraction and flirtation thing going to slowly starts to turn into a burning desire If fairy godmothers existed she'd have wished for a do over tonight She didn't want a ball or a fancy dress; she just wanted one night with Clay and damn the conseuences Sadly Melody can't make a home out of anywhere as she is always looking over her shoulder for her ex so she doesn't think she'll be in Garnet for long Clay is the defending heavyweight UFC championship fighter and is training for a fight but he is most interested in the sweet shy little waitress from Hal's Diner Ok so because I read the other two books first this book was such a huge treat for me Clay is a huge teddy bear on the inside and I so loved seeing this other side of himI just knew it was in there somewhere But do not mess with his woman He was still a man of few words and he would get all shy on her at times with his words but when he did open up to her it was so damn romantic I'm a sap so I ate this shit up LOL The book is low on angst and even lower on drama It's just sweet and EXTREMELY spicy Go ahead Clay's voice turned low and gravelly with sex Use it; fuck it It belongs to you; own it DAYUM these two burned up my iPad The scene in Vegas up against to floor to ceiling windows?? HAWTTT Could the author have done here? Sure but I appreciated the fact that not every couple in the series has to have a crazy angsty story I think this mirrors real life Some couples have an easier go than others To me this also made for a really well rounded series You get the sweet and sexy book in this one the fun and also very sexy one in Star Crossed and finally the super angsty and emotional story in Crossing the LineI loved Clay and Melody's story and I sooo love that Clay found his other half 3 And ohthat part right at the very end with Wyatt and the potentially lucky pumpkin pie? Had me tearing up all over again Absolutely LOVED this seriesOn to the spin off of this series next Untamed Hearts How'd this happen? Melody asked in a stunned whisperWe just metI don't believe that Clay argued as he turned her palm over in his and traced the lines of it with the pad of his finger I'm pretty sure we've known each other forever Seeing you the first time was like coming home and there ain't been anything to happen since that's disabused me of the notion Melody recently fled from her abusive husband after finally gaining the courage to run She ends up in a small town that breeds fighting menthat is MMA fighers And though she still flinches and shrinks away from a lot of men there's something about Clay that makes her feel protected instead of scared Maybe it's because he looks so lonely sitting by himself on Thanksgiving eating at her table in the local diner Maybe she falls for him when he tries desperately to choke down the piece of pumpkin pie he so obviously detests just because she bought it for him What Melody doesn't know is that the huge dude that starts eating every night at the diner is actually the heavyweight champion of the UFC Hell she's been so cloistered for so long she doesn't even know what the UFC is But she's about to get a crash course in badass boys because you KNOW that ex husband shows up right? SMHstupid man He rested his cheek against her shoulder burying his face in her soft sweetly scented hair You smell like cookies This was super sweet but not sticky sweetafter all this is one huge dude who pounds other guys faces in until they black out But wow was Clay ever gentle with this woman Nothing NOTHING NOTHING tops the ultimate protective alpha male The one who doesn't stand for a negative word against his woman let alone some snarky pissant of an ex who used to rape and beat her Yeah I swoonedI swooned even at the sexholy wowza That was HOT Go ahead Clay's voice turned low and gravelly with sex Use it; fuck it It belongs to you; own itOrShe never knew she was supposed to be this woman one comfortable enough with her own body and desires to make herself vulnerable to him like this She wanted to be claimed owned fucked from behind until she came screaming Clay's name If she wasn't already in love with Clay she would have fallen for him just for giving her this freedom She wasn't nervous and jumpy; instead she was uninhibited and sexual It was great watching Melody come out of her shell Getting to know Clay and being with him intimately seemed like such a natural progression for her despite the fact that Clay likes it rough and rawand then he turns the switch to a huge monster of a teddy bear But she felt safe with him and as she gets to know his only family left in the worldfriends who took him in when he was a scared homeless kid she sees to the man than the fighter or the lover She sees a man who is willing and able to be a better man than she ever thought she'd haveNothing better than a strong man with a gentle heart I was so impressed with the writing in this short novella length book Though it's not horribly sophisticated or flashy it's very down to earth and easy to relate to Little details such as how Mel turns the faucet in the tub off with her toes and Clay's teasing her about it the touching emotion in the bedroomit all came together and gave me a huge surprise This is for the romance loverthe sappy HEA needer who also likes some rough and tumble with their lovin' What a great uick read I'm very much looking forward to Romeo and Jules story and eventually Wyatt Arc generously provided by Loose Id via Net Galley She’d never expected to find a man who affected her as Clay did It felt like her life was a jigsaw puzzle and Clay was the missing pieces They just fit together so well She felt safe and happy and whole when she was with himDefying the Odds is the first book in the Battered Hearts series I happened to fall upon a review for The Viper also by Kele Moon and was intrigued After reading it I fell in love with the characters the writing style and I knew I wanted I jumped ahead to Crossing the Line the third book in this series and honestly I am so glad that I read the third book first It was helpful to have the back story of Clay Wyatt and Jules before reading Defying the Odds I enjoyed this book so much because I already had a grasp for these characters and their history Melody is a transplant to the small town of Garnet She has moved there to escape her abusive ex husband Melody is a hard worker who exudes sunshine and rainbows Despite the trauma she has faced she approaches life with a smile Clay is a fighter He is rough He is a survivor He has everything except love When Clay meets Melody he realizes what he has been missing in his life She exudes a warmth that he has never before felt in his entire life He tried to sort out the plethora of emotions overwhelming him Most were feelings he was unaccustomed to like a wild need to run after her and comfort her until that panicked look left her bright green eyes now reflecting fear underneath her glasses Clay doesn't waste any time winning Melody over Although she offers a slight amount of resistance in truth she is happy to fall into his arms She’d never expected to find a man who affected her as Clay did It felt like her life was a jigsaw puzzle and Clay was the missing pieces They just fit together so well She felt safe and happy and whole when she was with himMelody fears that her past will tarnish her future She is afraid to explore a future with Clay Eventually Jules intervenes and brings Melody to Vegas to see Clay fight As soon as Melody and Clay are reunited everything is right Clay helps Melody heal I found it very endearing the way he wanted to care for her “I thought I was broken too that I’d never trust women but I had it all wrong I wasn’t broken at all I was just waiting for you It’s always been yours; even before we met it belonged to you” Although the love connection was uick I felt the connection between the two to be natural and strong The physical connection between them is smoking hot I would have liked to have had growth emotionally between the two characters Again reading the third book first really helped me overlook this aspect of the story Because both Clay and Melody have experienced so much pain in their past their smiles laughter and love really made my heart happy Overall I highly recommend anything written by Kele Moon Defying the Odds was a sweet romance with a side of action and a whole lot of steam Now on to the second book Jules and Romeo promise to be one match made in heaven