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The Killer Inside Me➾ [Download] ➾ The Killer Inside Me By Jim Thompson ➳ – Everyone in the small town of Central City Texas loves Lou Ford A deputy sheriff Lou's known to the small time criminals the real estate entrepreneurs and all of his coworkers the low lifes the big ti Everyone in the small town of Central City Texas loves Lou Ford A deputy sheriff Lou's known to the small time criminals the real estate entrepreneurs and all of his coworkers the low lifes the big timers and everyone in between as the nicest guy around He may not be the brightest or the most interesting man in town but nevertheless he's the kind of officer you're happy to have keeping your streets safe The sort of man The Killer Epub / you might even wish your daughter would end up with somedayBut behind the platitudes and glad handing lurks a monster the likes of which few have seen An urge that has already claimed multiple lives and cost Lou his brother Mike a self sacrificing construction worker who fell to his death on the job in what was anything but an accident A murder that Lou is determined to avenge and if innocent people have to die in the process well that's perfectly all right with himIn The Killer Inside Me Thompson goes where few novelists have dared to go giving us a pitch black glimpse into the mind of the American Serial Killer years before Charles Manson John Wayne Gacy and Brett Easton Ellis's American Psycho in the novel that will forever be known as the master performance of one of the greatest crime novelists of all time. This book was recommended to me by someone who worked in the publishing industry what's they liked my book so I was pretty sure they had excellent taste I bought it almost immediately and was excited to give it a try That was almost exactly nine years ago This might give you a dim glimmer as to what my to read shelf is likeA couple days ago I was in between books and looking over my shelves for something I could read before going to bed I didn't want to start up another Pratchett novel because I was hoping to to bed early And starting a book that I love is going to cost me sleepSo I pulled this off the shelf instead Big mistake Six hours later I finished it and I've been dealing with the after effects of too little sleep ever since I'm not going to describe the book to you It's something you really need to experience on your own But I will say thisIt was written in 1952 And I found myself thinking Wow I didn't know folks were writing dark shit like this back then Then I realized what a dumb thought that was I think its genre is Crime Fiction but again that was fifty years ago I don't know where it would be placed these days Psychological thriller? It's one of the best uses of first person narration I've ever seen I found it incredibly emotionally engaging Even slightly distressing But at no point was it gruesome or gratuitous If you enjoy shows like Dexter I'd say this book should be an absolute read for you But honestly I'd recommend this to anyone who appreciates good writing Dealbreakers If you've got an issue with violence this isn't the book for you But again I'd like to stress that there isn't a lot of it in here Game of Thrones has vastly and it's vastly graphic This book just has a bit but as I've said it's just intense it's not slashery at all Really amazingly good book I'll absolutely be digging up by this author Stephen King said about novelist Jim Thompson “He was crazy He went running into the American subconscious with a blowtorch in one hand and a pistol in the other screaming his goddamn head off No one else came close”I thought I would love this book and I did somewhat I feel kinda dirty after reading it though Deputy Sheriff Lou Ford is wellhe is a fucker He hides in plain sight That calm deputy that draws no attention to himself but deep inside his monster's lurk Told from the first person this story draws you in and spits you out at the end It's not a long book I finished it in just a few hours That's honestly about all I could take any longer and I would have screamed for mercyLou likes smacking around and spanking his women I hated him immensely at that point then you find out some of his history and kinda feel sorry for him Then the monster rears his ugly head again and you want a shower and mind bleach because you felt sorrow for this F#CKERI'm a pretty jaded reader I can't even begin to imagine if I had read this book when it first came out Things like this just didn't exist then It was way before it's time I'm giving it four stars even though I want to give it a one star for justfor just damn being in my head now I'm gonna go hug my dogJust because Ever meet someone at a party and think they're pretty cool until they let something slip and you realize they may in fact be bat shit psycho? That's how Lou Ford the protagonist of The Killer Inside Me is I also suspect that Jim Thompson may have been that way as wellThe Killer Inside Me is the story of Lou Ford a small town sheriff who's a little slow and a little boring Or he would have you believe Lou Ford spends most of his time keeping the sickness inside him in check Lou's a sociopath and has killed multiple times in the past Lou tries to get even with a man he suspects killed his brother and gets himself ensnared in a criminal investigation Can he murder his way out of it?The story itself is pretty simple Ford tries to set something up to sully the good name of the Conway family and chaos ensues What makes it work is Jim Thompson's writing Just like in Population 1280 Jim Thompson uses an unreliable narrator and plays it to the hilt The writing is bleak powerful and unsettling Like I said earlier Thompson writes sociopaths a little too well for comfort Sometimes you wish you could warn the characters that Lou Ford is a runaway train and they're standing on the trackFrom beginning to end this was one of the disturbing books I've ever read If you like noir it doesn't get much noir er then thisYou've got forever; and it's a mile wide and an inch deep and full of alligators First of all a warning if you happen to pick up the edition I did that includes an introductory essay from Stephen King make sure you read it after you finish the book Goddamn it either the entire principal of spoiler completely flies over this man's head or he just loves being a bastard about these things After 2014's Twitter controversy where he spoiled a major death for fans of HBO's Game of Thrones series I'm pretty certain it's the latter It's not that he doesn't get it he just doesn't care And he does it here too spoiling a MAJOR scene from Thompson's classic noir novel Thanks a lot Uncle Stevie I don't care that the book was published in 1952 it's not the same as revealing the Titanic hits an iceberg and sinks or that Janet Leigh gets stabbed in the shower in Psycho And it's especially not the same as revealing that Romeo and Juliet die in Act 5 Now you're just being an asshole asshole Anyway all wrath and chagrin aside Uncle Stevie gives great introduction heh and this essay is particularly inspired dealing as it does with Jim Thompson his mark on dark literature and the enduring legacy of his psychopathic unassuming small town Deputy Sheriff Lou FordTold in the first person The Killer Inside Me is as close as you're ever going to want to get to the inner thoughts and irrepressible urges of a psycho killer The most chilling part? On the outside Lou Ford is a regular down home good ol' boy with charm and even some wit But underneath his methodically constructed facade lurks a steel trap mind and inexplicable violent compulsions First published in 1952 I can only imagine the impact this book would have had on its original audience Even to this jaded 21st century reader The Killer Inside Me still holds within its ruthless prose the power to shock and unsettle And despite Ford's obvious dark passenger his sickness you still find yourself rooting for the guy that is when you're not screaming at characters to run for their fucking lives far far away from the crazy man It made me consider who I'd take my chances with in a locked room Lou Ford or Annie Wilkes? shudder There's a Sophie's Choice I'm glad I never have to make Without Jim Thompson and especially without Lou Ford I can only believe 'country noir' would not be what it is today Donald Ray Pollock Frank Bill Daniel Woodrell Ron Rash all owe a debt to Thompson And as readers so do we HOWDY FOLKSMY NAME IS LOU FORD AND I’M A MILD MANNERED DEPUTY SHERIFF IN A SMALL TEXAS TOWNOH BTWI’M ALSO A SADISTIC DEEPLY DISTURBED PSYCHOPATHIC KILLERNICE TO MEET YOU 50 stars A “one of a kind” reading experience that I can not recommend highly for fans of noir crime fiction or psychological thrillers Told in the first person by Lou Ford who to all outward appearances is a thoughtful considerate if somewhat slow Deputy Sheriff of Capital City Texas population 50000 Lou never gets mad doesn’t even carry a gun and seems to be the ideal law enforcement officer given his even keel and ability to handle almost any situation Well don’t get too comfortable because there has never been a better example of the old adage “looks can be deceiving” Inside Lou is a cold calculating killer with absolutely ZERO empathy for the people around him who he sees as simpletons and worthless In fact Lou’s practiced “down home” manner and slow way of talking is part of the “GAME” he plays with people so that they will never know who he really is This man will make your skin crawl right off your body I don’t want to spoiler plot details so I will just mention a few things about Jim Thompson’s writing which I thought was PERFECT PERSONIFIED The author through his disturbed protagonist takes us along on the killer’s journey seeing everything through the lens of his warped worldview and so we are not seeing a view of his actions as wrong but as he sees them ie the completely justified actions of a deranged mind It is a uniue experience to say the least The deftness and nuance of the writing was amazing Throughout the story we are given subtle clues and snippets of information that explain to the reader that Lou has had “the sickness” as he calls it since he was 15 years old when he brutally attacked and killed a little girl The two things I found most chilling about the story were 1 the complete lack of emotion on the part of Lou as he describes truly despicable acts as if they simply had to be done and 2 his outwardly pleasant demeanor and interaction with the residents in the town while we are aware of how he despises the world around him It reminded me a little of Michael Rooker’s excellent performance in the truly disturbing movie “Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer” though Jim Thompson’s writing is much subtle and nuanced However both that film and this book did a great job of creating a constant and ever present sense of “dread” in which the audience is aware that even though everything seems normal it really isn’t and are left waiting for something to go horribly horribly wrongThis book will crawl inside you and make you feel like Brilliantly written and deftly plotted this is certainly worthy of the praise Stanley Kubrick gave it when he said “Probably the most chilling and believable first person story of a criminally warped mind I have ever encountered” I went into this with high expectations I mean who doesn't love a good psychopath? Especially one with a boat load of issues who is in a position of authority and trust Enter Lou Ford small town sheriff and all round good guy or so his sweet and slightly slow disposition would have you think But Lou has the sickness Most of the time he manages to keep it hidden beneath a cheery and easy going attitude most of the time you would assume he is just your average Joe Until every once in a while his temper rises and he becomes possessed with an uncontrollable rage and the killer inside him comes outFabulous Except for the part where I was rather disappointed The Killer Inside Me isn't a bad book it was just nowhere near as good as I thought it was going to be Lou Ford did not creep me out in the way he was supposed to he didn't creep me out in the way Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick claim to have been creeped out by him Dolores Umbridge is creepier than Lou Jim Thompson must have had noir in his veins instead of red blood cells This dark first person story has the reader inhabiting the mind of a killer in way that most authors can't even come close to matching It's disturbing chilling and one of the best pieces of crime fiction I’ve ever readLou Ford is a small town sheriff’s deputy in West Texas He appears to be just a good natured not to bright good ole boy who usually speaks in a series of clichés to the point of annoying or boring whoever he’s talking to But Lou’s persona is all a mask to hide his true self and to keep what he thinks of as ‘his sickness’ in checkWhen Lou is dispatched to give a warning to a call girl named Joyce it escalates into a confrontation that unleashes Lou’s sadistic side and he’s shocked to discover that Joyce is a willing partner Letting his darker impulses out of the box soon leads Lou to violence and then a lengthy cat and mouse game with the local power structure as he covers up his crimes with a mixture of his dimwitted persona and even bloodshedReading this is a really odd experience At times you find yourself rooting for Lou to get away with everything he’s done but at other times you want to scream at the other characters “Run He’s freaking crazier than a shithouse rat Get out of there before he murders you all” And I was both horrified and amused at the malicious joy that Lou takes in ‘needling’ people under the guise of playing the fool that can’t stop running his mouth He’s got a knack for annoying and insulting people while he pretends he doesn’t realize what he’s doing That’s just one of the many ways that evil Lou has of getting under your skin The Killer Inside Me Jim Thompson's classic Roman Noir“Just as there are physical monsters can there not be mental or psychic monsters born? The face and body may be perfect but if a twisted gene or malformed egg can produce physical monsters may not the same process produce a malformed soul? Monsters are variations from the accepted normal to a greater or a less degree As a child may be born without an arm so one may be born without kindness or the potential of conscience A man who loses his arms in an accident has a great struggle to adjust himself to the lack but one born without arms suffers only from people who find him strange Having never had arms he cannot miss them To a monster the norm must seem monstrous since everyone is normal to himself To the inner monster it must be even obscure since he has no visible thing to compare with others To a criminal honesty is foolish You must not forget that a monster is only a variation and that to a monster the norm is monstrous”― John Steinbeck East of Eden 1952 Faucett Crest Paperback edition 1952 A novel about murder unlike anything you've ever read There it is right on the cover of the Faucett Crest Original And the people at that publishing company got it right My grandmother had a saying it was always easy to know someone who wasn't right That boy just don't look right out of his eyes And I've known the times that she was right absolutely right But I think Steinbeck nails it Because you can't always tell you're dealing with a monster Because the face and body may be perfect They are not physical monsters no freak at the side show at the carnival These people walk among us looking and acting just the way we do day to day But they lack something we donhttpwwwgoodreadscomreviewlist That is conscience That is a value for the difference between right and wrongTake Jim Thompson's protagonist Lou Ford He's a deputy sheriff He's the go to guy when it gets down to getting someone to talk He's a natural at it mouthing platitudes assuring his suspects that he's their friend He's respected by his sheriff Casey Affleck as Lou Ford in the 2010 film directed by Michael WinterbottomHowever when Lou feels the sickness as he calls it coming on he says he can't control himself Perhaps you say Lou Ford was criminally insane Not so Lou knew the difference between right and wrong He didn't give a damn And when he determined it in his best interest if people had to die well they were already dead in his book Lou is a careful planner He is a craftsman at construction of alibis Adept at creating evidence pointing in anyone's direction but him he's capable of covering his tracks well Murder is not something that gnaws at his conscience because he lacks one Killing two people and covering his own skin Lou returns home to his father's house where he prepares and wolfs down a large breakfast of ham and eggs He's not sueamishI can't fault Jim Thompson for the psychology he cites accurately the material that was commonly referred to at the time of his writing The Killer Inside Me Emil Kraepelin whose works Lou Ford studies in his father's medical library is credited with the birth of modern psychiatric diagnoses However Ford singles out Kraepelin's work on dementia praecox the precursor for what we now know as Schizophrenia That diagnosis is a psychosis amounting to a break with reality and a failure to recognize reality A common description of defining a person's mental status is whether he is oriented x 3 that is to person place and time That does not ever fit Lou Ford He's conscious of person place and time at all times It's his moral compass that's broken Emil Kraepelin Lou Ford's favorite authorLou Ford's personality is described with unerring accuracy in Kraepelin's later work which would have been available to Jim Thompson under sections dealing with moral insanity From wikipedia In fact from 1904 Kraepelin changed the section heading to 'The born criminal' moving it from under 'Congenital feeblemindedness' to a new chapter on 'Psychopathic personalities' They were treated under a theory of degeneration Four types were distinguished born criminals inborn delinuents pathological liars uerulous persons and Triebmenschen persons driven by a basic compulsion including vagabonds spendthrifts and dipsomaniacs The concept of 'psychopathic inferiorities' had been recently popularised in Germany by Julius Ludwig August Koch who proposed congenital and acuired types Kraepelin had no evidence or explanation suggesting a congenital cause and his assumption therefore appears to have been simple 'biologism' Others such as Gustav Aschaffenburg argued for a varying combination of causes Kraepelin's assumption of a moral defect rather than a positive drive towards crime has also been uestioned as it implies that the moral sense is somehow inborn and unvarying yet it was known to vary by time and place and Kraepelin never considered that the moral sense might just be different Kurt Schneider criticized Kraepelin's nosology for appearing to be a list of behaviors that he considered undesirable rather than medical conditions though Schneider's alternative version has also been criticised on the same basis Nevertheless many essentials of these diagnostic systems were introduced into the diagnostic systems and remarkable similarities remain in the DSM IV and ICD 104 The issues would today mainly be considered under the category of personality disorders or in terms of Kraepelin's focus AntisocialDissocial personality disorder or psychopathy Emphasis addedIf there is anything in modern psychology that rings true it deals with the development of sexuality It is borne out be current research in the field that an adult's aberrant sexual behavior is often set during adolescence by the occurrence of a sexual event which leads the target of that event to recreate situations similar to those experienced in adolescence So perhaps whatever happened between Lou and his father's housekeeper bent Lou a little crooked in his interactions with women in his adult years And of course we know of his experience with a three year old girl up in the barn loft for which his foster brother took the blame We also know that Dr Foster knew of his son's aberrations keeping him close under wraps at home in Central City TexasSo if you want to know what runs through the mind of a killer Jim Thompson's novel is the one for you Don't blame me if it sends a chill up your spine every few chapters are so Listening to Lou Ford's story puts you across the table from Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy just to name a few And when you're finished with this book don't take too much comfort that it's only a story For there are monsters that walk among us and sometimes they look just perfect out of their eyes Jim Thompson September 27 1906 Anadarko Oklahoma Territory – April 7 1977 Los Angeles California It's always lightest just before the dark This is one terrific tale though nasty as all get out Thompson seems to have serious Mommy issues as all his women be they whores or schoolmarms are shrewish harpies AND he seems to believe that a good beating is the only foreplay a woman should ever needHe is not alone in his cringe worthy treatment of the ladies It seems to be a common problem that has bugged the hell out of me in other books of this ilk and is probably the main reason I don't read noir If you can ignore the uite literal female bashing here this is a remarkably intriguing and arresting story and a fascinating look inside the mind of a psychopath This was a humdinger of a story written through the eyes of a sheriff Lou Ford of a small middle of nowhere west Texas town of Central City Is he an easy going well liked man and a respected citizen of the town well known for his uiet gentle nature? On the inside he has a dark side he is a sociopathic killer who seems to think that life is ruled by any means necessary full of both corny small town bonhomie and murderous psychosexual rage He will not hesitate to eliminate his loved ones with brutal emotional dis attachment In the following discussion in the novel he is describing his perspective on life You're a suare Joe am I ? i saidHow do you know i am Johnny? How can a man ever really know anything? Were living in a funny world kid a peculiar civilisation The police are playing crooks in it and the crooks are doing police duty The politicians are preachers and the preachers are politicians The tax collectors collect for themselves The bad people want us to have dough and the good people are fighting to keep it from us It's not good for us know what i mean? If we all had all we wanted to eat we'd crap too much We'd have inflation in toilet paper industry That's the way i understand it That's about the size of some of the arguments i've heardTheres a time of peace I said and a time of war A time to sow and a time to reap A time to live and a time to die Jim Thompson creates a main protagonist that you get to like but at the same time he has a side to him we would all hate Thompson tries to show us that the cliched perspective of 1950s America as a land of communal benevolence and white picket fences reuires attention Paper thin with a cancerous presence under the skin from the actions of 'evil that men do' It is a mark of Thompson's skill that our identification with Lou encouraged by his first person narration is never uite frayed While he seems at the same time to explain his reasons for his actions he does not uite understanding why he treads that path he tries to understand himself in his story by digging out a uote out of a psychology textbook The subject suffers from strong feelings of guilt combined with a sense of frustration and persecution which increase as he grows older; yet there are rarely if ever any surface signs of disturbance On the contrary his behaviour appears to be entirely logical He reasons soundly even shrewdly He is completely aware of what he does and why he does it This was my first Thompson novel and made me dig out his other works I found them all to just as hard boiled and compelling The movie adaptation recently was good but had some brutal images Also on my webpage

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