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The Big Knockover❮Reading❯ ➳ The Big Knockover ➬ Author Dashiell Hammett – Short thick bodied mulishly stubborn and indifferent to physical pain Dashiell Hammett's Continental Op was the prototype for generations of tough guy detectives He is also the hero of most of the nin Short thick bodied mulishly stubborn and indifferent to physical pain Dashiell Hammett's Continental Op was the prototype for generations of tough guy detectives He is also the hero of most of the nine stories in this volume The Big PDF/EPUB or The Op's one enthusiasm is doing his job and in The Big Knockover the jobs entail taking on a gang of modern day freebooters a vice ridden hell's acre in the Arizona desert and the bank job to end all bank jobs along with such assorted grifters as Babe McCloor Bluepoint Vance Alphabet Shorty McCoy and the Dis and Dat KidContentsIntroduction by Lillian HellmanThe Gutting of CouffignalFly PaperThe Scorched FaceThe King BusinessThe Gatewood CaperDead Yellow WomenCorkscrewTulipThe Big Knockover Blood Money. The Big Knockover by Dashiell Hammet is a compound of short crime storiesI found all the stories very much readable and did enjoy them allAlthough I must confess that this is my introduction to Hammets workIf you love hard boiled crime fiction then go for itI could tell you a lot about the stories and also Hammett but the best thing for me to do will be to say only one thingThey are really goodAnd that's what mattersHappy reading and stay all of you healthyDean; This was a group of short stories the first three connected to each other and longer stories mostly starring our un named Continental Operative Those are my favorite They have all the ingredients of a great story and I enjoy following the short heavy set detective around as he gathers up clues makes discoveries and finally at the very end gets the bad guys although he is also adebt at letting the bad guys get each other Saves on court costs and taxesSome of the stories take place in San Francisco where the Op is stationed Some specifically in China Town one in an island of the coast of San Francisco and a couple away from 'Frisco on a ranch and lawless cowboy townIf you like mysteries and hard boiled detectives Hammett is the master and you'll enjoy these stories The table of contents areThe Gutting of CouffignalFly PaperThe Scorched FaceThis King BusinessThe Gatewood CaperDead Yellow WomenCorkscrewTulip an unfinished manuscript and rougher in developmentThe Big Knockover106000 Blood Money Ever since I read Red Harvest I have been a major fan of both Dashiell Hammett and his gumshoe the Continental Op I love the Op's confidence and sense of sarcasm; the way he gives people the kind of attitude they want while steering them in the direction that he needs them to go in; his straightforward approach to a fistfight or a shoot out It is hilarious how much he stresses his age over forty his size short and overweight and his looks scarred and none too attractive and yet women still want him while most men don't know how to handle him in conversation or in conflict He gets the job done better than anyone else and he does so because he wants to get the job done right He is an elusive kind of hero never named and only rarely subject to introspection that touches upon his past; and yet he is a very real kind of hero driven by a personal ethos that separates him from the drama and suabble of urban life and crimeAs Hammett's long time companion Lillian Hellman writes some of the stories in this collection are great some not as much The former really stand out especially ones like the title story The Big Knockover and the one that precedes it in the collection Corkscrew In these Hammett throws the Op into convoluted situations that boil over with the passions and desires of crooks and citizens leaving the Op to sort through it all with his aikido like manipulations and his ability to put up with the abuse that comes with the jobAs for the less successful stories they are still worth reading for Hammett's terse prose and exciting plots I was sad to finish this volume and put it on the shelf Fortunately I recently found a used copy of Nightmare Town which contains yet stories featuring the Op COUNTDOWN Mid 20th Century North American Crime BOOKNovella 165 of 250HOOK 3 stars Wedge shaped Couffignal is not a large island and not far from the mainland to which it is linked by a wooden bridge Its western shore is a high straight cliff that jumps abruptly up out of the San Pablo Bay From the top of this cliff the island slopes eastwardthe intersecting streets become winding hedged rowsThe higher these roads get the farther apart and larger are the houses they led to The occupants of these higher houses are the owners and rulers of the island That is Couffignal Hammett declares on page 1 The narrator protects wedding presents whose value would add up to something between fifty and a hundred thousand dollars Thus we readers know there is to be robbery a standard crime for the genrePACE3 As solid as the rock upon which the island stands against the storms of the oceanPLOT3 Early on Hammett telegraphs clearly to readers there is to be a robbery by gunshots and explosions in the downtown portion of the island But are the thieves after the contents of a bank vault the wedding gifts the bride and her wedding escorts or perhaps all of the above? And when the connecting bridge is blown to bits the plot thickens Is the thief thieves? after than just money or the bride? Couffignal may be loaded with secretswell just a tad too many as this is almost novel materialChARACTERS4This is a plot driven story you'll remember nary a single name once you've turned the final page However the narrator a member of Hammett's Continental Detective Agency solves the mystery with a sensational bit of detective work the culprits reveal is uite astounding given that it's based on just a few easy to miss cluesATMOSPHERE 2 A late afternoon storm brings the wedding festivities descriptions of the landscapehouseparty would have been nice to a halt but doesn't stop the thieves from proceeding with their plans Given that the story involves a number of Russian citizens one can't help but flash to a major USA political figure who'll leave his lovely wife in the pouring rain claiming an umbrella for himself Oh but I digressSUMMARY This is the 2nd time I've read this story and all in all I just can't get the pieces to fall together If you're read Hammett you know his plots can be convoluted But it's Hammett It's good My rating is 30 And I think I'll read it again to grasp the finer points I finished every short story by Dashiell Hammett contained in this collection as well as Nightmare Town back in October 2014I loved all of 'em I read everything that featured my favorite Hammett character the Continental Op and a couple of other non Ops talesIf you're up for reading a bit of Hammett you might want to start with these collections Hammett is undeniably one of the most incredible mystery writers ever and this book affirms it The first few stories in this collection were very pulp 1920s mystery featuring among other things a sex cult and an eastern European coup They were fun but they lacked something of the thoughtfulness of Chandler's work and felt shallow lots of exciting fight scenes no substance Then the story Tulip an unfinished work really changed my mind about these stories I really saw Hammett in the narrator and loved the insight that give me to the rest of his work The story also wasn't a mystery yet Hammett only finished the first chapter and last sentence so you are left wondering what it was going to be about The title story was of course a very very good mystery but it was that story's seuel Blood Money that really pulled the whole collection together for meVery very dark and moody so than his Continental Ops detective usually gets In the end I just wanted This is not your usual collection of short stories Ok in a the modern era where everyone seems to have posthumously published works maybe it's not so unusual In the covers of this book we havea Lillian Helman's words about the manb Several gritty pulp style dark slices of life with our friend The Continental Op andc Snatches of incomplete tales including the unfinished novel TulipNeed I say any ?Even if you only care for the classic film noir bleak American style of hard boiled detection the Op's appearances in this book will keep you satisfied But if you delve into the introduction and the other works you'll reap an unexpected bonus that I found well worth the price of the book I hope you do tooAnother book read ages ago and probably deserving of a re read Well I read one story at a time in between many many other books over several months so it's hard to write a solid accurate review Looking over the table of contents I don't remember having a negative reaction to any of the stories except for Tulip which was a hard one to figure It seems out of place in this collection Since it's so long I'm removing one star for it I remember enjoying all the others and it's fun that the Continental Op goes to so many different places and takes care of so many different problems Any way good stuff and I'm glad Red Harvest introduced us or I might have written Hammett off Not a collection of his best The Contintenal OP stories but they still range from very good to great stories in this collectionThe Gutting of CouffignalThe Big KnockoverCorkscrewThe Yellow Dead Women was the best stories in the collectionThe OP stylelineshis cold blooded professionalism drive is a blessinga save from romantic PI heroes that think they are good guys in a play The OP will let criminals die if it takes to do the job He is so refreshingly ruthlessreal I really enjoyed this collection of crime stories Hammett was an original a really good writer who took detective stories from upper and middle class drawing rooms and brought them into the mean streets If you like your mysteries to be intricate puzzles where the last piece falls into place on the last page then Hammett may not be for you If you like action writing that is lean and mean and great characters who are drawn in a few vivid strokes then Hammett is your manI'd read some of Hammett's novels before but this is the first time I have ever read any of his famous Continental Op stories The Continental Op is a great character Hammett doesn't waste a lot of time giving him a long back story or even a name I have no idea if his parents loved him or not or whether he was bullied as a child or if he likes to read Proust although I suspect no on these last two What Hammett does is show him at work and the Continental Op seems to live and breathe his jobHammett was famously a detective with the Pinkertons and this gives his stories nice touches of authenticity Unlike most private investigators The Continental Op isn't a lone wolf or a nearly lone wolf with one partner he is an agency man who answers to The Old Man and works with a large number of other agents who help him run down leadsHis stories on the other hand are outrageous and unlike anything that came before The title story in this collection is a roller coaster of action and violence with a body count that runs into the dozens This collection also contains a story where the Continental Op helps stage a coup in a Eastern European country and another where he becomes something akin to a sheriff in a western albeit one who can't ride a horse very wellIn short these groundbreaking stories sparked the hard boiled crime genre and have become classics They are also very entertaining

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