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The Continental Op❰EPUB❯ ✴ The Continental Op Author Dashiell Hammett – Dashiell Hammett is the true inventor of modern detective fiction and the creator of the private eye the isolated hero in a world where treachery is the norm The Continental Op was his great first con Dashiell Hammett is the true inventor of modern detective fiction and the creator of the private eye the The Continental PDF/EPUB ² isolated hero in a world where treachery is the norm The Continental Op was his great first contribution to the genre and these seven stories which first appeared in the magazine Black Mask are the best examples of Hammett's early writing in which his formidable literary and moral imagination is already operating at full strength The Continental Op is the dispassionate fat man working for the Continental Detective Agency modelled on the Pinkerton Agency whose only interest is in doing his job in a world of violence passion desperate action and great excitementThe tenth clew The golden horseshoe The house in Turk Street The girl with the silver eyes The whosis kid The main death The farewell murder. The Continental Op is a collection of short stories starring Dashiell Hammett's detective character The Continental Op Here are just some of the tales contained withinThe Tenth Clew Millionaire Leopold Gantvoort is found dead and signs point to the mysterious Emil Bonfils But what of the obvious suspect Gantvoort's 23 year old wife to be?Not a bad way to start the collection I've never read a story where someone had their head bashed in with a typewriter before The mystery was pretty good though I had some idea what was going on about halfway throughThe Golden Horseshoe The Op goes to Mexico to bring back a rich woman's husband and gets than he bargained forThis story nicely illustrates The Continental Op's place in Matthew Scudder's ancestry as the Op bends the law to get a man put awayThe Girl with the Silver Eyes A poet hires the Continental Pop to find his missing lover Too bad she isn't who she pretends to beThis one was a lot complex than it first seemed and the Op demonstrated his ability uite well both in detection and in violence My favorit part however was how the poet was exasperating the Op at the beginning of the caseThe Whosis Kid The Op crosses paths with a two gun stickup man while on the trial of stolen jewelsThe op thinks his way out of a nasty situation when he gets caught between some double crossing criminals I love that the Op isn't afraid to fight dirty and knows he's no knight in shining armorIn conclusion The Continental Op is a collection of detective stories that are still influential even today For it's historical value it should be a must read for pulp detective fans If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewReports for Pinkerton's The Continental Op by Dashiell HammettOriginal review 1981 03 01Hammett made no secret of Hammett’s wider I suppose wider will do literary ambitions or that he earned his living writing a particular kind of story long after he'd have preferred to write something else What I don't know is how and especially when he picked up his knowledge of literature If ever there was an autodidact it was Hammett He left school at fourteen and set out on an amazingly varied series of jobs Somewhere in the course of these he learned to write For a 1920s collection from the early days of hardboiled PI stories this collection has several brilliant stories Also a main character in the OP whose narrative is so interesting that he could carry many collectionsbooks on his ownThe OP is so different from other hardboiled PI's and not only in his looks He is much in control of his emotionsactions and only cares about doing his job The stories are darker corrupt world than the latter traditional detective stories that Marlowe and co is involved inHammett is also after than just writing entertaining detective stories his world view at the time he wrote the stories is presented in the stories A moral detective who cant be bought working in a corrupt society full of white collar crimeorganized crime The stories are literary than usual detective stories because he tried to portray his world view through The OP and not only because his prose style is very literary strong The stories in this collection like most of his other writing show clearly he was a detective who wrote what he knew about in his fiction Other than his writing ability that his stories feel real than any other PI stories is what i rate highly The OP is really like a cop or hardboiled FBI agent than what PI heroes became later He likes working with cops unlike SpadeMarlowe He is friends with them he has a big detective agency at his disposal he can call for other operators to shadow people for him He works in a mundane chase the evidence look past lies kind of way His character is very hardboiled PI pioneer but his methods is very different from other famous PI's Maybe because Hammett Pinkerton real world crime experience His stories are not as often clever PI games Extended review to follow I've got some catching up to do I'll just start by saying Thanks to goodreads group Pulp Fiction for selecting this one as April's read Hammett is a favorite of mine However I had not read the Continental Op short fiction These are gemsAt first impression these stories may seem to come across as a little on the old fashioned side The lingo is clearly from an earlier time But the contemporary reader of hard boiled fiction wouldn't have so much on the shelf if it hadn't been for Hammett who single handedly created the genreThe man with no name but operates with a strict code of honor and ethics is a force to be reckoned with For this reader the Op is Spade's eual The tragedy of Hammett is his writing career ended in an act of self immolation espousing the wrong politics Hammett had a lot left in him by the time he was blackballed during the McCarthy Era It's a good thing he had the good fortune to have the love and support of a good woman Lillian Hellman And never for a minute think there's not some Hammett that shines through the plays of Lillian Hellman Imagine friend lover and editor all rolled into one That's uite a combination Hammett’s Continental Op could easily be called the Anti Sam Spade Anonymous overweight and absolutely loyal to his employer the Op is one of the finest first person narrators in all of hardboiled literature and this collection of short stories bristles with ‘30s slang droll humor and plenty of Bay Area verisimilitude Say listen You don’t know me and I don’t know you but we have an acuaintance shall we say in common It’s that bird over at the Continental Detective Agency You know who I mean Short pudgy fall Stubborn as a mule You know him ‘cause some other bird name of Hammett wrote up some of his cases and published it under the moniker “The Continental Op” I know ‘im ‘cause he’s the lout what put me here in AlcatrazYeah I read 'is book Read in about a day and a half What else do I have to do for the next six years? This Op sure leads a charmed life if you can believe this lout Hammett Outsmarts the smartest toughest hombres in the San Fran Bay area Solved the Gantvoort case when the police couldn’t make heads or tails of it Faced up to the Whosis Kid and lived to tell the tale Stumbled into the affair at Turk Street by accident for cryin’ out loudBut that isn’t why I hate him No not because of his lucky streak with guys like me or the fact that he got Hammett to write about ‘im or that the book is sellin’ like hotcakes No the reason I hate him is on account of the story of my arrest ain’t even in the book What am I chopped liver? By the way do you know that Op's name? He never gave it up and that idiot Hammett never mentions it Not in the entire book How'm I supposed to look this guy up in six years if I don't got his name?? I’ve been on a crime novel kick recently and the latest is one of the Dashiell Hammett books I haven’t read The Continental Op It is a collection of stories some interlocking about the detective agency unnamed continental operative There’s a very good introduction written by Steve Marcus who makes some good observations about Hammett For example he summarizes Hammett’s philosophy that “how despite everything we have learned and everything we know men will persist in behaving and trying to behave sanely rationally sensibly and responsibly” He also points out that Hammett runs on a principal that is direct opposite of that postulated by Erik Erikson as the fundamental and enabling condition for human existence is that society and social relations are dominated by the principle of basic mistrust He continues stating that Hammett’s depiction of modern society shows that violence is the decisive means along with fraud deceit treachery betrayal and general endemic unscrupulousness This is clearly evident in works like the engaging Red Harvest I must say that aside from his dark world view I enjoyed his prose style especially the dialogue All in all a very entertaining collection of stories Hammett's Continental Op picked up where he left off or began in the “Red Harvest” Here he created the prototype ‘gumshoe’ for future detective novels with this of the tough emotionally hardened surly character This compilation brings the Continental Operative to various cities and different missions There are about six or seven stories ranging between 40 – 60 pages Each piece of pulp fiction presents a charming dialogue and a razor sharp machine gun driven plot Someone said brevity is the heart of wit and with poetic fragments like I stepped into a triangular slice of the night” and “ the girl with eyes the color of polished silver” sandwiched in between bloody corpses gun shells and jealous lovers Hammett bared the bones of wit These stories each generate the final “twist or snap” we as readers come to expect from ‘shorts’ The complete Continental Op stories aside from the novel Red Harvest Though I've read some of these stories before and some than once this was a great trip through them all in chronological order You can see how Hammett's skill progressed over the time and the character of the Op changed a little Some of the stories especially the early ones are a bit clumsy and the solutions seem to come out of left field; that doesn't matter much because it's not necessarily the whodunnit that you read these stories forWhat I enjoyed a lot was the picture of San Francisco in the 1920's Hammett is pretty precise in is locations and you really get a feel for the city at the time Hammett's language too is always engaging with lots of slang that was new to me He's also very good with characterA couple times he uses some tropes from later works; one character walks into a room and drops dead as happened in The Maltese Falcon and there's also the death of a partner again as in the Maltese FalconIf you've read some of the op stories this Kindle book is great It's 1100 pages that is very easy to carry around; I'll probably keep it on my Kindle for some time and dip back into these stories This gets the full five stars Prototype hard boiled detective stuff that holds up well eighty some years after being written It's a collection of short stories that would work as a tv series in the present The continental oop was Hammett's precursor for Sam Spade Most of the CO stories are available in three anthologies so I'll be obtaining the other two I'll probably explore some Raymond Chandler also

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