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Elric of Melniboné✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Elric of Melniboné By Michael Moorcock ✸ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Elric of Melniboné is a reuisite title in the hard fantasy canon a book no fantasy fan should leave unread Author Michael Moorcock already a major player in science fiction cemented his position in t Elric of Melniboné is a reuisite title in the hard fantasy canon a book no fantasy fan should leave unread Author Michael Moorcock already a major player in science fiction cemented his position in the fantasy pantheon with the five book Elric saga of which. I have spent a long time searching for a modern fantastical epic which is worth reading It seems like there should be one out there somewhere I have so enjoyed the battlefields of Troy the dank cavern of Grendel's dam Dido's lament Ovid's hundred wild spun tales perfidious Odysseus the madness of Orlando Satan's twisted rhetoric and Gilgamesh's sea voyage to the forgotten lands of death And so I seek some modern author to reinvent these tales with some sense of scholarship poetry character and adventureThere are many great modern fantasies but the epic subgenre lacks luster In reading the offerings Martin Jordan Goodkind Paolini even much lauded Wolfe I have found them all wanting They are all flawed in the same ways their protagonists are dull caricatures of some universal 'badass' ideal plot conflicts are glossed over with magic or convenient deaths the magic itself is not a mysterious force but a familiar tool and women are made secondary or worse though the authors often talk about how women are strong and independent the women never actually act that wayBut then they are all acolytes of Old Tolkien who is as stodgy unromantic and methodical as a fantasist can be without being CS Lewis Though I respect Tolkien's work as a well researched literary exercise it is hard to forgive him for making it acceptable to write fantasy which is so dull aimless and self absorbed It is unfortunate that so many people think that fantasy began with Tolkien because that is a great falsehood and anyone who believes it does not really know fantasy at all It nearly died with himYet there are many who do think he started it They like to comment on reviews especially reviews of their favorite books especially negative reviews of their favorite books which have lamentably become a specialty of mine And often they end up asking me Well what fantasy do you like? There are many I could name numerous favorites which have shocked and overawed me which have shaken me to my core which have shown me worlds and magic I dared not dream But none of them are epicsI could mention Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell a powerfully self possessed work and one of the only fantasies of the past twenty years that I consider worth reading the other is China Mieville's Perdido Street Station but these are a Victorian alternate history continuation of the British Fairy Tale tradition and a New Weird Urban Fantasy respectively I could mention Mervyn Peake's Titus books which so powerfully inhabit my five star rating that Mieville and Clarke must be relegated to four but this is a work whose fantastical nature would probably not even be apparent to most fantasy enthusiastsAlas they are not good counter examples I can and do mention Robert E Howard's Conan and Fritz Leiber's Lankhmar series but these are fast paced adventure stories and though their worlds may be vast mysterious and grand the stories themselves lack the hyperopic arc at the heart of an epic workBut there have been many suggestions many readers who have come to my aid and who have named authors I might look to next in my uest Guy Gavriel Kay Ursula K LeGuin Jack Vance Poul Anderson Jeff VanderMeer Michael De Larrabietti John M Harrison Scott Lynch Patricia McKillip and John Crowley Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss have been both suggested and sneered at It is my hope that somewhere amongst them I will find the exemplary epic fantasy I am looking for but I haven't found it in MoorcockMoorcock is good he has scope depth complexity and long twisting plots but at their core his stories are modern metaphysical and subversive They are light and lilting ironical and wry too uick and twisting to be 'epic' The characters are introspective and self aware and it is clear that it is they and not the world who will be at the forefrontIt is all so thoroughly modern so reinvented full of sprightly ideas and metaphysical brooding But it is decidedly not modern in the accidental self defeating ways of all those pretenders to the 'epic' title The characters are not merely the male fantasy counterpart of a bodice ripper with modern familiar minds dressed thinly in Medieval costume The world is not simply our world with an overlay of castles dragons for jet fighters spells for guns with modern politics and sensibilitiesNo Moorcock's world and characters are alien and fantastical but Moorcock does not achieve this by ripping them whole cloth from history but by extrapolating them from modern philosophical ideas Fantasy stories have always been full of dreamscapes of impossible places for the reader to inhabit These places draw us in somehow we recognize them like our own dreams because of what they representAnthropomorphism is the human tendency to see people where there are none to see smiling faces in wood grain to assign complex emotional motivations to cats and to curse at the storm that breaks our window The 'Other World' of British Fairy Tales is based on the latter the assigning of our luck good and bad to capricious spirits The world of fairy has rules as do storms but those rules are mostly a mystery to manBut Moorcock's world personifies the ideas of Kant and Nietzsche his 'Other Worlds' called 'Planes' are those of the human mind they are places of morality like heaven and hell except he has updated the concept to existential morality There is Chaos and there is Law; Chaos is the selfish urge Law the communal urge and he arrays his magic spirits and dreamscapes along this axisLike Milton he has infused his epic with the latest thoughts and notions updating it for the modern age Also like Milton Moorcock's influence has been felt far and wide despite the fact that most people do not recognize itThe Dungeons Dragons game prominently used his LawChaos dichotomy among other concepts and his 'Wheel of Psychic Planes' is an influence on their most audacious and unusual publication the philosophical 'Steampunk' setting Planescape And many of these tropes have filtered down into the grab bag common to the modern voice of fantasy storiesReading Elric one will invariably be reminded of a dozen other books and games as Elric drinks endless potions to maintain his strength and vitality slaying twisted demons on a plane of fire in search of a rune sword dressed in ornate black armor and a dragon helm Indeed the central mythology and much of the plot of the Elder Scrolls games in particular Oblivion owe a vast debt to Elric and his world and not simply for the land of 'Elwher'Clearly Moorcock's odd vision has been transcribed onto the imaginations of fantasists but as with those who were inspired by Tolkien most of his followers have failed to recreate the weight of the original message Except for a few outliers like Planescape and Perdido Street Station most authors have copied the outward appearance of Moorcock's alien world but were not skilled or knowledgeable enough to take the substance along with the form the existential ideas the vital core of his dreamscapes are most often missing or at best fadedBut while the ideas and the overall vision are strong even compared to the ubiuitous attempts to recreate them there are a number of flaws in Moorcock's presentation The first and most damaging is a weakness in the voice Moorcock has a lot to say but must sometimes resort to explaining his ideas to us He is not always able to deliver his world and characters through interactions hints tone and actions He is hardly an inexperienced enough author to explain to us that which is already self evident but it is a weakness in his delivery which sometimes takes us out of the flow of the story so that we must step back from the world and listen to Moorcock talk about it though he does do his best to veil it with Elric's thoughtsSecondly it can be difficult to get a strong impression of his characters they are often difficult to sympathize with or to predict It isn't that they aren't vivid and active but that their actions are often based around ideas and concepts the things Moorcock built his world on which can create a sense of a top down world where the characters are there to fulfill a purpose to explore various notions and philosophies The book is certainly not an allegory there are no easy one to one correlations to be made between characters and ideas but the world does not revolve around personalities except perhaps for Elric's but his thoughts and motivations are often the most difficult to reconcile The personalities of all the other characters are or less wholly dependent on himTo some degree the characters seem to operate on much older fantasy rules their capricious yet repetitive acts becoming motifs for the larger ideas in the story not unlike Tolkien's fantasy forefather ER Eddison whose characters seem half mad with heroism for its own sake another candidate for my favorite epic if I didn't think his beautiful deliberate archaism might prove too remote for many readersPart of the reason for this is that Elric's personality and world were created as an exercise and with an explicit purpose to portray the anti Conan He is sickly weak pale effeminate sorcerous erudite cruel reluctant intellectual and hardly promiscuous Conan becomes king by his own hand while Elric begins as emperor and we witness the hardships of his downfallBut this contrariness while coloring the story is hardly its center Moorcock uses it as a springboard an inspiration to drive him to something greater It is one example of the fact that genius is at its best when it has a lofty challenge before it Moorcock is not interested in making a parody but in exploring a little trodden path operating on the notion that if you start with something familiar and begin to move away from it you are bound to end up somewhere elseI must also mention an unbelievable incident involving a group of blind soldiers which put dire strain to credulity A bit of creative myth or capricious magic could have saved it but as it stands in the book it makes little senseBut despite the subtle weaknesses in voice and characterization Moorcock's idiomatic adventure story is eminently enjoyable There are few fantasy books I could name which suggest such a playful intellect as this and though it is not as wildly imaginative as his Gloriana this philosophical exploration disguised as a pulp adventure is a delightful read that never gets bogged down in indulging its own thoughtfulnessMy List of Suggested Fantasy Books Elric of FREAKIN’ MelniboneA supersized but colorless everlasting gobstopper of fantasy have at youIf he were a mongoose he’d be Elrici tiki taviIf he were a professional wrestler pronounced RASTLER in Memphis he’d be Elric Flair WoooooooooooooIf he were an amateur bowler in California and part time brother Shamus he’d be El Ricerino and only if we were not into the whole brevity thingIf he were anything other than Michael Moorcock’s magnificent Man of Melnibone he’d be a calorie deficient sorcery and drugs addicted disabled inbred monarch on a cold seatHe is Elric“Conan What is best in life?”“To crush enemy see him driven before you to hear the lamentation of the vomen and to never have to mess with that white guy with the bigass black sword”You’re damn skippy Conan Elric sprang forth from the Lovecraftian demented mind of English writer Michael Moorcock Elric of Melnibone started the ball rolling in 1972 and has been showing fantasy writers how its done ever sinceA MUST read for all fantasy readers After reading and having my hair blown back by The Swords Trilogy The Knight of the SwordsThe ueen of the Swords and The King of the Swords I decided to dive into the adventures of Moorcock's most famous avatar of the Eternal Champion Elric of MelniboneThis first installment serves as a nice introduction to the contemplative albino sorcerer who rules the ancient powerful land of Melnibone It was a nice surprise to learn that in the never ending multi dimensional cosmic dust up between the Lords of Order and the Lords of Chaos Elric's people the Melniboneans are aligned with the bad guys at Chaos and are viewed by the pesky upstart humans as evil a perception that has considerable merit I thought it added a nice shading to Elric's introduction as an anti hero by showing his as a moral outsider to his own people   Elric who assumed the throne upon the death of his father has always been “uncomfortable” with his people’s darker ways and their allegiance to the Lords of Chaos While no angel by human standards his appetites have never run to the less savory customs of his people making him somewhat of a radical among his people When he tries to introduce reforms to his society he causes all kinds of pissed off among the old guard who view him as weak upstart and troublemaker This sets up one of the fundamental themes of the book as Elric struggles with his identity and his place in a society in which he does not feel fully at homeAs with The Swords Trilogy Moorcock's writing is lush and lyrical without being long winded The prose is also infused with just a hint of melodrama that works very well for this kind of sword and sorcery story  In addition the world building is jam packed with idea and concept tidbits that are wonderfully and really add flavor to the narrative  I have become a big fan of Moorcock's style and plan to revisit the world of Elricoften One of my favorite Moorcockian nuggets from this book was the concept of the “dream couch” that is used by the Melnibonean rulers On the dream couch an hour of real time can be the euivalent of “ten thousand years or ” of subjective time to the person using it It is on the dream couch that the Melnibonean rulers including Elric learn the arts of sorcery combat and other skills that would normally take them than a lifetime to learn I nearly splooged when I read this and thought the concept was a terrific way to plausibly show within the context of the fantastic how a young Elric could have attained such a high degree of badassness and jedi mastered so many talents in such a short time Moorcock's amazing concept was not only fun to read about but provided credibility for the rest of the story and I was completely sucked in from there I've always thought that good fantasy should make us suspend our disbelief not our intelligence This is GOOD FANTASY Bottom line this is another high uality sword and sorcery effort by one of the best to ever write in that genre 40 stars HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PS As a final note I want to point out that I listened to the audio version of this book read by Jeffrey West with an introduction by the author and the uality of the reading was really superb It included music in the background during the entire reading which could have been a big distraction but in this case added significantly to the “ambiance” of the story I highly recommend it if you have the chance to check it out  I have always detested Michael MoorcockAs a fantasy reader whose passion for Tolkien’s writing knows no boundaries I have always had a hard time swallowing the venomous spite and blind arrogance with which he’s been denouncing the champion of my fantasy dreams Generally speaking I never felt anything against authors who attempted to step out of Tolkien’s shadow These separatists as I enjoy calling them count shining stars like Mervyn Peake and China Mieville among their ranks both men I respect immensely But with Moorcock it’s personal Whereas Mieville countered his earlier criticism by praising Tolkien to the high heavens Moorcock remained adamant in his contemptAnd yet I always knew I would one day have to read his work If for no other reason than to get to know my enemy better But I think part of me also grudgingly admitted subconsciously that there has to be a certain level of awesomeness to a fantasy author writing lyrics for Hawkwind and Blue Öyster CultSo I read Elric of Melnibonë I confess to hoping to hate it so I could totally ravage it in a scathing review But it was no surprise that when asked on a late night of reading how the book was I had to reply “annoyingly good”For it is good It has many flaws but overall I thoroughly enjoyed myself while reading it And I can hardly wait to read about the albino emperor of MelnibonëI will probably never like Moorcock His books though ➽ And the moral of this reread is Elric's um beloved cousin Yyrkoon The Gentle and Magnanimous is one of the most underrated villains in the history of Most Underrated Villains MUV™ Because I said so and stuffWhy of course you do my darling Yyrkie That's why you're such a scrumptiously delicious villain and stuff Now be a dear and ditch the Skeletor costume post haste will you? You don't want to ruin your street cred do you now? That's a good boyPS Pigs Snake and Thing FTWJanuary 2019🏰 A Scarlet Citadel That Was But Is No More Sob Sob Sob Buddy Read SCTWBISMSSSBR™ with Elena and Beige 🏰Okay so there’s this guy called Elric Just pointing this out in case some Clueless Barnacles are in a boozy daze and missed the title of this book and stuff He’s a Super Hot Albino Dude SHAD™ waves at her ex boyfriend Geralt of R with flesh the color of a bleached skull milk white long hair because he’s you know an albino and stuff and very sexey red eyes Told you he was Super Hot Elric descends from a long line of deliciously ruthless dictators well meaning Sorcerer Emperor chaps who have been mercilessly ruling spreading their love and compassion over the world in general and the island of DragonerrIsle in particular for ten thousand years and stuff Oh and by the way there are um you know dragons in Dragon Isle I kid you not They were feeling a little lethargic and sleeping off their latest Mikonos escapade in this book and therefore weren’t around much so don’t get all excited you dragon fangirlsfanboysfanwhatevers See what I mean?Anyway Dragon Isle and its wonderfully amoral mostly benevolent leaders and stuff Poor Elric must be the unluckiest Albino Sorcerer Emperor ever because the kingdom he inherited is kinda sorta on the decline and about to get its lovely derriere kicked six ways to Sunday before last by the emerging nations of the Young Kingdoms aka Puny Humans Inc It sucks to be him if you ask me Especially since he’s not exactly the picture of dictatorial health He’s a pretty pathetic decrepit creature actually Hadn’t I known better I could have sworn he was an apathetic barnacle in disguise I mean the dude is so ridiculously weak and frail he has to take potions waves at her ex boyfriend Geralt of R again in order to not drop deadly dead and stuff Want to know another reason why it sucks to be him? He isn’t what you might call a super fan of the whole Sorcerer Emperor Gig Thingie SEGT™ He’d rather spend time thinking deep thoughts and reading and meditating and all that kind of silly stuff than engaging in the same delightful activities as his lovely subjects You know wonderful hobbies such as rape cannibalism à la carte tender torture “playing” with slaves no board games involved and basically anything that involves being good to thy neighbour What a sweet pleasant bunch these Melniboneans “Doctor Jest returned to his charges and reaching out with his free hand expertly seized the genitals of one of the male prisoners The scalpel flashed There was a groan Doctor Jest tossed something onto the fire” Ah good old Doctor Jest The most charming of them all assuredly I’m this close to giving Doctor Prawn the boot and kidnapping temporarily borrowing Jest the Hilariously Named to replace him and stuff But I digress So Elric being the scholarly bore that he is doesn’t really approve of his peons’ slightly violent unethical way of life And his peons being the moderately unbalanced homicidal cliue that they are aren’t huge fans of their not so beloved Emperor’s despicably principled philosophizing ways And that’s where Prince Yyrkoon comes in He is Elric’s cousin and next in the line of succession you see And worries a whole lot about his beloved relative’s well being Of course he does He’s a kind loving soul and completely devoid of personal ambition The last thing he wants is to kill Elric deadly dead andor take his place Obviously Such a comedian that YyrkoonWhat happens next? Well spoiler spoiler spoiler obviously And also Slightly Yummy Sea Battles™ arrr elemental gods you don’t want to make deals with oops too late severed heads yay Barbarians no Cimmerian Sweetie Pie in sight unfortunately the “munificence of fear” good jokes or bad jokes depending on one’s perspective supremely villainous comic book type worms villainous villains sorcerous stuff duh groaning mists a ship so bloody shrimping cool I’m putting it on my Nefarious Christmas Wishlist magic mirrors the Evil ueen should have trademarked them when she had the chance methinks thwarted plans aka fun times a couple of stubborn sentient swords sweet sardonic voices ♫music to my ears♫ baby sacrifices finally someone who understands me Pulsing Caverns which apparently remind some um eccentric people I shall not name waves at Elena of a um certain female body part bestial if a little coarse and stupid demons Pig and Snake and Thing oh my and last but certainly not least eye less vomit adorned brain bashed self mutilated corpses YUM➽ Nefarious Last Words NLW™ the crustaceans and my little self find it stupendously hilarious that Moorcock intended for Elric’s adventures to be the antithesis of my Barbarian Paramour’s because some of the stuff in this book is just as lusciously clichéd as Robert E Howard’s most OTT stories Which is pretty fishing awesome if you ask me· Book 1 Elric of Melniboné ★★★★★· Book 2 The Fortress of the Pearl ★★★★★· Book 3 The Sailor on the Seas of Fate ★★★★★· Book 4 The Weird of the White Wolf ★★★· Book 5 The Vanishing Tower aka “The Sleeping Sorceress” to be read· Book 6 The Revenge of the Black Rose to be read· Book 7 The Bane of the Black Sword to be read· Book 8 Stormbringer to be read· Book 9 Elric at the End of Time to be read· Book 10 Daughter of Dreams to be read· Book 11 Destiny’s Brother to be read· Book 12 Son of the Wolf to be readFollowing the Tor reading orderPre review nonsenseAn albino MC with flesh the color of a bleached skull and slanting crimson eyes? YummyBy the way young Elric do you not happen to have a third cousin thrice removed called Geralt of R? He was one of my High Security Harem slaves boarders for a while we kinda sorta had a very minor falling out and I kinda sorta banned him for a somewhat permanent while and you remind me slightly very much of him and stuff so I thought you might be related and stuff➽ Full There Ain’t Naught Like Classic Sword Sorcery Tales Methinks Crappy Non Review TANLCSSTMCNR™ to come It pleases me to return after many years to the saga of Elric VIII Emperor of Melnibone the doomed albino with the icy demeanor and imperious nature whose constant companion is Stormbringer a bloodthirsty sword with a consciousness and will all its own Elric is the sickly descendant of a haughty alien race a long line of amoral conuerors and wielders of magic Many of his nobles—including his cousin the accomplished magician Yrkoon—do not think the young emperor is fit for his high task He is soon challenged by a pirate fleet from The Young Kingdoms and the threats that that arise from this challenge soon endanger not only the princess Cymoril but the throne of the Dragon Isle itselfThis is an excellent beginning to a first rate series a series which showed me fantasy could offer alien and uncomfortable beauties hard pleasures far removed from the comforts of Professor Tolkien’s snug shire This is some epic awesomenessI'm an absolute sucker for the grand sweeping personal uests to gain and yet magical power in the service of rescuing your one true love casting aside morals the greater good your own health and possibly your own sanity This tale holds up perfectly after all this time All the best aspects of modern fantasy are encapsulated and written with such spartan clarity and diamond sharpness within Moorcock's classic I only needed this one taste and I'm now a lifelong fan It's that easy This is easily one of the classics of all Sword and Sorcery and I knew that people swore by it before I read it but I was hesitant Why? Hell if I know It was such a brilliant fantastic imaginative world but even better than that were the characters Elric of course is the ultimate Nietzsche Super Man fully beyond good and evil but he like all super villains considers himself the ultimate hero of his story and I have to agree with him I love the storyIt's really cool that I've finally read something after all this time that evokes the same feeling as I get from the classic Star Wars films When they faced each other with the two uber powerful runic swords I got chills Seriously I usually don't get suckered in this easy I've read a LOT of fantasy and a LOT of really great fantasy but this one was so diamond hard that it left me speechless I was even impressed by the author's command of sheer storytelling The whole thing actually evoked awe and wonder Each new mastery of magic came at a cost and there was so much magic Like the Ouroboros Elric kept feeding on himself to gain and power and the cycle repeated and repeated with future sacrifice for power now Is it the ultimate faustian tale? I don't know yet but I'll be reading As it is here we've got a meteoric rise from the simple mastery of the kingdom of Melniboné to the mastery of chaos magic the elementals and the godlike black sword Do you want a character so awfully OP that nothing absolutely nothing can stand in his way? Hell yeah I'm a gamer Do you want to have a story that manages to take him and never make him boring? Hell yeah Here you goI'm seriously ashamed that I never got into this earlier I knew it was out there I know the author is recognized as one of the greats of fantasy And now I know why and I'm hooked This is the tale of Elric before he was called Woman slayer before the final collapse of Melnibone This is the tale of his rivalry with his cousin Yirkoon and his love for his cousin Cymoril before that rivalry and that love brought Imrryr the Dreaming City crashing in flames raped by the reavers from the Young Kingdoms This is the tale of the two black swords Stormbringer and Mournblade and how they were discovered and what part they played in the destiny of Elric and Melnibone a destiny which was to shape a larger destiny that of the world itself This is the tale of when Elric was a king the commander of dragons fleets and all the folk of that half human race which had ruled the world for ten thousand yearsThis is a tale of tragedy this tale of Melnibone the Dragon Isle This is a tale of monstrous emotions and high ambitions This is a tale of sorceries and treacheries and worthy ideals of agonies and fearful pleasures of bitter love and sweet hatred This is the tale of Elric of Melnibone Much of it Elric himself was to remember only in his nightmares Elric should sit proudly in a fantasy Hall of Fame In terms of influence on the development of the genre Elric has few rivals Before the rise of the moody albino swordman sorcerer there was basically a choice between the brutality of Conan and the knightly scions of Tolkien In the footsteps of Moorcock I have noticed an increasing preference for anti heroes for nuanced characterization for 50 shades of grey He is reluctant to assume the power he inherited introspective and plagued by ethical doubts Even physically he is sickly needing daily potions to regenerate his strength Elric turns his weakness into an advantage by becoming bookish reading entire libraries on magic one reason to consider him atypical of the staple fantasy stable boy with a secret identity If the young emperor has found any advantage in his lifelong weakness it must be in that perforce he has read much One aspect in particular makes me count the Elric saga a watershed moment in fantasy a splitting of the mainstream in two directions for Tolkien and his imitators the gods or Fate rule the destiny of the mortals Elric rebels against prophecy and predestination and argues for the supremacy of free will and chance The lords of the Higher Worlds have ambitions in our world Though they have given me aid of late I fear them I should like to see if it is possible for men to rule their own affairs I should include in the list of anti heroes other sword sorcery founders like Fritz Leiber or Jack Vance but this would complicate my theoretical argument of the divided stream And I don't want to focus too much in my review on generalities because the appeal of the first Elric book is that in a couple of hundred pages he manages to build an epic scope to the story to infuse it with a sense of wonder and adventure to mix magic and gods with martial combat and human passion love greed doubt pride friendship hate The epic begins by introducing the reader to the young emperor of 'Imrryr the Beautiful the Dreaming City capital of the Dragon Isle of Melnibone' our future guide through the histories races and sights of a hundred worlds or It may not be apparent in this first novel but in the universe imagined by Moorcock time and space are flexible full of portals to parallel realities and alternative timelines Elric is like The Hero with a Thousand Faces an avatar a catalyst of change a mythical figure that breaks and reconfigures what is real He is also uniue and memorable in his physical appearance It is the colour of a bleached skull his flesh; and the long hair which flows below his shoulders is milk white From the tapering beautiful head stare two slanting eyes crimson and moody and from the loose sleeves of his yellow gown emerge two slender hands also the colour of bone resting on each arm of a seat which has been carved from a single massive ruby For a synopsis my opening uote from the fictional chronicles of his life should suffice It is also illustrative of the style of writing a touch too florid at times but clearly the work of a young writer enthusiastic about the genre I have read a few years ago a book that Moorcock cites as an important influence on Elric The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson There are indeed similarities in the language used and in the type of hero who refuses to accept predestination Moorcock I believe is better at capturing the sense of wonder and discovery as in the description of the 'Ship Which Sails Over Land and Sea' The ship was tall and slender and she was delicate Her rails masts and bulwarks were exuisitely carved and obviously not the work of a mortal craftsman Though built of wood the wood was not painted but naturally shone blue and black and green and a kind of deep smoky red and her rigging was the colour of sea weed and there were veins in the planks of her polished deck like the roots of trees and the sails of her three tapering masts were as fat and white and light as clouds on a fine summer day The ship was everything that was lovely in nature; few could look upon her and not feel delighted upon sighting a perfect view Another defining characteristic of the Elric saga is the downbeat tone the sense of an ending of an era the last dragons are sleeping the most beautiful city in the world will become a ruin young lovers are separated and tortured Elric himself is prone to depression and despair Rackhir laughed and slapped the albino upon his black armoured back You are a gloomy comrade friend Elric Are all your thoughts so hopeless?They tend in that direction I fear said Elric with a shadow of a smile Don't expect jolly hobbits and lovable scoundrels The Melniboneans are an old race and jaded to pleasure or ambition only half human closer to Tolkien's elves in their inception on their way out from the world scene Elric is the only one who shows signs of a conscience and of curiosity and these traits will make an outcast of him Other possible limitations of the series it is addressed mainly to fans of sword sorcery so it's appeal outside the genre is limited the secondary characters are under developed the style is not as polished and subtle as for example in the works of Jack Vance or Karl Edward Wagner There is a lot of promise and beautiful passages but this first novel is clearly an early effort it could benefit from a little humour and less sadness it might feel dated as a seventies story with some drug experimentation and symbolism along the lines of Enter the Shade Gate then you must seek the Tunnel under the Marsh which leads to the Pulsing Cavern In that chamber the runeswords are kept The sexual analogy of the womb and rebirth are clear enoughAll in all a masterpiece of fantasy but with limited interest for the general public I look forward to reading the rest of the Elric stories As a last teaser Moorcock has this to say about what lays in store for his albino wanderer Elric's destiny has been forged and fixed as surely as the hellswords were forged and fixed aeons before Was there ever a point where he might have turned off this road to despair damnation and destruction? Or has he been doomed since before his birth? Doomed through a thousand incarnations to know little else but sadness and struggle loneliness and remorse eternally the champion of some unknown cause? Signed edition is limited to 300 copies each signed by Michael Moorcock Piotr Jablonski and Holly BlackThis copy is numbered 40 of 300 producedBound in full black cloth stamped in three colorsColor illustrations hand tipped into the book with translucent overlaysIntroduction by Holly BlackOversize at 6½ × 9½ inchesHead and tail bands ribbon markerTop edge stainContents007 Introduction Holly Black011 Master of Chaos029 And So The Great Emperor Received His Education035 Elric of Melniboné It is the colour of a bleached skull his flesh; and the long hair which flows below his shoulders is milk whiteHere is a funny piece of random information my first introduction to the doomed albino and his demonic sword was not through literature but through music namely the songs “Black Blade” Blue Oyster Cult and “Song Of The Swords” Hawkwind As someone who has always enjoyed pulp fiction and old school fantasy I was very aware of Elric of Melniboné He is after all one of the iconic of the bunch so it is a mystery why I only got around to reading any Elric fiction until so late in the game But better late than never When Elric arrived back at his apartments it was to discover that Tanglebones had already laid out his heavy black wargear Here was the armour which had served a hundred Melnibonean emperors; an armour which was forged by sorcery to give it a strength uneualled on the Realm of Earth which could so rumour went even withstand the bite of the mythical runeblades Stormbringer and Mournblade which had been wielded by the wickedest of Melnibone's many wicked rulers before being seized by the Lords of the Higher Worlds and hidden forever in a realm where even those Lords might rarely ventureIt is easy to see that Elric has to some extent or other influenced many other fantasy characters Off the top of my head I’m thinking of Geralt of Rivia The Last Wish and Malus Darkblade The Daemon's Curse I’m specifically saying “to some extent” because neither of the latter are exact copies but there are definitely some overlapping traits that appear to be borrowed from Moorcock’s iconic anti heroBut back to the book at hand It was a fantastic read to be sure I’m not giving it five stars because the latter half of the novel had some elements that I found juuust a bit hokey No deal breaker but for example the meeting with the Earth King Grome wasn’t nearly as cool as the meeting with the Sea King Straasha earlier in the book and the battle with Pig Snake and Thing was just a bit of an acid trip More importantly though I wasn’t uite sold on the Mirror of Memory which is actually uite a huge plot device explaining how Elric hadn’t been able to locate Yyrkoon Anyway these are small gripes and I’m going into detail that is irrelevant to the review In the end it was still a fantastic read and I highly recommend it to anybody who hasn’t read Elric yet Especially if you enjoy the older stuff but with a bit of a dark bent I do think however that I should read the short stories next before moving on to the next novel; Elric seems like a character that would translate extremely well to the short form And in the centre of the cavern hanging in the air without any support at all were two swords Two identical swords huge and fine and black

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