For a Few Demons More

For a Few Demons More☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ For a Few Demons More By Kim Harrison ❤ – Despite dating one vampire and living with another Rachel Morgan has stayed ahead of trouble until now A serial killer stalks the Hollows claims victims across society and ignites a vicious Inderland Few Demons PDF ↠ Despite dating one vampire and living with another Rachel Morgan has stayed ahead of trouble until now A serial killer stalks the Hollows claims victims across society and ignites a vicious Inderland gang war Rachel hides an ancient artifact that could stop the killer or start a battle to the death among For a MOBI :¿ supernatural races of Cincinnati Every action has its price When the vampire master Piscary is set free and the demonic Algaliarept dares to walk openly under the sun even Rachel Morgan can't hide forever. I gave the book 35 score but rounded it to 3 stars I love giving 3 stars to books that I think deserve so yet I feel that I'm underestimating them 3 star books are mercurial in their very being I happen to think that the author is her own worst enemyWhenever a clash is about to occur or when there's tension and drama and pathos in the present reading of a particular chapter The author changes the scene and I am left with the feeling that nothing is resolved There is a large cast of characters in the book Some of them are drawn with hasty economic lines and I thought it was a shame that the author cannot do justice to all Finally I thought that the climax was fascinating but not epic There is a power struggle going on in the book and it will temporarily resolve itself after each book Then it's back to suare one I have a lot to say about this book but I must conclude that the flaws cannot be ignored Sometimes though you know it to be true nature will remind you of what a bitch it isLike for example if you come to Australia and manage to avoid the myriad of poisonous spiders snakes scorpions jelly fish stone fish and some frogs Then you manage to not get killed or viciously maimed by the crocodiles koalas cassowary dingos sharks sting rays and locals do you have any idea of how many tourists go missing and get murdered in Australia?Then you survive the outback with its intense heat freezing nights lack of water flash floods raging forest fires and travelling transvestites on a mystical journey of self discovery Or you make it to the ocean where you narrowly avoid our rips and hurricanes and over zealous childrenOnly to find yourself brushing up against the Gympie Gympie tree or its five closely related cousins and finding yourself in such intense pain that you understand why horses and dogs and men have been known to throw themselves off cliff edges to make it stop Then of course you survive that but find the tiny almost invisible barbs that pierced your skin weren’t properly removed and for pretty much the rest of your life you’re likely to be in pain any time that skin comes in contact with waterFuck you natureimage error Reviewed by Rabid Reads So I don't know if I'm using the ?# button correctly but in my head it's the WTF? Elephant Has been since I first laid eyes on it So if that's not what it's supposed to mean now you know what it means to meElephant as illustration for WTF? ?# WTF? WTF? suaredAnd that is what is going on here And it is fan friggin' tasticRight So Trent's getting married to Ellasbeth and he wants Rachel to work security for the weddingblinksI know what you're thinking You're thinking Why on earth would Trent want Rachel at his wedding?Well bc Lee RVSP ed as his best man and that's a problem bc Lee is Al's new familiar in the Ever After so how's he going to pull off being the best man in Trent's wedding?That is an excellent uestionIt's also a uestion that has Trent understandably nervous and as Rachel is the only person to ever hold her own against Al Trent wants her in place to handle whatever unknown yet inevitable shenanigans Al is planningRachel says Hell NO It's my birthdayTrent says 40kRachel says Well maybe but I better not have to wear an ugly dressBc Rachel isn't just going to be working security from the sidelines in a uen like capacity oh no she's doing it as one of Ellasbeth's BRIDESMAIDSgiggle snortsI hadn't really thought about it before but a fellow fan of The Hollows commented on one of my status updates on Goodreads that this book is a real turning point for the series On the one hand yeah obviously bc the Bad Thing happens in this bookBut there is a LOT going on than that Al is in trouble with the demons and he wants Rachel's help getting out of it Ceri and Trent finally meet Rachel upsets the balance of power between the heavy hitting Supes Skimmer does that other Big Thing And don't let ALL THE THINGS scare you bc unlike True Blood Season 4's hodgepodge of overwhelming randomness For a Few Demons More is wonderfully coherent and by far the best book in the series up to that point YEP This is where it starts getting REALLY goodMy other reviews for this series Dead Witch Walking The Hollows #1 The Good the Bad and the Undead The Hollows #2 Every Which Way But Dead The Hollows #3 A Fistful of Charms The Hollows #4 The Outlaw Demon Wails The Hollows #6 White Witch Black Curse The Hollows #7 Black Magic Sanction The Hollows #8 Pale Demon The Hollows #9 The Undead Pool The Hollows #12 Into the Woods Tales from the Hollows and Beyond Just too much RachelIvy drama for me I suffered through about 12 hours of that until the story got interesting And I'm not seeing any real character growth so I'm taking an extended maybe permanent break It was tiresome seeing Rachel make the same dumb mistakes over and over again through five books On a brighter note the narration is excellent “There were no choices no options no clever ways out of a tough situation And the rush I realized in a brutal wash of despair is a false god I’ve chased my entire life One that cost me everything in the blind search for sensation My entire existence amounted to nothing” I have no idea how I found the courage to read this book until it's very end This one was full of suspense and a constant stress and a feeling that someone wouldn't come out of this alive and for once I was right Someone did not get out alive Of course I have to praise other elements in this novel as well like the fact that by each book of this series I read I'm struck by how much character development there is In a way I'm reminded of those children books I've read where we grow up along with the characters This series is like that only it's not for kids it's for grown ups and it's targetting a mature audience I love how intertwined this is with real life elements but at the same time it's kept grounded to the paranormal Rachel has grown so much on me since the first book She's a great character and she's so caring There's no boundaries where her friends' lives are concerned No lengths she wouldn't go to for them in order to keep them alive and breathing Ivy is one of the most powerful vampires she's still a person though and she has feelings and she hurts and I'm sure by now that she is the most sensitive of our characters and I feel for her on so many levels She is my favorite and I don't even have to justify myselfThis book is the most personal one yet I mean that it's just that our characters are a family now It's like this tight family that deals with its problems as a team Did they have to get separated? Yes Did they have to work alone and make decisions alone? Yes But ultimately they'd all be affected the same if one of them diedShould I go back to the death comment? No I don't want to spoil you But the death shattered me I had grown to love this character I hope the next book is fun and less heartbreak even though I'm sure that whichever it is I'm going to love it just the same Sadness Great book but umph did it hit me right in the feels?? For A Few Demons More The Hollows #5 by Kim Harrison is the best book in the series so far I've said it before and I'll say it again Jenks is the real MVP It's so cool to see Harrison's alternate Cincinnati By the way the short story included at the end of the novel called The Bridges of Eden Park was particularly brutal to read because of how the novel ended How could Kim Harrison do that to us? I can't wait to continue this series The Outlaw Demon Wails here I come It was so darn good to get back into this world Even though I knew I loved this series it was a huge reminder just why I love itOnce again Rachel has gotten herself into a sticky situation One full of danger lies and oh yeah demons The stakes are getting higher and not everyone is going to come out of this one alive There were so many feels with this I don't even know where to begin So much was revealed and said and done I can't even begin to express how much I love this series It took me awhile to get into it in fact three whole books before I completely felt the love but once that love blossomed it really bloomed I've seen others say this book was a turning point to the series and I absolutely agree With all the things that happened it was impossible for anyone to come out of it the same To be unchanged in some way or another I don't want to spoil anything but I will say this these friends their bond and love for one another is what makes this series so fantastic I've always said that sometimes the best family are those we pick to be a part of instead of those we are sometimes born into and that is the case with Ivy Jenksand Rachel There are so many good characters in this great characters and of course even and some it's impossible not to hate with a fiery passion and I couldn't help but love Harrison for her ability to do that If you are hesitating to try this series don't It's fantastic and even though like me it might take you a bit to warm up to it take that chance anyways I don't think you'll regret it Currently working my way through the reuisite hundred or so pages of relationship angsting that has to happen before the plot starts That may sound tedious and frankly it is But it's Harrison's pattern and once the plot kicks into gear it's a fantastic ride You just have to slog through that introductory angst firstAnd now that I'm finished I'm not sure what I think The story itself was pretty darned exciting but I'm getting a little sick of Rachel and most of the people around her Her friends don't really seem to be her friends they seem to be Ivy's friends for all they worry about Ivy and how Ivy's going to react to this or that I understand that Ivy's supposedly been through some crap in the past but all her whining and moping while everyone else tiptoes around her has gotten really really old I may be done with this series Why?? Nobody warned me about Kisten This was a good edition to series but definitely left me sad

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