In the Eye of the Storm (Storm and Silence #2)

In the Eye of the Storm (Storm and Silence #2) ❰Download❯ ➸ In the Eye of the Storm (Storm and Silence #2) Author Robert Thier – Egypt land of romance, mystery, and exploding camels Lilly Linton thought she d be ready for anything after one month of working for her boss cold, calculating businessman Rikkard Ambrose But when the Egypt land of romance, mystery, and exploding Eye of Epub Ù camels Lilly Linton thought she d be ready for anything after one month of working for her boss cold, calculating businessman Rikkard Ambrose But when they embark on a perilous hunt through the desert, she has to face dangers beyond anything she has encountered before deadly storms, marauding bandits, and worst of all, a wedding ring Can the desert s heat truly be enough to melt the cold heart of Britain s richest financier With additional chapters from the perspective of Mr Rikkard Ambrose. ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.5 Stars Is Not Enough I don t know what my problem is lately, but I have been having a really hard time getting invested in the characters and stories in a lot of the romances I have read this year So I was super excited to have the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book from the author I loved the first story and could look at life through Lilly s eyes all day and do it with a smile on my face If possible, I loved this book even MORE than the first If I had to describe how I felt while reading Lilly s continued story, it would be BLISS After narrowly escaping a danger filled adventure with her boss , Mr Ambrose, Lilly does not get much of a chance to be too settled back into normal life before setting off to an even bigger adventure in Egypt I will try to keep my review somewhat vague so I don t give away any spoilers It really is best to go into the story not knowing what to expect.As usual, Lilly s feminist wants battled in her brain with the inherently feminine part Not one of the sailors on deck jumped forward to help me carry them one disadvantage of wearing trousers It s not a disadvantage You re a feminist You re supposed to love to carry your own luggage, and laugh haughtily at men who dare to offer to carry it for you All true But that didn t change the fact that those suitcases really were bloody heavy It was great seeing Lilly s feelings for Mr Ambrose grow in this story, despite how much she fought the feelings.I kept thinking I had Mr Ambrose figured out but it seems I was wrong With each of his opportunities to bring down Lilly s feminist defenses, I would point at the book and say Ah ha What a clever way to win over Lilly But as each situation played itself out, I came to realize that Mr Ambrose shared a very important characteristic with Lilly he both loathed her and couldn t keep away from her, all while being completely OBLIVIOUS to her feelings I ve never seen two comically clueless individuals.Bottom line, with Mr Ambrose, what you saw was what you got A contradictory pair an also perfect for one another couldn t be found Mr Ambrose cocked his head thoughtfully Well, I think our cover has been blown I snorted You don t say Humour was at the forefront of this story I couldn t wait to see what would come out of Lilly s mouth every time she spoke And once again, the characters in the book never had any idea what to do with what she said The ridiculousness of the situations were hilarious Captain Carter plays a bigger part in this book and I loved his interactions with Lilly Some of the situations he found her in, along with her crazy explanations were so funny I cleared my throat I think I might have lost my way a bit again Tell me, do you by any chance know how to get to my hotel from here When I got to the last paragraph of the last chapter, I sat and stewed on it for a bit I started out feeling a bit outraged and the quickly moved to smiling It truly was the perfect ending for these two characters I think anything else wouldn t have stayed true to the story. 4 Stars So after how the first book ended in a heart wrenching cliffhanger I pretty much thought life was over.But this book was great I really enjoyed reading about all of the characters and the hilarious adventures of Mr Ambrose and Lily Linton Their relationship with one another really progressed though neither of them would ever admit it and their banters never get old The authors writitng style was awesome, each chapter was a roller coaster ride The story begins with Mr Ambrose and how he decided to pull a Jon Snow on us readers view spoiler if you live under a rock and don t know this reference, I m saying that he came back from the dead. sort of hide spoiler A huge thank you to Sir Rob for giving me this opportunity I can t wait to read of this series Storm and Silence is an amazing novel that takes place in the 19th Century It follows the protagonist Lilly Linton, who believes that women should be treated as equals to men Since this takes place in the 19th century, women are treated differently, they weren t allowed to vote and were considered to be weak Living in London with her aunt and sisters, Lilly is forced to attend balls and dance with men Lilly is a girl who does not let anything stop her from getting what she wants So she decides to dress up like a man and get a job as a secretary by tricking a mysterious business man She successfully got the job but is forced to work in disguise, as a male, by her employer Mr Ambrose She was no longer working as Miss Linton but as Mr Linton Going through many adventures, Lilly will be forced to fight for what she believes in, while feeling confused about her feelings towards her mysterious employer In the Eye of the Storm takes place after Storm and Silence, which continues to follow Lilly Linton and her adventures as a secretary When she feels that she is ready to work, she is suddenly pulled all the way to Egypt, wearing beautiful dresses and catching deadly bandits Working with the richest business man may not be easy, but she is willing to prove herself worthy Filled with adventure, romance and suspense, this book will keep you reading until the very end The characters in this book are the same ones that I love Lilly is one of the characters I look up to When I read from her point of view, I understand that women were treated horribly during the 19th century and the years before then It made me feel thankful to live in the new generation where women have gained freedom I am a shy person when it comes to talking with others and I have a hard time speaking up But Lilly is one of those characters who speaks out for herself She was confused about her feelings in this book but it was understandable Lilly has gotten stronger in this book, she is a sassy girl who is hilarious and sarcastic I love her character so much Rikkard Ambrose is Lilly s employer He is a great character who is very mysterious and his cold eyes will make you shiver He is a really unique character, I haven t read about a person like him before The things he says makes me laugh, although he doesn t intend to make you laugh But he does not show any emotion, which makes me have a hard time getting to know him Karim is the best, he is one of the loyal characters that will be there the second you need him most Captain Carter is another amazing character who is a gentleman The character development from Storm and Silence to this book is great There are so many different signs that show that the characters have gotten stronger It feels like the characters are slowly warming up to each other and learning that it is okay to depend on each other and give each other comfort It is okay to call for help when it is needed The characters still have a hard time talking about their feelings or we never get to hear what they want to say because they are always interrupted The writing is great, I felt like the writing got even better than the last book There were so many scenes that made me laugh or gasp in shock There were swoon worthy moments and sad moments The action scenes were written so well, I could literally hear the gun shots in my room The writing was so well done that I could picture everything perfectly This book just had the perfect amount of everything It played with my emotions until the very end When I read a cute scene in this book One of the things that I really appreciate is the fact that Sir Rob Robert Thier has put a lot of research into these books While I was reading these books, I learned so much and I had a chance to pass on the new things that I learned to my friends and family It made me like history a lot and I got to learn while reading an awesome book Also, I appreciated the way he used the things he learned from different languages It was super cool to learn different words and learn about history It was a great experience and was another reason of why I loved this book I was smiling so much while I was reading The only thing that I wished for was for the book to be a little longer I wished that it had a little bit Another thing that I really wanted to see was the characters telling each other how they felt But it was a great book and I enjoyed it immensely One of the things I wished to see I highly recommend this book to anyone who has already read Storm and Silence If you haven t read that book yet, GO AND READ IT It is funny, action packed and unexpected romance Storm and Silence won the People s Choice Award in Watty s 2015 If you want to learn about Storm and Silence, my review link is right here When Storm and Silence ended with a cliffhanger I was in rage because it just can t simply end that way I was agonizingly waiting for the sequel and thankfully I was lucky enough to be given a digital copy of this historical romance by Robert Thier himself Thanks Sir Upon reading the first two chapters, I was like Oh hey there he is, the son of a bachelor actually survived the ship was it Titanic Oh goodness Why was I so anxious that he won t survive, he s Mr Ambrose for crying out loud And nope I thought he s chauvinistic ways would lessen but I m afraid it had gotten worse LOL He grabbed my chin, pulling me towards him In my dreams, he told me, his voice still as hard and cold as an iceberg, interesting things happen Things that involve the two of us Again in this book feminist Lily Linton and her misogynist employer Mr Rikkard Ambrose will embark on another journey and they are heading to Egypt on a mission to spy on bandits but this time she s not going to pretend that she s a man I was really giddy when I found out what it was and of course my romantic heart loved every minute of it I like Lily Linton snarky and jealous, but I m still bothered why Mr Ambrose can t stop being insensitive I hope that he could at least not think about the money he s wasting, because he s already filthy rich He can be charming but I wanted from him, I ve been dying to know his backstory.I still love the humor and their banters, what I don t like in this sequel is the lack of characterization I wanted some character development in this sequel because both are very stubborn about their feelings, they keep on denying their attraction I wanted some vulnerability, I thought I was going to see that in the desert, although it kinda feels like it but NOPE that s not what I saw I guess I m just waiting for Lily Linton to accept that relying on a man is not a form of weakness, and for Ambrose to realize that a woman can be his equal I wanted to see that here but unfortunately I didn t get it, I m hoping book 3 will give me that though.I still recommend this book because it s still just as fun and awesome as the first plus you ll get a bonus POV from Mr Ambrose himself Digital ARC provided by the author Robert Thier in exchange for an honest review. Keep calm It s all right Remember you re only pretending This is all part of your job Oh, right I had nearly forgotten that Mr Ambrose s mouth found the little hollow at the base of my throat, and he groaned as he reached it Blast Blast Blast What a great sequel Lillian Linton, our dear feminist is off to another adventure to Egypt with her boss Mr Rikkard Ambrose To catch the bandits who continuously harassing the men of Mr Ambrose This time Lily won t be pretending to be a man, no Mr Victor Linton, she s going to be a lady, but not just a lady but a wife to Mr Ambrose This, he said, taking me by the hand and planting a gentle kiss on my cheek, is Lillian, my lovely wife Of course, this won t go easy on Lily, pretending to be married is one thing, but pretending to be in love with each other is practically inconceivable The banter between Lily Rikkard about their situation is really hilarious and sometimes sweet If you re into fast paced historical adventure, look no further because this book delivers This book is well thought of and Author Robert Thier really knows how to keep you engrossed with the story Well done Sir Robert Note I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review Thank you Robert Thier 4.5 stars There are no words for how I feel right now None that I know Bloody hell.I closed my eyes, letting joy flood through me Those, I told him, those were exactly the right ones Mr Ambrose Lilly Linton After binge reading Storm and Silence within a day last year I knew I just had to get my hands on the next instalment of this series and I must say IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT The sequel definitely focused on Lilly and Mr Ambrose relationship, which I m not complaining about We were re introduced to a few characters that we met in the first book, the main one being Captain Carter When I was reading the chapters on Wattpad there was definitely mixed opinions about the possibility of a love triangle in the story However in my opinion I loved how Sir Rob subtly included it and the additional rival added the much needed kick to Mr Ambrose s backside to actually show signs of feelings towards his Lilly even if it was a snippet I really hope we get to see of his character in future books because if Lilly doesn t want him We also entered a new continent and Sir Rob did a fantastic job at incorporating the different cultures and history into the story I really enjoyed learning about these little pieces of information and applaud Sir Rob s skill in attention to detail.To be honest this book totally annihilated me in every possible way and I absolutely loved it, the only reason I couldn t bring myself to give it 5 stars was because of the abrupt ending I would love to see another book in the works because I still have so many questions left for the series and I would love to see some possessive jealous Ambrose when other characters view spoiler cough cough Carter hide spoiler Well that went downhillThe things I loved from book 1 disappeared What happened to our slow burn romance and the things I hated got way worse Dark and Brooding like closet sociopath no thanks Arggg This book is amazing Only a few chapters in currently, but Robert Thier s beautifully complicated characters and skillful writing continue to make an exciting, incredible story that I am always on the edge of my seat to read the Sequel to Storm and Silence, he does not disappoint The copy of this book was provided to be my the author in exchange for an honest review I think like this book I really really like it I ABSO FREAKIN LUTELY Loved it There I said it As soon as I got the copy of this book I went crazy and excited and I wouldn t stop until I finished and that took me around 6 hours Things I liked about this book 1 I love the chemistry between Mr Ambrose and Miss Linton They are both so stubborn and strong and love how that brings them closer I really do like strong Protagonists.2 I love the fact that each chapter has a title rather than a boring chapter 1 or chapter 2 I found it really unique and before starting each chapter I would ponder a bit on the chapter name.3 I totally love the writing style it s addictive like really really addictive Mr Robert Thier totally knows what he is writing about.4 Honestly while reading this series I came to know about a lot of things I didn t know about and I really like books which are fun to read but are also like enlightening to an extent Things that I think that would have made this book better 1 A bit of plot maybe, because I think there were a lot of fillers which were awesome but a weeny bit of the story wouldn t hurt.2 I hoped that I would probably know a bit of Mr Ambrose s background but alas No luck there as such He still remains a mystery.3 The ending was sort of abrupt, I mean I don t know what I am supposed to infer from that 4 I really loved the last 2 chapters in Mr Ambrose s point of view and I am looking forward to of his point of views but maybe there should have been an epilogue or something to make the ending smooth.On an average this book is pretty damn good and the above mentioned things would be the only reason why I would rate it a 4 stars as I totally loved it I am looking forward to the sequel as well as reading other books of the same author.