The Revenge of the Dragon Lady

The Revenge of the Dragon LadyCenourinha, O Aclamado Her I Que Matou O Terr Vel Drag O Gorzil, Fica Em P Nico Ao Saber Que Vulcana, A M E Deste, Jurou Vingar Se Do Assassino Do Filho Depois De Tentar, Sem Sucesso, Descobrir O Ponto Fraco Daquela M E Enraivecida, Cenourinha Recorre A Um Feiticeiro, Que Lhe Lan A Um Feiti O De Coragem E, Pelo Sim Pelo N O, Aplica Lhe Uma Dose Tripla Mas Ser Essa Dose Suficiente After hearing tales of brave heroes who fought dragons, Wiglaf decides that he wants to be a hero too He reads about the Dragon Slayers Academy and realizes that going there will ensure that he becomes a hero He gets permission to attend the academy from his parents, he is off on the adventure of his life After arriving at Dragon Slayers Academy he realizes that learning to slay dragons is not going to
Wiglaf felt he did pretty well to kill a dragon, avoid bloodshed, and survive in the first book But now he has to listen to his headmaster constantly complain that he didn t get any gold from Gorzil And now word is that Gorzil s mother Seetha, the dreaded Beast from the East, is out for revenge Wiglaf is doomed unless he can figure out Seetha s weakness.This is a quick and humorous read
Wiglaf is still a student at Dragon Slayers Academy When he finds out that there is a very angry mother dragon coming after him he starts to panic How can he protect himself How can he figure out the answer to the one clue he has about Seetha s one weakness Will magic help What can he do
Recommended for the illustrations So funny Love the lady dragons weakness Todella hauska kirja, nauroin koko ajan t t lukiessani Fun series but I think we re ready for something new. Idem del primero A lot of fun and a great series so far I love the humor and silly puns. This is the second book in the Dragon Slayers Academy series by Kate McMullan Our girls have been reading a few different dragon stories and so this series piqued their interest One of the series we ve been reading the Dragon Keepers series by Kate Klimo paints the dragon as the hero and the slayer in a bad light But this story gives us of a typical look at dragons and their slayers, although the story is riddled with tongue in cheek humor This series offers an interesting take on the dragon knight saga The story centers around a school where children are taught to become dragon slayers, primarily for the purpose of enriching the school s headmaster with the slain dragon s hoard So far he hasn t been the beneficiary of any dragon gold, but I get the feeling that with 19 books in the series, he will keep sending his boys out,