The Lawyer's Contract Marriage

The Lawyer's Contract Marriage[Read] ➺ The Lawyer's Contract Marriage ➶ Amanda Browning – Samantha Lombardi was in love withbarrister Ransom Shaw But forced to marryanother man she had to convince Ransomshe'd never loved himSix years later Sam is widowed and unexpectedlyreunited with Ranso Samantha Lombardi was in love withbarrister Ransom Shaw But forced to marryanother man she had to convince Ransomshe'd never loved himSix years The Lawyer's Epub / later Sam is widowed and unexpectedlyreunited with Ransom Now he believes her to bea selfish gold digger But the sexual pull betweenthem is still so strong Ransom proposes a redhot affair to get her out of his systemHowever Ransom's desire is not soeasily satisfied. First things first the title was totally off There was no marriage although that twist would have been welcomed Samantha the heroine was pushed to a place where she was forced to give up the love of her lifeRansom didn't particularly fancy the name to save her young brother The hero was justifiably hateful and inflicted pain with his viper tongue Despite is all Sam understood his anger and hatred bore the brunt but at the same time she wasn't a doormat The story was sweet and had potential I love angst in a story so this subtle for me 1 Misleading title2 Would've loved of their interactions in front of folks the Alex scenes were cute3 I didn't buy her relationship with her husband AT ALL4 Ransom is such a HP hero name 35 I kept waiting for his bomb to drop that he knew she loved him and he was trying to get revenge by making her fall in love with him à la The Asking Price For all the proclamations of how much h loves H she never discloses it to her parents whom she loves so much She is so ready without them even asking her that she marry a guy who is older than her father She keeps claiming that her marriage to the older guy was a good one Ergo she never did love the H as much for all her declaration I really wish h never gets her HEA OK fast moving no depth This book wasnt really much of anything I found that I didnt really care about the characters the heroine I think is an idiot and I had a sort of likehate relationship with her Literally this book wasnt much of anything you go from a period of a couple of days at the start of the book to six years later one would think she would resent her hubby or something but no they are off having a grand old time trying for babies and what have you then we have two occasions that the Hh meet We werent told anything else about the heroine's family I just didnt really like her for most of the book She was very cruel to the H and I totally forgive him for his initial meanness Like I said I just didnt care for them and wouldnt have read it if I hadnt have accidentally one clicked it Totally misleading title The beginning starts out as too good to be true and boy it really turned out to be that Took a straight swoop to tragedy Fast forward to six years Ransome is now rich and successful Samantha is newly widowed And voila instant electric reconnection He's angry hurting and understandably hurtful and verbally tears pieces off her hide She's the poor little victim all ready to lie down and let Ransome stomp all over her Takes a while for the lawyer in him to connect all the dots Overall the book was a bit disappointing but made a decent read Might not read this book again later on misleading title she made no contract marriage with ransom who was actually the lawyer lol the arranged marriage was with another man and ransom was by no means an ass as is the case with other heroes who get rejected by heroines in harleuins they usually behave awefully and have revenge in mind but that was not the case with ransom and he did realise by himself that there must have been something wrong for sam to behave like a bitch 6 years ago neway it was a very good read but nothing special there it did by no way miss a 5 star A woman is forced to marry a wealthy Italian to save her brother from jail causing her to dump the lawyer she really loves Years later when she is a wealthy widow they meet again Can they overcome their past? This was well done but it wasn't the lawyer who had the contract marriage so that's confusion in titling there

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  • The Lawyer's Contract Marriage
  • Amanda Browning
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  • 06 February 2015
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