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Highland Deception➸ [Reading] ➺ Highland Deception By Lori Ann Bailey ➭ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Scotland 1642 Maggie and Lachlan must fight their growing attraction battling suspicion and intrigue as religious and political turmoil threaten to tear their clans apart He has sworn he will never ma Scotland Maggie and Lachlan must fight their growing attraction battling suspicion and intrigue as religious and political turmoil threaten to tear their clans apart He has sworn he will never marryLachlan Cameron is honor bound to see a wounded lass to safety although he has well learned women are deceivers and this lovely maid harbors a wealth of secrets But Maggie's free spirit and charms enthrall him while he works to discover if she is innocentor a spy scheming with his enemies to destroy his clan She has sworn she will never fall in loveMaggie Murray fled her home to avoid a political marriage to an abusive man Salvation comes when the Cameron laird unaware of her identity protects her as she escapes His kindness slowly warms her and she’s tempted to confess her real name But his strong sense of honor would force him to return her to her fatherand torment at the hands of her scorned betrothed. It has been a long time since I have read a great Highlander historical romance Highland Deception was an absolute treat This is Ms Bailey's debut novel and I can't wait to read her next release I loved her writing style and enjoyed it was told with a dual POVLachlan and Maggie were so endearing and I really cared about their budding relationship The storyline drew me right in and held my attention all the way throughMaggie Murray dressed in men's clothing is on the run Running from her father who insists she marries Conall a cruel and evil man While trying to reach the safety of a church she witnesses a sword fight between two enemy clans While the battle is raging she sees a man flailing about on the ground and bleeding from the abdomen She rushes out of hiding with her medicine bag in hand hoping all the skills her mother and grandmother taught her will be enough to save the man After stitching the wound closed she uses her dagger to slice off the sutures Suddenly a large man is rushing towards her with intentions to harmLachlan Cameron laird of the clan is traveling back to Kentillie Castle with his companions when they are attacked by henchmen After the sword fight ends Lachlan searches for his younger brother and sees him lying on the ground and another man leaning over him with a dagger in hand Lachlan grabs him by the neck and proceeds to choke the life out of him He is totally surprised by the fact the man is actually a beautiful young woman who was trying to save his brother's life He feels terrible he hurt her and agrees to get her to safetyWhat an unexpected way to meet the most stunningly handsome man Maggie has ever seen Staring into his eyes and he has his huge hands around her neck cutting off her air supply It doesn't take long in his grand presence for Lachlan to stir things within Maggie's body she has never felt before She fancies what it would be like to lie with Lachlan before she devotes her life to a convent where she hopes she will be safe from the brutal Conall Although the achingly gorgeous Maggie totally sets his body ablaze Lachlan fights the temptation to get involved with her Once bitten twice shy thank you very much Never again would he let a woman humiliate him He refuses to entertain the idea of marriage Ah but if any woman could get him to change his mind about marriage it would be the delectable Maggie This was a delightful entertaining read which I found hard to put down It's an interesting read I loved the story and the characters Set in Highlands the story revolves around Maggie who runs away from home so that she can avoid a disastrous marriage But on her way to the convent to safety she found trouble Lachlan has a mission He must protect a boy and expose a traitor Trust is a luxury he cannot afford So when Maggie turn up right after they had an encounter with his enemies he decides to keep her close She might very well be a spy after allBut that's not the real reason Try as he might he simply can't ignore the attraction he feels to her He will wait until he can trust her then he will make her his Maggie on the other hand want nothing than to get as far away from home as possible And if she can tag along with Lachlan then so be it This way she will be safe from any harm Because she knows in her heart that he will never hurt herUnfortunately what she didn't expect is falling for him Now she has a problem If he ever finds out her true identity he will definitely send her home Therefore she must leave without anyone being the wiser It will not be an easy thing to do thoughAbsolutely amazing I loved this book and I think it's a real treat for historical romance lovers ; Book Highland Deception by Lori Ann BaileyReviewed by Barb Massabrook Heat Rating Smokin HotOverall Rating 55 starRelease Date 8222016Background with historical detailSetting in 1642 Scotland was on the cusp of Another religious civil war or a third Bishops wars as it was called As the Covenanters who were committing atrocious crimes against innocent Catholics as they feel everyone should be worshipping the Protestant faith Conal Erskine Maggie Murray's betrothed was one of those people He was murdering innocents for no reason but they were devoted Catholics a different faith He truly was a sado masochist who enjoyed others pain and suffering promising his bride to be that was her future He was a brutal demon indeed Scotland 1642Maggie swears she will never fall in love Especially not like her deceased mother did After all men only wanted one thing from women and then you are set aside Don't they?Lowlander Margaret Murray is on the run after being betrothed to an abusive evil brute She has stalled for over a year but her time has run out No matter how much she pleads her case of how awful her betrothed is It's a political match as her father is the Duke of Kirk is forcing her to marry Conall Erskine He will not listen nor will her as her betrothed and his family have a lot of political power and influence Even Maggie's brothers won't defend her go against their father's wishes Telling her she just must get used to his rough ways and love will come later Like hell it will Especially not after the he terrorized and used brute force against her best friend Yet no one was aware of this due to fatal threats he made against her friend He is so horrid and evil she doesn't dare doubt the threats he makes So after that she closes herself off from people fearing he would hurt someone else she cares for This basically forces her to become a loners in seclusion Yet deep inside wishes for family and friends that love and care for her Even her dreams of children will never come to be Better safe then sorry for herself and others connected to her Her own mother ignored her why she basically ran wild and did as she pleased Plus with an absent father never around who was unfaithful with many lovers It is no wonder Maggie has no taste for men and wants to be a Bride of Christ Yet what she wants most is freedom and for someone to love herIt a frustrating no win situation for Maggie So she decides she has no choice but become a Bride of Christ and hide behind the walls of the convent Well it's better then being beaten to submission Alhough it saddens her too as Maggie secretly dreamed of marrying for love and having a family Now it wasn't even a possibility So she steals a horse in boys clothes with her healing supplies as she is also a healer As many of the women in her family before her were healers as well Maggie takes off and this is when she starts her journey for the nunnery heading north Though she wants to taste true freedom and a bit of fun first Lachlan swears he will never marry again after his former betrothed plots against him and his clan in the worst possible way He no longer trusts women thinks they are all liars and deceivers but does still want them in his bed Yet only in a physical way once his needs are met to be set asideHighlander Royalist Laird Lachlan Cameron holds proof against the murderer Conal Erskine Whom is an Argyll and Covenanters supporter and Lachlan has proof of an asasination plot plus he is protecting a young witness who saw him murder a Catholic priest While in a skirmish with Conal's men Lachlan mistakenly assumes Maggie was a plad He nearly kills her as he thought shewas attempting to murder his brother Malcolm While in fact she had just stitched up a severe wound probably just saved his brothers life When honorable Lachlan realizes his mistake finding her a lass he feels guilty as he would never raise a hand to a lass He then brings the broken woman with him home to the highlands After Lachlan is able to uestion her he immediately mistrusts her knowing she lies thinking she another faithless woman and having secrets He suspects she as a spy when she wont answer his uestions wont reveal who she is Maggie knows if he knew whe a Dukes daughter he would just return her to her family Then she would be forced to marry that monster who she fears will eventually kill her Maggie had never seen such a beautiful man in her life This golden haired man with a warrior's body and protective heart Of course Lachlan has secrets of his own Lachlan fears she may be a spy and a threat but once she's cleaned up is the most beautiful woman in Scotland He puts his clan and family before anything He will never let another woman into his heart nor put him or his people in danger ever again On their journey to his home to the Highlands the attraction only grows stronger Once he has her at his castle he sees her intelligence caring for others realizing he wants her but still won't touch her until he knows who she is He feels stirring of jealousy from the heady looks she gets from other men in his clan The attraction only grows stronger but both have so much mistrust in others and feel they sting of betrayal when bitter misunderstandings seem to surround them Maggie determined to feel true freedom to have a little fun before entering the convent but it gets harder and harder to leave as his clan gives her the family and friendship she has always yearned Plus for the first time she feels safe and secure She knows the braw man will have his fun and eventually set her aside As that is the way of these deceitful men but as she he Plus Maggie knows he needs a political match and believes he thinks her a commonerThen she starts wondering why not have a first and last fling before she enters the convent Well as long as her heart is not involved Yet she soon starts to learns about this good kind untrusting handsome golden haired Laird with a body of a God Maggie then realizes her heart is in jeopardy Not realizing that she might be putting his clan in the midst of a civil war and betraying the man she has begun to care for in the worst way Will the final result be the worst form of betrayal? Or will these two mistrusting souls finally open their hearts and begin to trust again? Will Lachlan set Maggie aside if he ever gets her in his bed? Will free spirit Maggie become a bride of Christ and live a dull restricted life behind the high walls of a nunnery for the rest of her life? Has Maggie cost his clan a civil war not revealing her secrets and who she really is ? Will Lachlan fall to pieces if another woman betrays him? Will these two truly ever open their hearts and let the love in? You will have to read and find out the answers from this magnificent book Must read this heart string puller with characters that glide off the pages right into the reader's heart Even the secondary characters are extraordinary Hope there is future books fo shy Fergus Lachlan's brother Malcolm the handsome flirtatious cousin Brodie or the best friend Alan who is direct open and honestWow Wow Wow this is new talented author “Lori Ann Bailey” debut book “Highland Deception”book one in her new Highland Pride Series I was totally delighted by this exceptional book and totally swept away Having all the elements historical romance readers are looking for It has a potent mixture of true factual Scottish history with an exhilarating fictional Scottish romance As its is set on the aftermath of the first and second Bishops wars 1639 1640 and on the cusp of the third As it was a horrid time of deadly treacherous political and religious plots schemes murder assassination attempts and Plus her fictional story is beautifully and superbly written as she writes like a pro she has been writing novels for years Beautiful Scottish setting amazing dialogue powerful plots within plots There is so many weaving twists and turns that the reader heads will spin when you think you know everything and boom another surprise Bravo Ms Bailey is it is obvious you picked a craft you were born to do So thrilled you decided to go on this marvelous journey as a writer and picking my favorite genre Scottish historical romance I can't wait to read the next book in your a Highland Pride series Definitely readers this is a new author you don't want to miss I highly recommend Highland Deception by Lori Ann BaileyI received this arc from the publisher in an exchange for an honest review through netgalleycom Highland Deception Highland Pride Book 1 by Lori Ann Bailey WOW What a captivating and seductive Scottish Romance set in 1642 Scotland Hard to believe Ms Bailey is a debut authorThis is the story of Lachlan Cameron Laird of Cameron and Maggie Murray betrothed to a brutal abusive man The only thing left for her is to run for her life and enter a convent for protection But she runs right into the path of Lachlan and his men Swore to protect her but afraid of her deception for he knows she is not telling him everything Is she a spy for his enemies? Battling a fierce attraction suspicion at every turn and political and religious intrigue as well as turmoil that could threaten to tear two clans apart Can Lachlan and Maggie find love amist intrigue and doubt? Steeped in deceit treachery betrayal treason and the brutal reality of warfare and a dangerous deception Will Lachlan and Maggie learn to trust heal and find their HEA? Or lose everything to betrayal and deceit?Well written with well developed captivating and seductive characters The storyline is uniue intriguing powerful and compelling An emotionally charged Scottish Romance that will pull any Scottish lover into the story and hold them in rapture Highly recommended Fans of Scottish Romance Highlanders intrigue treachery treason and so much really should pick up Highland Deception for their reading pleasure Impressive and treacherous I look forward to the next installment Received for an honest review from Net Galley However all opinions and thoughts are my own Rating 45Heat rating Mild Some degree of hotnessReviewed by AprilR I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This was a good story I enjoyed it a great deal Maggie is looking for her freedom and runs away from home to avoid being married to a horrible guy Lachlan is a man trying to save his clan and protect his allies The romance between the two characters was really fun to read about it I will definitely be looking for from this author This book was great Hard to believe that this is her first book I loved all the characters and can't wait to read Alan's story She writes a beautiful story and she does an excellent job describing Scottland I loved it I received a free ARC in exchange for an honest opinionLachlan has sworn to never marry after the woman he was betrothed to since they were kids betrays him Maggie has run away from home as her father planned to marry her off to a sadistic abusive manMaggie is on the run dressed as a boy Her plans are to get away and go to a Convent for the rest of her life Lachlan and his men are trying to get home and meet with other clan chiefs as they have a letter that is proof of treachery in a very tense political and religious timeMaggie has stopped to water her horse and rest She hears horses and hides and then hears coming from the other side Lachlan's group has met up and is skirmishing with others The others soon leave as they know they are beat Malcolm his younger brother is hurt and Maggie rushes out to help him without any thought of danger to herself She is a healer and she must help himWhen Lachlan sees this he thinks his brother is being harmed and grabs Maggie or the lad he thinks she is slamming her back and knocking her outAs they travel Maggie keeps mainly to herself but one day she goes to wash and Lachlan follows her and discovers her secret This is no ladIt doesn't take long before the others know also but what bothers Lachlan is that she won't tell him who she is where she is from He knows she is running but has no idea why Since he already has an issue with trusting women this doesn't helpThere is an attraction growing between them He finds himself protective of her as much as distrustful Her distrust is that he will send her homeWill they both survive to enjoy the love they feel?Maggie wants nothing than to live a normal life and be a healer To her father she was a pawn for political gain Her mother only cared about getting love from a husband that was incapable of loving a womanLachlan tries to find every reason not to care about her but nothing will free them until the threat that waits for them both show their faceI enjoyed this book Lachlan was a good man he cared about his people and their welfare he felt so betrayed by his ex betrothed that trust was impossible Maggie saw that he was caring of others but felt she couldn't trust him He knew she would never make it at a convent These two butted heads from the beginningnice read So disappointed this is a debut novel—I wish there were I was in the mood to escape and that is exactly what I did in this romance set in the historical Scottish Highlands Maggie is running from a brutal life she sees no other escape from Her plan may not have been well thought out—with her bag of healing balms and a stolen horse her only possessions—but luck is with her when she finds Lachlan“She’d probably found the only man in all of Scotland who could find his way into her soul”I really did get lost in this sweet suspenseful tale Maggie and Lachlan plus his family and clan were all characters that were immediately likable and endearing I loved Maggie from the start as her character was in no way a ‘poor little rich girl’ She was bold and practical not afraid to get down in the mud or go toe to toe with the alpha clan leader She had little reason to trust but Lachlan cornered the market on distrust and suspicion His clan’s safety was his highest priority but he couldn’t resist Maggie even if he wanted to He was a warrior despite his warming feelings for her and it was not hard to picture him in the thick of battle with a kilt and clay Actually it was uite pleasant to think of thatSurrounded by political intrigue and danger from a few different corners how this duo managed to connect despite the secrets they both kept was a testament to true love The language may not have always felt like I was still in 1600’s Scotland—did they speak of sheet action as a ‘transcendent experience’ normally?—but that didn’t keep me from wanting to believe this world existed With characters I adored along with suspense chivalry and love why would I want to leave? Diane 45 stars I enjoyed Lori Ann Bailey's Highland Deception it was a well written passionate historical romance Maggie wants to escape a betrothal to a cruel man and decides the only way to accomplish that is to run away Lachlan previously had his heart broken by a beautiful woman they were engaged and he found out she was plotting his death behind his backMaggie dresses as a boy and leaves her father's keep When she stumble upon a battle and sees a man hurt she doesn't hesitate she grabs her healing bag and begins to heal his almost life threatening wound Lachlan doesn't trust this lovely woman dressed as a boy He knows he wants her but he doesn't trust her at allMaggie doesn't trust men either she just wants away from her brutal fiancé and then she will close herself in a convent and take vows Lachlan takes her with him on their journey He is determined to find out who she is and find out of it he can trust herMaggie and Lachlan slowly fall for each other Of course there is an instant attraction but they take their time with each other This is a sweet story between Maggie and Lachlan There were a couple of times I wished they would talk to each other and there were only a few silly misunderstandings Maggie had a knack for putting herself into danger and Lachlan had a knack for rescuing her Good read I recommend itI received a complimentary copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review DescriptionScotland August 1642Maggie and Lachlan must fight their growing attraction battling suspicion and intrigue as religious and political turmoil threaten to tear their clans apartHe has sworn he will never marryLachlan Cameron is honor bound to see a wounded lass to safety although he has well learned women are deceivers and this lovely maid harbors a wealth of secrets But Maggie's free spirit and charms enthrall him while he works to discover if she is innocentor a spy scheming with his enemies to destroy his clanShe has sworn she will never fall in loveMaggie Murray fled her home to avoid a political marriage to an abusive man Salvation comes when the Cameron laird unaware of her identity protects her as she escapes His kindness slowly warms her and she’s tempted to confess her real name But his strong sense of honor would force him to return her to her fatherand torment at the hands of her scorned betrothedMy ThoughtsThis is a well written and well thought out debut novel I loved the characters and the story I had to make certain that this was a debut effort as I was amazed at the uality of the story as a wholeThis is an amazing debut novel that I would give a 475 star ratingI anxiously await from this authorI received a digital ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

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