Penumbra➚ Penumbra free download ➟ Author Bhaskar Chattopadhyay – In the middle of one of the worst storms to hit the city a mysterious letter arrives for Prakash Ray an out of luck journalist inviting him to a uaint suburban bungalow to celebrate the 60th birthday In the middle of one of the worst storms to hit the city a mysterious letter arrives for Prakash Ray an out of luck journalist inviting him to a uaint suburban bungalow to celebrate the th birthday of an uncle he has never heard of As Prakash reaches the venue he is introduced to a motley group of people all gathered there for the old man’s big day his son his reticent brother a dignified middle aged lady who once owned the bungalow a listless lawyer who manages his legal affairs a mild mannered young man who works as his secretary his beautiful young biographer and his mysterious friend who has never lost a game of chess to him As the storm lashes on through the night one of the people in the bungalow is murdered In a game of cat and mouse that follows Prakash soon finds out that under the surface of apparent warmth and friendliness nothing is as it seems and that the bungalow holds one shocking secret after another In a bid to save his own life Prakash hunts for the truth which lies in a mysterious Penumbra of shadows and lights covered in a sheath of deceit and guile only to realize that the worst is yet to come. Giveaway win hosted by Fingerprint PublicationsThe cover looks simply FAB Well here goes the much awaited review of this absolute ripper of a bookAll the ingredients are in place with a scrupulous description of the protagonist the events that have unthreaded in his life and how they continue to devour on his thoughtsWithout much ado the story breaks into the mysterious long lost acuaintance who sends him a letter with an attached invitation for a party at some remote location Crazy as it might sound that is extremely appealing for the reader We want the protagonist to take the risk to give us a plot to cherish albeit on his life's costThe story introduces a blend of puzzling peculiar uncanny and normal characters all gathered under one roof There is a slight creepiness in the regal home with the personalities thrown together to interactThere are Mr Rajendra and his wife He is a retired man of art and much respected The personality commands respect from the get go Then there is his disgruntled son an enthusiastic girl who wants to be a biographer of Mr Rajendra who is rud to be also dating the renowned double aged than her artist and is whispered to be a gold digger There is a doctor in the mix a woman of uestionable family past and also Janardan a long trusted friend of the hostThe tragedy strikes and strikes in style The dual murder in the house opens up the Pandora's box of chaos and while the police is still making its way to the remote location the inmates take the onus of finding the culprit in their own handsOverall the flow of the story is marvellous and makes up for an exciting read I have had a lot of such thrillers and after one time they all seem the same There's a murderer and the least described and criminally oriented turns out to be a killerThe Penumbra evades that cliche attributed to some deft and over seat's edge engaging writing Someone rightly reviewed this as Set aside 3 hours for this one because it is unputdownableTruer words have never been spoken | 5 Stars Prakash Ray arrives at a suburban bungalow to attend the 60th birthday party of an uncle he has not heard about before It was a stormy night and the gathering consisted of an assorted group of people Mr Rajendra Mukherjee a retired artist and author and his wife Anita are the host of the party Also gathered are Rajendra’s son his brother his secretary his biographer and his friend As the party progresses the stormy situation cuts off all connection to the outside world and two murders take place The gathered people are then stuck with each other in the house with suspicions floating around regarding everybodyThe blurb of the book really attracted me and it kind of reminded me of an Agatha Christie story So I started with the book as soon as I could The author has done a great job with the setting of the story Everything seemed to kind of come alive through the pages The varied characters add to the story in a way that makes it interesting There’s the element of ‘Whodunnit’ and it impossible not to play the guessing game while reading the book The clues and twists are spread through the book keeping the pages turning As a result I finished reading this book in one sitting The only drawback of the book is that the setting is not very new I have read uite a few books with similar backdrops and as such it gave me a sense of deja vu once or twice and kept comparing it to the other booksOverall it was uite an enjoyable read If you love mysteryThrillers do give this one a try A typical English country house mystery with an old eccentric rich man some relatives a secretary a lawyer and a young love interest and murders And ofcourse the detective openly modelled on Poirot and his sidekick on Hastings Only that Maity the author’s Poirot was less arrogant and likeableThis is a good first attempt and while the ending is not satisfying and the pacing was slightly uneven I will be picking up atleast one by the author Especially since I loved “Patang” by him earlier A very interesting novella about twin murders in a house The writing style is good but the description of nature is very endearing The scene where prakash ray walks in search for bungalow is very well written I bit much turns and twists though pretty linear story line Read the full review at link Musings Over NothingThe writing is straightforward and direct as suited to the genre The editing was crisp The plot is relatively tight though I had a few reservations and the end connects well without leaving any loopholes The protagonist Prakash is a simpleton who plays Watson to the characters who want to play Sherlock mind you there are two whose naivety seem to be a little too simple for my likingThe subplot about Prakash and Suhashini is an interesting addition to the story about but makes us understand why Prakash had to take the trip There are several cliches and I was able to guess the culprit before the cat was out of the bag though the reason was not clear until the end The timeline of the story did not bode with me well maybe it was just meThe primary feature for a whodunit to win the hearts of the readers is getting them involved in the plot and when the mystery unravels it should be an 'I should have seen it' moment Most of us who grew up reading Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes or even watching in case of the latter might relate to what I am saying about being involved in the story and only for that reason 'And then there were none' or 'A Scandal in Bohemia' stays the top favorite among hundreds of detective short stories for many readers So how did 'Penumbra' fare in this aspect? I would say it did this in part except for the key clue which was not available for the reader to help solve the puzzleGrowing up we would all have played the classic detective board game 'Clues' The game consists of six suspects six weapons nine rooms and a murder the players take turns to guess the murderer who is randomly selected among the players by a pick of cards This book is similar to the game and has similar characters It follows the classic whodunit styleIf you were looking for an Indian version Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie or our very own Byomkesh you might pick this book Intelligence of Sherlock Holmes and deliberation of Byomkesh Bakshi come together in one character of Penumbra Many a murder mysteries start on a high note but lose rhythm as they progress Either the story becomes too predictable or has so many twists that one loses track of original plot But not Penumbra Bhaskar Chattopadhyay clearly knows how to balance After reading Patang read the review here I was impatiently waiting for his next book While Patang’s protagonist was professional and experienced the character in Penumbra derives his acumen from chess Superb story absolutely flawless and gripping writing style and unpredictable climax is what takes Penumbra beyond awesome by many leaps and bounds The story is narrated by Prakash Ray who is a twenty something lad living a sombre life all by himself in Kolkata He receives a letter and an invitation to attend a birthday party by an unknown person who claims to be his uncle The visit promises an incentive for Prakash a letter written by her mother who died while giving birth to Prakash And he lands up in a god forsaken place on the said weekend Just when Prakash was thanking his stars for bringing him into the company of some good natured people and extended family in a beautiful mansion in the countryside his senses are shaken awake by a double murder in that very house With no civilization for miles altogether and a crazy storm outside it was pretty clear that the murderer was within the house and probably someone amongst the people gathered for the party What follows is a totally insane and unpredictable series of events where everybody’s intentions and capabilities are uestioned The garb of sophistication is torn apart as lies and pretentions are exposedUnputdownable I finished this in one go gripping thrilling and intelligent Penumbra is all this and much It gives you a feel of those classics aired during the black and white era of television It is a must read for the fans of Sherlock Holmes Byomkesh Bakshi and Karamchand What distinguishes these classics from Sydney Sheldon or Agatha Christie is that while reading the latter the reader is just a bystander who just watches as the mystery unfold while the former slowly engulf you into the story and the reader at least once tries to think and solve the mystery Penumbra will also urge the detective in you to come alive and unravel this mystery But the ending will leave you completely stunned After Patang and Penumbra I am certainly looking forward for Bhaskar Chattopadhyay’s next book When will that be Mr Author? 45How would you feel if your life turns from prosaic to horrifying over a weekend? That is the experience for Prakash who is our narrator He gets a letter stating that he has a long lost uncle who would like to meet him at his mansion for his 60th birthday He contemplates on embarking a journey to a place that is in middle of nowhere and because he has never heard of such a relative He takes a chance as to know about his mother's past whom he has never met and also make his life a bit interesting But little did he know that a murderous plan is underway and there are serious conseuences to PrakashFirst of all this is not a short story and not a novel This is somewhere in the middle but I still like the way it is Mostly because it gets annoying at Prakash being so naive If this story would have been elaborated a bit I would have jumped right to the end to find who the culprit isThe really like the way the interrogation was carried out by Mr Jaitely and how he links every event and every word that Prakash says to the murder investigation The structure of the plot is spot on I had a nostalgic experience reading this Yeah this was like 50% Sherlock Holmes and 50% Agatha ChristieThe5 deduction is mainly for the protagonist who has to play clever was actually portrayed dumbI would definitely try to read from this author In Penumbra the story is set in a suburban bungalow located in the outskirts of Kolkata This bungalow is owned by Mr Rajendra Mukherjee On a stormy night a group of people assemble in this bungalow to celebrate 60th birthday party of the owner of this house But the party soon turns into a nightmare when the second wife of Mr Rajendra Mukherjee is found dead A few hours later the dead body of Rajendra is also discovered The clues and twists are spread through the book keeping the reader in nail biting suspense I finished reading this book in one sitting This book has a superb story a gripping writing style and an unpredictable climax Highly recommended for all mystery lovers I have always liked a 'And Then There Were None' and 'Clue' kind of setting in a mystery novel few people with secrets gather in a confined space and someone or everyone gets killed one by one and you have to find out who the murderer is Thus it was the synopsis of 'Penumbra' that immediately made me want to buy the book and to a great extent I am glad I did 'Penumbra' isn't in any way extraordinary but it has a Hercule Poirot Feluda feel to it; it is a cozy mystery reminiscent of the mystery novels we enjoyed reading while growing up The writing is smooth and the story is short and gripping enough to be devoured in a day Overall it is a good pick if you are in a mood for a light whodunit you can finish off in a few hours The proverbial ingredient are all there strangers inside a big mansion miles away from anywhere the raging storm outside and a murder followed by another one The sort of book you read during the night safely confined to your bed with a cup of hot coffee by your sidePenumbra slowly builds up the eerie atmosphere around the crime scene with suspicion falling on each one of the guests a la Agatha Christie style The final revelation had me spellbound to say the leastIf you are a fan of Shelock HolmesHercule PoirotByomkesh BakshiFeluda you simply can't afford to give Penumbra a missDesi mysterythriller genre has finally arrived in India and how Bhaskar da take a bow

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