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Our America Illinois❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Our America Illinois ✍ Author LeAlan Jones – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Through two award winning National Public Radio documentaries and now this powerful book LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman have made it their mission to be loud voices from one of this country's darkest p Through two award winning National Public Radio documentaries and now this powerful book LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman have made it their mission to be loud voices from one of this country's darkest places Chicago's Ida B Wells housing project Set against the stunning photographs of a talented young photographer from the projects Our America evokes the unforgiving world of these two amazing young men and their struggle to survive unrelenting tragedy With a gift for clear eyed journalism they tell their own stories and others including that of the death of Eric Morse a five year old Our America MOBI :¿ who was dropped to his death from the fourteenth floor of an Ida B Wells apartment building by two other little boys Sometimes funny often painful but always charged with their dream of Our America LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman reach out to grab your attention and break your heart. A very powerful book At times it can get too heavy handed and narrowly focused for my own tastes but I give it four stars for how excellent it is for teaching One of the greatest challenges of working with ninth graders is teaching empathy but the direct uotes and narration from the denizens of the Ida B Wells has somewhat helped my students put themselves into another person's shoes It is a very powerful book and it lead me to do a lot of fascinating other research to augment my lessons which is where it got really valuable for me My students like the pictures a lot and it was nice to be able to incorporate visual literacy into my curriculum as well as finding recent pictures online to add into lessonsI can't put my finger on what's missing though but something is definitely missing If my students weren't enjoying it so much I would have given it a three star rating but it is getting a strong response from the kids which is the whole purpose of reading it Read this in the seventh grade just reread for an English class I think it's one of the must reads It is brilliant honest and heart breaking Always gets me on a personal level because I am a Chicagoan that lives on the Southside Nobody ever likes talking about that part of the city just like everything else that makes us uncomfortable Thanks to Anne for recommending this moving book I highly recommend it the narrative format is unconventional the two boys were given tape recorders and these are the transcripts of their interviews and conversations but makes for easy reading at least structurally though certainly not emotionally I have ordered a class set for my juniors to read this year This is such a uick read and a super important story about life in the projects in Chicago If you’re looking for a book written by a black author and want to educate yourself on race this one is great I loved both narrators I found the viewpoints of inner city kids who are self declared and rightly so from the ghetto interesting as their perspective is much different than mine no way Inner city Chicago is different than suburban Wisconsin? Wow Profound Sorry lol LeAlan is a stronger writer and confident than Lloyd in my opinion however both of them bring a lot to the story It's also of note that I read the book for black music history and probably wouldn't have found it or picked it up otherwise but it was a uick read and gave me something new to think aboutOne part of the story that I found very different honestly the entire book was so different and troubling is when LeAlan and Lloyd are bored they sometimes do crazy things to pass the time like drop rocks on cars from a bridge sometimes with their windshields cracking Now obviously there is no way the people in the cars will ever be able to catch them however the lack of accountability is uite frightening Throughout the book these are the two characters who're going to make it out or at least seem to be on that path also do incredibly off putting things that I wouldn't dream of doingAnother part of the story I didn't like was how repetitive it seemed So much was talking about a better life and just sitting around They conducted interviews with a lot of people who made a lot of good analogies and seemed to have a good heart for the most part but then you would hear things about them that made you uestion their character as well as everyone else's so much There are two good examples of this Lloyd's dad an alcoholic who can never clean up and his final interview had to be conducted in a hospital and Little Wayne a friend of Johnny a ten year old boy who threw a five year old out of a 14 story window who seemed to be decent he was a friend of the narrators but then we learned later on that he raped a four year old girl This book is so traumatizing left and right that it paints such a depressing picture I know that's the point and that something needs to be done to help this situation but it's impossible to find where to start The projects may never be finished I fear they will literally be projects foreverAlternatively I did find the hope from LeAlan and Lloyd inspiring It takes someone stronger than me to do what they did and I admire them for what they've been through and accomplished They say some powerful things and make powerful points and analogies; for example their America the ghetto is different from the rest of America and that is something that troubles them and me deeply To have such a different uality of life seems impossible to me and it sickens me that this happens But what will I do about it? Probably nothing but write this review at my laptop which saddens me as well Too many people look over the issues and don't have the heart to fix them And while I'd like to and be willing to help I don't know what to do or how to fix anything so I won't Another person has read the book and nothing has changed A necessary read for understanding human rights cycles of poverty and the lives lead by those living in America's ghettos The book shares the insights personal thoughts and interviews of two young boys LeAlan and Lloyd living in Chicago's Ida B Wells housing projects during the mid to late 1990s The boys were given recording euipment for a week and told to capture what their lives are really like living in the projects Their words are powerful; their story is unforgettable I think this book is great so far What i would like to say to say about this book to someone who hasn't read this is that if they are interested in learning about how different the world is this is the book for them this book is about adventure friendship vlife and death LeAlan and Lloyd's purpose for writing this book is to show people how different other people are They also wrote it to show people not to judge eachother just by the way they look live or where they come from This book tries to show that not all people are different and that people can actually turn out to be the same this book shows that the world is not always perfect maybe because nobody and nothing is perfect in the world I enjoyed this book because it was interesting and i thought it was fun to learn about life death and friendship in certain places where people come from This book can also show people not to judge eachother by their race color where they live come from and how they look I loved this book It is heartbreaking especially when I think about how this could be written by two young people in Balti today In fact it made me wish that I was a Sociology professor so that I could teach a Special Topics class about inner city life Another book that would be on the syllabus is Gang Leader for a Day by Sudhir Venkatesh I would want to focus on hope and change How can we take the strengths of the young people here and help them to see options? to envision a new future for themselves and their city? to have hope? to believe in their own power to effect change?If you can recommend other books or papers in this area for me to read please let me know This book is an incredibly written piece from the perspective of two young men whom live in a world that is routinely spoken about but rarely revealed The power of the book transcends what had to be the authors original purpose as nearly 15 years later the themes resonate true not only in Chicago but in cities around the worldAs an educator dealing with children in this situation and sharing this book with students it is an incredible link and eye opener for them to see that others have lived and been transformed through a story similar to their own Hopefully inspiring them to overcome obstacles in their lives through their own writing This book does indeed show OUR america This book is a real and raw look into Chicago's South Side It is basically a series of interviews all taken in the mid 1990s by two young teenagers living in the ghetto It reads fast At one point their lifestyle is compared to a war zone with bullets to dodge PTSD a survival mentality and This book reminds me a bit of Hoop Dreams a Chicago documentary from around the same time One of the most powerful things this book does is to humanize the people living in the ghetto They are warm blooded intelligent and gritty people who want the best in life despite the enormous obstacles they face An excellent book

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