An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists

An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists This New And Enlarged Third Edition Contains A New Section On Hands, Selected By Heidi Lenssen A Wide Selection Of Illustrations From The Works Of Vesalius, Leonardo, Goya, Ingres, Michelangelo, And Others, Newly Augmented With 10 Plates From Cloquet S Anatomie De L Homme And 16 Illustrations From Boscay S Anatomy 28 Photographs Of Growing Children From The Research Work Of Nancy Bayley, Plus 6 Action Studies Each Consisting Of About 30 Photographs From Muybridge A Bibliography Compiled By Adolph Placzek A Total Of Than 350 Illustrations, Showing The Placement, Function, And Characteristics Of Every Anatomical Detail Of Importance To The Artist For Than Forty Years, This Book Has Been Recognized As The Most Thorough Reference Work On Art Anatomy In The World Now, It Recommends Itself Even Strongly To The Serious Artist As An Important Study Aid Among Its Features Are 1 Clear, Systematic Presentation, Taking The Student Step By Step From The Simpler Skeletal Drawings At The Beginning To The Complicated Body In Action Sketches At The End 2 The Juxtaposition Of Anatomical Drawings And Life Photographs, Making It Easy To Compare The Inner Structure Of The Body With Its Outer Form 3 Cross Section Drawings That Give The Artist A Thorough Understanding Of The Relation Of The Muscles To Each Other, To The Bone Structure, And To The Internal Organs Of The Body 4 Anatomical Action Drawings That Reveal The Interplay Of Muscles And Skeleton In Different Positions 5 The Comparative Proportions Of The Male, Female, Child, And Adolescent 6 A Supplementary Text On Important Features Of Each Anatomical Position, Including The Action Of The Muscles And Their Origin I Recommend Fritz Schider S Atlas Of Anatomy For Artists To Those Who Wish To Increase Their Understanding Of The Human Figure Robert Beverly Hale, Lecturer On Anatomy, Art Students League Of New York Adopted By Pratt Institute, Cleveland School Of Art, Art Students League Of New York, And Others. Wonderful guide for identifying the visible anatomical features artists need to recognize Helped me a lot in my studies. Gondeck made me get it.I m glad I did. an art school classic

[[ PDF / Epub ]] ☁ An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists  Author Fritz Schider –
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists
  • Fritz Schider
  • English
  • 20 February 2017
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