Designing with Succulents

Designing with Succulents Designing With Succulents Is Inspiring, Practical, And Complete A Treasure For Any Gardener Who Loves These Otherworldly Beauties Kathleen N Brenzel, Sunset Succulents Offer Dazzling Possibilities And Require Very Little Maintenance To Remain Lush And Alluring Year Round No One Knows Them Better Than The Queen Of Succulents, Debra Lee Baldwin This New, Completely Revised Edition Of Her Bestselling Classic Is A Design Compendium That Is As Practical As It Is Inspirational Designing With Succulents Shares Design And Cultivation Basics, Hundreds Of Succulent Plant Recommendations, And 50 Companion Plant Profiles Lavishly Illustrated With 400 Photographs, You Ll Find Everything You Need To Visualize, Create, And Nurture A Thriving, Water Smart Succulent Garden. Good resource for one interested on Succulent plants What I liked about this book is that there is a description or an encyclopedia of every plant I found this to be exactly what I was looking for The hardest part is to identify plants that I do not know, and this book answers those questions for me It also has ideas about planting in pots and around your garden, and even if you are doing a pound what vegetation or plants that would be good The ones that are good for large amount of water and the ones that don t need it so much I also liked how she termed some of the plants cacti before describing them as succulents Growing up in the desert I always looked at them as cactus even though some could hold water Now everyone wants to lump them all together, so I was happy about the difference The photos are very good quality, as are all of the descriptions of th
Debra has included a lot of essential care and growth advice in the book as well as planter use within garden landscapes of any size We also find how they are a great addition to ponds or areas filled with stones as well as incorporating them into use around garden furniture statues.We see succulents used in gardens by the sea, in their natural desert setting or just at home they add a touch of something different to any normal garden as they can also produce flowers too in some cases.There s an encyclopaedia of images with their names and brief description of the type of succulent they are.The photograph s use
I do not live in an arid climate but Designing with Succulents by Debra Lee Baldwin makes me wish I did I did not ever read the first edition so I cannot comment on how this second edition has changed What I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed Designing with Succulents It has beautiful, inspiring illustrations with practical information that made it interesting for anyone who loves plants and gardening It is very readable which is not always the case for a nonfiction book of this nature I especially loved the dry lily pond which has a fairy garden feel While I do not live in the zones listed
Designing with Succulents by Debra Lee Baldwin is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early July.A really good resource for selecting and combining succulents to create either a large or small thematic motif, but there s and overwhelming color palette of warm rose, puce, and teal often a
This is the best gardening book I ve ever read Author is a passionate expert and celebrity in the word of succulents wonderful, beautiful, and drought tolerant plants This book was well written for any book and filled with amazing photos Highly recommend it. Awesome succulent resourcebeautiful pictures very useful information wether you are landscaping a whole yard, a living roof, or just a few containers. This wasn t what I thought this book was going to be I wish it had smaller garden options for everyday people Definitely geared towards landscapers.

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