No Mercy (Blood War #4)

No Mercy (Blood War #4) An Alien Invasion Force Is Headed For Earth All That Stands In Their Way Are A Few Marines, Some Penal Battalion Conscripts And What Was Left Of The Confederations Navy This Would Be A Fight To The Death To Save Earth From The Xotoli And Their Hybrid Humans General Dasan Sand Must Find A Way To Defeat This Overwhelming Force Because The Fate Of The Human Race Hangs In The Balance. Excellent readWould recommend this book for a good read could not put it down, have read the whole series now excellent The long roadEver treck thru a unknown landscape There may be enless pathways to maneuver How you g.ot to a position may have taken rough routes and or dead ends Earth was a multi level tierof humanity Even though the birthplace of man the genetic code has been altered by a solecor named Von Fleet Made efficient to work in different environments as gravity suchthe changes were deemed proprietary thus persons were considered property Military service could be maneuvered out of by simply to exchange your duty with someonesent to prison simply because they are not rich or by criminals captured in the act Whateverit may be the penal battalions were formed Indentured Looked down upon by the Sols, the purebred humanity was fractured into separate levels of acceptance When the aliens comecalling not at the distant colonies bit upon Earth the s
Book is Tripled Spaced in Format Bogus Publishing PloyOpened No Mercy, and discovered a few things Again, as in an earlier book in the series, another name is listed for the copyright, not Mr Carsten, the alleged author Then, I saw that by whomever did write this eBook, the line spacing is tripled spaced, to increase the alleged page count It s the kind of thing a kid does in grade school to try a slip a report through Totally bogus.The prior eBooks wer
Er wow Read all 4 in 4 sittings If you love constant action not a lot of techie geeky stuff your gonna love these books Carstens stop faffing around need Ok.For fans of sci fi and action this is a pretty good read Basically a war story transferred to a space settle.