Hunter Hunted (The Eternals Book 2)

Hunter Hunted (The Eternals Book 2) As Soon As Jean Stands In The Sun S Ruby Light, He And Princess Linka Are Drawn Into A World Of Darkness The Nordic Royalty Albino Eternals Of Supposed Myth Transport Their Guests Deep Beneath The Arctic Ice To The Legendary City Of Hvit.Their Mother, Queen Serena, Offers The Pair Sanctuary, But All Is Not Right Betrayed By The Royal Family And Almost Drowned In An Orca Hunt, Jean Is Forced To Leave Linka Behind His Mood Is Darker Than Ever And The World Will Feel His Fury Renewing Old Acquaintances, Both Good And Bad, Jean Must Solve The Mystery Of Who Manipulates Him And The Deepening Saga Of His Parents Deaths Now, Jean Fights For Than Just Himself He Fights For Love.Once Again, Aided And Abetted By The Increasingly Manic Merryweather, And The Mysterious Beauty That Is Princess Aurora, Jean Seeks Retribution Both Hunter And Hunted, Trapped Between Wolves Of Land And Sea, All Directions Point North Jean Must Return To Hvit, The Cloying, Lavender Stench Of Death, And The Never Ending Quest For Blood. A different vampire storyThe Eternals began this dystopian vampire saga on an ethereal, unique adventure of mystery and self discovery for Jean I am captured by Richard M Ankers vivid descriptions and this strange future under a dying sun Book 2, Hunter Hunted, introduces a new cast of characters and brings back my favorites from Book 1 I m happy to see the mystery of Merryweather slowly unfold, but that cliffhanger Looking forward to book
In order to get the best experience from this sequel, you must first read its prequel, The Eternals Whilst it is possible to read and enjoy Hunter Hunted without doing so, this book is a direct continuation of the storylines started at the beginning of the trilogy and there is definite potential for confusion if you don t read it first.Hunter Hunted starts in the cockpit of the zeppelin in which Jean and Linka are escaping thanks to the aid of the Nordic royalty onboard They are hurrying away to the North, to the mysterious land of Hvit, immediately after Jean s permitted discovery of the Hierarchy s best kept secret no spoilers read The Eternals Jean s past is never far away and he must confront this in some destructive ways to discover who it is that treats him as their puppet To do this, he must leave his beloved Linka in Hvit for her own safety whilst he undertakes this most perilous of physical and mental journeys.The story centres around Jean s desire to unravel the web of lies, half truths and cu
Having thoroughly enjoyed my initial foray into author Richard Ankers unique vision of a futuristic vampire tale brimming with gothic imagery, steampunk ingenuity, and engaging, well developed characters I was eager to immerse myself yet again into the shifting landscapes of Earths far distant future Told in first person voice by the lead character who is neither grotesque vampire nor human, Eternal Lord Jean relates his tale through a seductive combination of cynical mirth and revealing honesty In this second installment of the distinctive trilogy that seamlessly pairs a vampire tale with dystopian, sci fi and steampunk elements, Jean finds himself in the legendary city of Hvit, home to the incomparable Nordic Royalty Albino Eternals who live amid the wastes of the Arctic in a close knit community and unexpected brutality Jean quickly discovers how valuable any alliance with the Nordics can be, particularly the newly introduced, mysterious Nordic Princess Aurora For me, the graceful, immensely powerful, often stoic Nordics stole the show I found myself repeatedly reading the passages that described their super human and even super vampiric capabilities their enigmatic home deep in t