Når det mørkner

Når det mørknerStavern 1983 Zbli A Si Bo E Narodzenie, Nieg Sypie Obficie William Wisting Jest Wie O Upieczonym Ojcem Bli Niak W, A Tak E M Odym I Ambitnym Konstablem W Policji Podczas Brutalnego Napadu, Niespodziewanie Znajduje Si W Centrum Dramatycznych Wydarze Jednak Dochodzenie W Tej Sprawie Przejmuj Bardziej Do Wiadczeni Policjanci. What attracts us as readers to a series or for that matter a character I m sure every author would love to know the definitive answer to that question This is a series where I have only read one other book, that being number eight, which I somehow blundered my way into, but found it and the main character Wisting, intriguing I love these Nordic mysteries, the way the are put together, the slow but thorough way the story developsThis is the newest in the series, but takes us back to the beginning of Wistings career How fortuitous is that We meet him when he is a young police officer, wanting to make detective, trying to balance his work schedule with his home life, the father of two young twins He finds himself drawn to a very old mystery, one including missing money and a very old car It will take us into the past, and then come full to the present.A good storyline and a good character in Wisting He is easy to relate too, humble but determined I very much enjoyed get
What hubris I own to start reading a series at novel 11 But honestly, I believe it just fell into a perfect place to start Because it was a prequel and harbored back 33 years at the beginning of William Wisting s career Good development of the young marriage, the baby twins, and especially his William s mindset and cognition of job fit and possible advancements to doing what was up his alley than the overnight police calls he was endlessly answering The pranks, the domestics, the bar fights, the minor and major car accidents etc etc etc This author got that nuance how a person can understand what he was meant to do by his own gifts of nature observing power, attention to detail, patience in conversations, health within sleepless conditions for great lengths, body clock ability and on and on and on and what he was not meant to do the same way Very few authors seem to get or pose that dichotomy so well as this one does People do not just PICK an occupation Sometimes it absolutely DOES pick them Even if you spent decades running from it Do I know it.William is fulling getting to know where he belongs and on the way he is solving two long past murders Or were they murders One event was 33 years ago and the other than 10 years ago.The first half of the book is a bit plodding and there are periods of slog where all he does is directional roaming I didn t want to rea
The best part about reading books by J rn Lier Horst is how he manages to get all the small details that you didn t notice at the begining completely change the outcome He makes all the puzzles fit together in the end I love books that suprise me, this one definitely did. The latest book in this excellent series is, in fact, a prequel set in 1983 William Wisting is just a rookie patrol officer, although he already has ambitions to join the CID He s just recently married here and father of baby twins Thomas and Line of course, the grown up Line, a reporter, features prominently in the later set novels.In the course of this quite short but very exciting
Jorn Lier Horst returns with another William Wisting novel that takes the reader into rural Norway and a calmer form of Scandinavian crime thriller After over three decades as a reputable police officer, Chief Inspector William Wisting is set to address some new recruits at the police academy He is handed a letter, one that takes him back three decades and sparks a memory of a case that got away The story then travels back to 1983, where Wisting is a beat cop with a young wife and twin newborns Working the night shift, Wisting discovers many interesting, though rarely overly exciting, cases in the small community outside of Oslo When called to the scene of a night safe robbery at one of the local banks, Wisting and his partner follow a lead, in hopes of finding the burglars However, all that is left is a car that has been set alight and a cottage with some errant items The burning vehicle is close to a large farmhouse that Wisting and his friend had been scouting out before, having located an abandoned vehicle from 1925 Wisting has taken a fancy to this car and tries to locate not only the barn owner, but also who might have left the car there Closer exploration by Wisting shows two bullet
Horsta m m r d, jeden z m la zo seversk ch detektivk rov, o nem potrebu popisova skupenstv kvapiek dopadaj cich na zem a nevy va sa v temnosti tmy a svetlosti svetla, ale p e skuto n detekt vky Len mu u tro ku za naj doch dza n pady koda ho, sn sa polep Still better lovestory than Kepler. I love the series This book goes back to how Wisting became started as a detective LIne and Thomas, the twins were babies and Wisting was still a patrol policeman and what lead him to becoming a detectiveIt begins when Wisting is preparing to address a new graduating group of police officers He receives a letter from a woman that was found in a relative s belongings behind a picture frame The l
Interesting introduction to Wisting.even though it is No 11 in the series. Nie mog odm wi autorowi talentu do snucia wci gaj cej fabu y i warsztatu, dzi ki kt rym wyrobi sobie ugruntowan i mocn pozycj jako przedstawiciel dobrej jako ci skandynawskiego krymina u, cho w tym przypadku powies pozostawia niedosyt.Ca a opinia When It Grows Dark takes us back to the beginning of Wisting s career as an investigator It is something of a prequel to the other stories and as such is a little bit different.This is Wisting as a somewhat naive young policeman, not yet a detective, though anxious to join their ranks when it is achievable Married to Ingrid, newly blessed with twins, Thomas and Line, Wisting is an enthusiastic policeman who relishes his job and craves responsibility Yet he is somewhat frustrated He hates that he writes up reports of his patrols, highlighting patterns he has detected or ways in which he thinks detectives might usefully progress a lead and yet he never gets to be part of the follow up process.When, therefore, in the course of helping a friend, he comes across an old mystery, he starts his own investigation one that will lead to finding a long dead body after which he is officially given the case to look into.Through detailed research, he finds relatives of the victim and begins to piece together the story of what happened to the lost car and its driver one hot day in August 1925.Along the way he does, of course, make mistakes One mi

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  • Når det mørkner
  • Jørn Lier Horst
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  • 14 April 2019
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