Abiding Mercy

Abiding Mercy Faith Faces An Impossible Situation Should She Do The Right Thing And Bring Heartache To Nearly Everyone She Knows Or Deny Her True Self And Always Wonder What If Sixteen Year Old Faith Has Worked Full Time In Her Parents Restaurant Since She Finished Eighth Grade She Loves Her Amish Community And The Romantic Attentions Of Her Longtime Friend, Gideon.When Her Sister Seems To Be Getting Too Friendly With Englischers, And Her Parents Are In A Buggy Accident, Faith Wants To Escape Into Her Dream Of Joining The Church And Getting Married.But Then A Local Newspaper Runs A Story About A Child Named Adriana Who Was Kidnapped Fifteen Years Earlier, And Everything Faith Has Held True Comes Into Question.Suddenly The Community Faith Has Known Her Whole Life Seems Unreal Can She Even Trust Her Own Family And How Will She Ever Find Home Again If She No Longer Belongs In The World She Knows Best I have been reading the Amish genre right from the start and I have to say this is unlike any I have read before The Amish genre has really evolved from simplistic plots to complex and keeping you on the edge of your seat plots, especially in this case There is a dual story line here Roslyn and Brandon Colepepper are an Englisher parents of eighteen month old Adriana Adriana had been abducted when her mother took her grocery shopping but Angels were definitely with this child keeping her safe Present day Faith works with her sister Olivia in their parents busy restaurant Adriana s parents, especially her mother never gave up hope of finding her and kept the search alive these past fifteen years since her abduction.There have been many attempts of people claiming to be Adriana since the parents have offered a large monetary reward but none have panned out Faith becomes friendly with the young Amish man, Gideon who delivers fruit to her parents restaurant A romance starts between them Then the rug is pulled out from under Faith Who is she really and where does she belong Does she even know her parents and her community any If you enjoy Amish romance with suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat and is a clean story I know you will enjoy this I sure did This is the first book in An Amish Mercies series and I am looking forward to reading in this series by Ruth Reid.Pub Date 04 Jul 2017 Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas Nelson FICTION for providing me
Abiding Mercy was such a great book It was so well written that you just get completely drawn into the plot Faith is a sixteen year old teenager who enjoys her Amish lifestyle She works in her parent s restaurant and is taking classes to get baptized She does not have a good relationship with his sister, Olivia Olivia has one foot in the English world and one in the Amish world Faith does have a great relationship with her best friend, Gideon Gideon was supposed to marry Olivia but that did not happen because Olivia has no plans to be baptized Gideon soon realizes Faith is the girl for him As their relationship begins to blossom, Faith s parents are injured in a buggy accident That increases the responsibility Faith has Gideon also steps in to help around the farm Gideon notices a story in the local paper about a child that was kidnapped fifteen years
ABIDING MERCY is the first book in Ms Reid s newest series with Thomas Nelson I love the way she incorporates angels into some of her books and the red headed mysterious man who randomly appears, disappears is a nice touch I did not like Faith s sister, Olivia, at all She was spoiled, selfish, and hateful and I don t see what Gideon ever saw in her Gideon was a very sweet young Amish man He was quick to step in and help Faith when her parents were in an accident and even willingly did women s work something many Amish men won t do Faith was very sweet too, and when her world is disrupted struggles to find her footing while still obeying everything her parents said I don t think she would ve been so quick to accept Englisch clothes, especially jeans the first time she tried them on in real life There is absolutely no sexual tension in the story for readers who like a super clean, sweet romance and the
As I sit back and reflect on the novel I just read, it is easy for me to see both sides of the story In Abiding Mercy by Ruth Reid, the reader is taken into two very different story lines One Amish and the other English It is the reason why I had a difficult time placing this novel into either genre and included it in both The novel centers around two people, Adrianna Colepepper and Faith Pinkham They are the same person without knowing it Fifteen years ago, Adrianna was the subject of every parents worst nightmare She was kidnapped by her nanny at the time, and left in the care of Amish parents at the age of 2 When the nanny dropped Adrianna off at the Pinkham s, they knew the Amish would take good care of her and wouldn t notify the police about a baby just being dropped off unexpectedly For Irma Pinkham, she figured the mother was simply a woman who was having a difficult time with raising a baby and would be back once she had time to figure things out Yet she never did Irma never dreamed that this child was kidnapped from her
Cultures clash in this intriguing Amish novel It s been awhile since I ve read a book by Ruth Reid but Abiding Mercy reminds me of why I need to read by this author A taut, tense plot that keeps a reader glued to the page Memorable characters that reflect all the complications of real life A mysterious stranger who is so much than he seems And some heart wrenching plot twists that turn everything upside down.Loved Faith and the way she lives up to her name during the most trying of times She s not perfect by any means, but she clings to the hope in God s promises and in her own sweet way makes the world a brighter place for those around her If anything, she is too eager to please at times The exact opposite of her self centered sister, Olivia That difficult sibling relationship catapults the entire family into an unimaginable journey that tests them all.A riveting sweet romance that is just a little bit diff
Abiding Mercy is the first book in the Amish Mercies series by Ruth Reid One thing I can say that I love about Ruth Reid s books is that they have elements that are unique to the Amish genre She includes angels, sometimes demons and miracles Which is different and I ve not seen this from any other authors and I read a lot of Amish fiction So, if I m saying unique just trust me.I ve had the pleasure of reading every book from Ruth, starting with her debut novel, The Promise of an Angel in 2011 I enjoy her works and I knew I wanted to read this book.This book again has subtle angel undertones and I really enjoyed that But, I felt that this story was a bit predictable I figured out the plot from the beginning and that kind of disappointed me I think we were supposed to know the plot but I d have loved for a last minute plot twist where I could have said, I didn t see that coming I also felt that certain elements were rushed to tie this story up The birth parent s feelings, Gideon s love for Faith it was all rushed I felt like the ending was fairly anticlimactic and I would have liked to have seen emotional depth from Faith in particular.Despite a few misgivings, the story is solid It s a book I cou
Another great read by Ruth Reid A different type of Amish story in my opinion There s mystery, love and lessons learned in this book.Folks I m going to start off by saying that are Angels in this world We may not see them but we do know by Faith they re around us His protects us daily That being said, I can go on with my review My thoughts and feelings were somewhat mixed emotions because I can relate with Faith in most of the events that happens throughout this story I can holiday that I admired her quality and her upbringing She s a very determined young lady no matter what life throws at her I also liked some of the bible verses that the author uses Be of strong and have good courage and a few others I think I would have to go with this Amish family through their heartbreak because what
Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them A story that that tells much than a story in Ruth Reid s newest release, Abiding Mercy, the first book in the Amish Mercies series Abiding Mercy is superb in the writing as well as blending two cultures, Amish and Englisch through an English baby raised Amish scenario.Faith is hardworking and generous, but her world is thrown in a spin when it was revealed that she was the kidnapped victim from the Englisch world when she was a young child She thought her only problem is falling for the man only have eyes for her pretty sister, the same sister that seems to hate her, but there s much than she thought The author did a terrific job in crafting a fictional story that feels so real that it s relatable to readers on many fronts, even if we re not Amish The emotional turmoil, guilt and uncertainty that arise allows readers to embrace the complexity of the situation and ultimatel
Come and immerse yourself in the life of Faith, aka Adrianna, a sixteen year old Amish girl, and you won t want to let her go As the book opens a horrible thing happens and an eighteen month old infant is snatched, but as you read God was looking out for her, and when all is said and done, you will wonder if it was his way of bringing others into the fold.We are with Faith as she goes about her everyday life as a responsible Amish woman, and she is one busy girl She is confident and knows who she is and what she wants, and seems to have a joy about her.Suddenly her world collapse and she is no longer Faith but Adrianna, and where there should be joy there is now sorrow I felt myself torn in so many directions, and as a mother, where did I want her to be If life is unfair, this has to be one of those horrible moments when you want to be in two places at once, and be happy there.The author did an amazing job with this fictional story, and yet it seemed so real, and when
Abiding Mercy is about 16 year old Amish girl, Faith She loves her community and her family, working at her family s restaurant She is looking forward to being baptized into the church and one day getting married But with a buggy accident involving her parents, a sister who was curious about the English, and a newspaper article that changes her world, how much heartache can she take Oh my goodness Abiding Mercy is a fabulous piece of Amish Fiction I found the story to be unique and quite refreshing to read a little bit of a different Amish story I felt connection to Faith from the beginning She endures so much heartache in such a short time I

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