Back from the Dead

Back from the Dead BACK FROM THE DEAD Is The First Book In The Stars Came Back Series It Is A Space Western, The Story Of Regular Folks Just Trying Stay Alive, Seeking Work To Earn Money For Repairs To Get To The Next Job, With No Shortage Of Action And Adventure Along The Way It Is Military Sci Fi, Featuring A Company Of Mercenaries, Spaceship Combat, Mortar And Rifle Combat, Spear And Shield Battle, And Post Traumatic Stress Disorder And It Is A Philosophical Investigation, Pondering Everything From The Lessons Of Achilles To How One Stops A Bar Fight With Earplugs. Great book I hope he releases another way A great book and interesting to see the Monks in the far future with space ships. This book is much better in novel form than screenplay form Can t wait for the second. Fun readA well thought out vision of the future Conflict still has to be settled by force, ultimately The good men and women make life better for everyone. There is much to like here worlds begging to be explored, a cast of characters thrown together by circumstance, an ancient wreck of a ship of legendary origin, a passive aggressive shipboard AI with an agenda of its own, barely understood alien tech leftover from a long gone civilization.As for shortcomings, first of all this isn t quite a novel and it isn t quite a story collection I would have preferred something that spent a little time in the creative crucible and came out a compete story rather than a collection of story parts Along those lines, there are plot threads that look important, and are then abandoned Case in point the ship AI has a task for the ship s urchin, admonishing him not to tell anyone because it s a surprise Unless I missed it while sleep reading the surprise never came Finally, there are sections that are formatted as a script rather than as a book Perhaps there is a good reason for this are these are ship AI POV scenes , but I found the trans
Back From the Dead.I bought this book because I liked the original so much The original The Stars Came Back came out in screenplay form, and I let that bother me and as a result just browsed through the story I recently noticed it in my library and couldn t remember much about it, so I decided to give it another shot I am very glad I did The story has really likeable characters, really nasty bad guys and some very independent ladies as well as several great themes and is kind of a morality play all invested in an old west type space opera There s all of the excitement that can be asked
I had read this when it first came out and written like a screenplay This is the retelling of the first half in normal prose, with some of the original screenplay style in place I liked it as much as the first time Comfortable style, good characters, everything I said the first time around, but in prose.I ll be buying part two in anticipation for the new material in part three, dangle
Enjoyed it This book was an entertaining read Lots of action, good character development and a slightly neurotic spaceship I would recommend this book to any sci fi military buff. Decent military sci fi storyThis was a decent military sci fi story It has a slightly different premise It s a good set up for the sequel.

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  • Paperback
  • Back from the Dead
  • Rolf Nelson
  • 08 October 2019
  • 9789527065808