The Flame and the ShadowTheFour Sided Pentacle #1

The Flame and the ShadowTheFour Sided Pentacle #1[PDF] ❤ The Flame and the ShadowTheFour Sided Pentacle #1 By Denise Rossetti – Some are drawn to the light Some are drawn to the light. Erotica about a man his shadow and the woman who loves them both cue music Dun dun DUN So I honestly don't know how I feel about this book It was on this side of erotica I think my problem is it's not easy for me to get into SciFi Witches and TechnoMages It was a little hard Rossetti mixed SciFi with paranormal and she mixed in some erotica I think this awesome I am going to be honest not really my cuppa I read it all the way through well because of Gray and Shad Loved them Gray is a musician and he and his shadow travel around Gray wants to get rid of Shad because he thinks of him as an abomination Shad is special he is independent of Gray somewhat He still has light reuirements and he is always with Gray but he can do things on his own Also he has his own thoughts and feelings Very Peter Pan then you have Carda she is a fire witch given to her by her goddess The price was her daughter and she didn't have a choice Her story was sad very sad in fact I enjoyed many parts of this book I had a hard time with the Technomages and what they were about But the story between Carda Gray and shad was worth this read 4 12 STARSGrayson of Concordia the Duke of Ombra is a man driven by pain and self hatred A sorcerer of shadows Gray was condemned by his once loving family as an abomination He escaped their cruel betrayal only to have his innocence torn brutally from him soon after Now years later Gray has developed into a man of pure distrust of all others even of himself Despising what he must do Gray has stooped to the promise of delivering an innocent to her doom in order to gain the chance to rid himself of the evil within his soul But anything is better than the life he's living To have peace within his mind and his heart is a dream that's a bare inch from reality All he must do is procure and deliver a fire witch and his shadow the evil abomination that haunts his every step will be eradicatedCenda having lost her heart with the death of her young daughter has ceased to truly live Locking herself away with her desolation and grief Cenda finds eventual solace with the never ending burn of the fire in her hut Thinking herself mad when tiny salamanders come crawling tentatively from the glowing embers to scramble up her body to curl about her wrists and perch in her hair Cenda discovers a new gift Somehow the burning fever that had raged through her and ultimately killed her baby gifted Cenda with the element of fire The writhing flames don't burn her and her new found fiery friends offer her much needed comfort and strength Now where she'd once been clumsy and the controller of minute Magick Cenda has the potential to exert immeasurable power If she can learn to control itTraveling with the Unearthly Opera from Concordia Grayson arrives at Sybaris the Pleasure Planet nick named after its gaming hells and brothels with every intention of seducing the fire witch and taking her forcefully if necessary back to Concordia and to his promise of salvation But from the first glance he's in an agonizing war over his decision and his all consuming need to finally be freeCenda isn't necessarily beautiful Her tall body is gaunt flesh stretched tight over bones hollowed cheeks with dark smudges beneath her golden brown eyes but her graceful movements and waist length ebony hair are hypnotizing Soon the seducer is seduced when shy kisses turn to raging lust Cenda's obvious innocence entrances Gray's soul while her pain filled eyes cry out to the primitive part of him that recognizes the need to protect and cherish making his eventual betrayal all the agonizingCenda was enthralled the moment she spotted the Duke of Ombra hidden within the shadows of the stage at The Treasure His haunting talent with the harp and heartbreaking tenor awakens her soul stripping free her self imposed incarceration and filling her with life and hunger When he comes to her after his performance she has much to be suspicious of for she's not beautiful and the gorgeous man before her can obviously have his pick but his skilled kisses has lust surging to the surface and all she can think about is easing the painful ache of need and desire that has culminated alarmingly within her Wary of the Duke's attention but in desperate need of what his body promises Cenda rationalizes that he'll be leaving soon with his troupe and dives head first into a night of unrestrained passion Gray's insistence that she see him again is met in the affirmative but what Cenda is hoping is merely a fling turns into uncontrolled love and a race to stay aliveTo Gray's horror he's not the only one looking to capture the fire witch The Technomage a group of scientists that selfishly horde their knowledge from the peoples of Magick have dispatched in addition to Gray a man of indescribable evil to capture Cenda Apparently the Technomage Primus believed a back up plan was in order Gray can only cringe at the thought of the horrible experiments that will undoubtedly be inflicted upon her and the man that he has made delivery arrangements with will surely lead Cenda down the same path but Gray is much merciful than the horror that tracks her now Convincing himself that he's the lesser of two evils Gray continues on with his plan of seduction and extractionWhen events and circumstances force Cenda to use her fire Magick the once clumsy witch learns great control over the infinite power within her grasp But with that power comes a price one that Cenda despairs having paid for With each new use discovered Cenda begins to understand the desire of the factions scrambling to capture her for she can easily be molded into a weapon of untold destructionTo Gray's eternal amazement once Cenda discovers that his shadow is separate from him but also intrinsically a part of him she's not scared but rather entranced Before his stunned eyes she embraces that terrible side of him holds him close and gives herself up at the same time No one has ever embraced Gray so fully so wondrously and without reservations or judgement While his mind is still jealous and abhorred by the abomination of his shadow he's slowly coming to accept that maybe he can be complete with Cenda and his shadow But before he can make a decision on what do with his fire witch and his delivery promise they are suddenly betrayed and Cenda and Gray are captured by the TechnomagesThe sterility of the labs and the twisted fascination of the scientists is nauseating They want to learn about Cenda's power how its triggered and if its reproducible But worst of all Gray's plan of betrayal is unveiled Helpless and knowing that mere words won't make right his once plan to betray Cenda Gray decides that the least he can do is bust them both from their sterile prison and take his fire witch the woman he has come to love some where safe even if it costs him his lifeTHE FLAME AND THE SHADOW is an intense and epic journey of two people learning about themselves and bridging the canyons of despair that have been dug ruthlessly over time Whether those canyons were created by self loathing or the agonizing pain of loss Gray and Cenda both come to terms with who they are and how to once again be free to love Its a story filled with betrayal flaring passion corroding deceit with the end of the day being saved by the truest form of loveCenda although a woman of forty one years really undergoes a coming of age journey in THE FLAME AND THE SHADOW She's lived a life of carefree innocence Even the loss of her child couldn't shake her naivete She's the perfect inhabitant for the gift of fire for no amount of evil stains her soul nor will it ever Cenda also embodies the unfailing ability of acceptance and this is especially significant in Gray's case He's a man that has been rejected so horribly by the ones he loved that his self worth is less than zero To have Cenda accept all the crevices of his soul allowed him to open his heart for the first time since childhoodGray encompasses nearly all my favorite hero attributes He's dark and dangerous Skillful and passionate and when the right woman finally comes along he'll risk his very life to see her happy Sigh His story is than tragic and my heart wept when his past is fully uncovered They way Rossetti wrote the unveiling of his dark past was incredible She instilled excruciating build up and dropped the axe uickly with an echoing finality that leaves you breathless I even had to walk away from the story for the evening after thatThe worldbuilding isn't anywhere near overwhelming Instead of a monologue of the world and its inhabitants which is so common and tedious the elements of Rossetti's Four Sided Pentacle universe are conveyed mostly via language Within the opening chapter Cenda's thoughts and expressions whisk you immediately to another world without uestion Then slowly as circumstances permit you become immersed in an incredibly beautiful and fascinating land In my mind's eye I saw a colorful world of rainbow lakes offset by stark sterility that is then breached by raging volcanoes and feather forests Rossetti also shed light on the fact that no environment is safe from the presence of mankind whether they be founded in Magick or scienceDespite all my love for THE FLAME AND THE SHADOW there was one scene that made me sneer a bit at the heroine Although her anger over Gray's revealed betrayal was justified I thought she stooped a bit low with one cutting remark that I can't forget I would have been fine with her anger but I couldn't forget what she said to Gray and I thought he deserved a better apology given what she knew of him and his self loathing I never thought her cruel until that moment and it made me hesitate enough so that I couldn't give the book an A grade It might sound silly but that was just my feeling But otherwise it was an exhilarating and passionate read one that I most definitely recommend especially if you like your romance on the steamy side Book 1 of the Four Sided Pentacle seriesCenda is a Fire Witch who starts coming into her powers after the death of her baby daughterGrayson is a musician with the Unearthly Opera He's also taken a commission to deliver Cenda to a Mage in return for freeing him from his sentinent shadow He believes that Shad is everything dark about himself that he needs to be free of him in order to save his soul But delivering Cenda will cost him his honorLots of action And the most unusual menage I have ever read about view spoilerIt's between Cenda Grayson Shad hide spoiler Very good world building and strong female lead Ms Rossetti crafts her characters and worlds with complexity and care that allows the reader much to think about after reading For me it is what is the next book in the series Not only are the main characters interesting and very real in their actions and motivations but the other characters that inhabit this world have depths and draws the reader to wonder about their story as well My own time is limited and valuable so The Flame and the Shadow was well worth the time invested This fantasyerotic romance was much than I expected The setting is a fantasy world which mirrors our own medieval period except it is spiced with real magic The adventures are breath catching and the romance truly sets flames to the pages The dark hero is a troubled soul or should I say souls? The heroine is tastily and wickedly innocent A very intriguing match to say the least A really fun and stimulating read I loved this but then I love all her books As I've said in previous reviews Her world building and story telling is fabulous Definitely one of my top 5 romance authors Don't miss her A man his shadow and the woman they love Great story filled with magic adventure and romance My exaggeration for every 3 pages of really good writing there is 5 pages of porn Loved the actual story skipped the porn which I felt that it didn’t add to the story I was actually a bit disappointed in this bookFirst let me say that I love the hero I love the concept of the shadow the reason he hated a part of himself his background all of that I really likedI could not stand the heroine I find that a common problem with me and some romance novels I'm not sure why in this case I understand the character is supposed to be dealing with grief at the loss of her child However the only real modes she has during the first half of the book are sobbing about loss of child and being sexed up by the hero And even though she'd had a child she was still woefully innocent sexually I can't stand the innocent pure heroine who turns out to be a vixen in bed when paired with the hero Just can't abide itAnd then there is the sex I'm certainly no prude but come on this book is 70% sex scenes with a little bit of plot thrown in And personally I do not find phrases like lips of her sex and her cute little anal pucker sexy or appealing Plus I did not buy the characters falling in love All they did was have sex Sex doesn't eual love My other complaint is that the world building is off We get something of an idea about the heroine growing up in some weird magical enclave We know she was partnered with another wizard to have her child But that's it Other than the loss of her child there is NOTHING else to the heroine It's her only defining characteristic The role of magic in the society even though it's ruled by technomages was never really made clear to me at allLastly I was made a bit uncomfortable by something very small Right before the heroine's betrayer is revealed we get the hero's POV when he meets said betrayer and what he notices is that she's plump There are several comments about the betrayer being fat Oh but the heroine who's oh so good and wonderful is extremely thin It's emphasized over and over how thin the heroine is It's supposed to be because she's self conscious about her body and the hero loves her even though she's not voluptuous but when confronted with the way the betraying best friend is set up? It made me very uncomfortableI'm not even going to get into the whole 'knowledge is evil' 'emotion is good' theme running throughout the novelI'll close by saying that I'm probably not the target audience for this book By reading the other reviews certainly other people found the sex scenes hot and interesting It just really wasn't my cup of tea at all

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