Close Enough to Touch

Close Enough to Touch❁ Close Enough to Touch kindle Epub ❅ Author Victoria Dahl – A sizzling fan favorite from USA TODAY bestselling author Victoria Dahl previouslypublished in 2012Grace Barrett never expected to find herself living with her aunt in Jackson HoleWyoming She figures A sizzling fan favorite from USA TODAY bestselling author Victoria Dahl previouslypublished in Grace Barrett never expected to find herself living with her aunt in Jackson HoleWyoming She figures she'll spend a little time in the sticks to figure out her life andthen move somewhere exciting to live out her dreams But she wasn't counting on meetingCole RawlinsCole is a rugged Wyoming cowboy born and bred Yet he can't help but be drawn to Close Enough Epub / thefascinating big city girl who moves in across from him But as they discover a sizzlingattraction it becomes harder for him to keep his demons at bay—and those fires from longago may burn them bothThey'll need than scorching hot passion to make this opposites attract affair workBut if they can learn to trust one another enough to reveal their secrets they just mighthave a chance at foreveroriginally published in . Well that's a disappointment I have no clue how the author felt when she wrote this book but I thought it was a very dark book rather full of despair and negative thinking and little hopeThe heroine Grace survived very tough things growing up I did not completely understand how low she could be at the beginning of the book completely broke with nothing but for a few clothes and a huge makeup box She had been working for a few years and just had 6 months unemployment while living with her previous boyfriend so it seemed extreme She was extremely insecure freuently aggressive to anyone well that's consistent and totally lacking any ability to plan and organize her life Even if she managed to touch me from time to time then she had to behave awfully and ruin everything Knowingly further Well I really did not like her muchHer newly found boy friend was not better Still carrying a grudge and feeling insecure and guilty from what he had done for a few weeks 13 years before And what he had done was not even that bad He had not hurt even unwillingly anyone just himself and his overinflated self esteem He also spent 9 months burying his head in the sand regarding his future just bemoaning the past that will no longer be At least those two found each other right But I consider them to be a couple of loosers not very interesting to start with Even the sliver of hope we can see at the end I did not like because once it came from outside and neither of them had workedmaturedlearnt anything to bring themselves this hope By far the book I liked least by Victoria Dahl and one I cannot recommend I loved Close Enough to Touch both because I found the characters to be so compelling and because the story was very touching I think the highest praise I can give Close Enough to Touch is that while reading it I never thought about how common the woman in trouble fleeing to a small town theme is in romance these days It's its own bookGrace is a Hollywood make up artist who's lost pretty much everything; all she has left is a cheap room in Jackson Hole Wyoming grudgingly offered by her bad tempered great aunt A great looking cowboy neighbor is an unexpected fringe benefit But Grace and Cole's interest in each other is complicated by his ugly associations with all things Hollywood and by the high walls Grace has built to protect herself from hurtThere was a lot I enjoyed about this story It's an unusually balanced depiction of a small town believably mellow and friendly but not ridiculously so I also liked seeing a relationship that felt genuinely tempestuous not just a lot of bickering Both characters have serious issues Cole is tormented by the possibility he'll have to give up the life he's planned for himself because of a riding injury; Grace is well drawn as a person who has been desperately in need and deeply dreads being dependent on anyone againShe tried not to look in the mirror not out of worry for what she looked like but out of worry for what she'd see in her eyes She used people It was an ugly thing to see in oneself That sometimes people were no than shelter to her No meaningful than a roof and walls and a warm bed to wake up in Not always but often enoughThough the issues are heavy there's a lighthearted side to their relationship as wellCole's door closed and suddenly he was opening hers 'Come on tough girl''Are you making fun of me?' she snapped'Absolutely not Your whimpers of terror were the toughest I've ever heard''Screw you' she muttered ignoring his hand to jump down from the truck'You're cute when you're grumpy''You know nobody knows I'm with you I could kill you out here and just walk away'My main problem with the book was that I just didn't feel any sexual chemistry between the Grace and Cole There are a number of intense passionate sex scenes and it would be great reading if I believed in their attraction but it never came to life for me So this remained a very readable story with strong characters but without much of a romantic punch Victoria Dahl's contemporaries are on my auto read list but this one missed the mark with me The heroine is too bitter too suspicious and too whiny for too much of the book Her problems are her own fault but her attitude dares people to disapprove of her When people give her the chance that she wants but hardly deserves she acts almost disappointed that her self fulfilling prophecy didn't play out the way she expected The only saving grace was the hero and some of the supporting characters A very disappointing start to the new series 35 Stars A lot of good reviews already on the books for this one I agree with them I didn't feel Grace and Cole's connection like I wanted to Yes there were some hot love scenes but at times I felt they just wanted to hurt one another Grace go on my nerves with her constant thoughts of pushing people away But parts of the book I did like enough that I am interested in the next story I read this book and then let it sit for a few days before I wrote the review because I just couldn’t figure out my feelings for this one Victoria Dahl gives us a very prickly heroine Grace is a make up artist from Hollywood After getting fired while on set of a movie and then having a very bad break up with a boyfriend that literally leaves her penniless she gets in the car and starts driving She has a great aunt that lives in Jackson Hole Wyoming who has an apartment that she is willing to let Grace stay in until she can figure out her life Her goal is to work for a few weeks in Jackson Hole to get some money and then continue on to Vancouver where she is hoping to find markup artist work in the movie business Having purple hair she is not one to blend into the uaint popular tourist town Grace had a very bad childhood and for that reason has some major trust issues She has a huge chip on her shoulder and pretty much feels everyone is out to get herAfter she moves in she meets her next door neighbor Cole Rawlins Cole is a cowboy He works on a ranch and one day hopes to buy the ranch himself which has been his life long dream He was injured a while ago resulting in a very bad fracture of his leg and pelvis He has been to extensive physical therapy This frustrates him to no end as all he wants to do is jump on a horse and resume his ranch duties But he is not physically fit yetWhen Cole was younger he met a famous actress and moved to California to be with her This relationship ended badly and Cole has a very bad memories of anything to do with Hollywood I’ll stop the summary here because I feel like this is one of the weakest parts of the book It felt forced that Cole was in love with some gorgeous movie star His personality just didn’t feel like this would ever happen Or maybe it just wasn’t fleshed out well enough in the book It felt like he had this relationship to cause conflict with Grace who happens to be in the movie industry Cole is a charmer and has that sexy cowboy drawl he uses to woo the ladies I liked that about him I liked hearing about his work on the ranch He is intense and as usual the author makes his sex scenes dirty I actually liked Grace individually too Yes she is hard to like at first but I think the author gives her a dark enough history that you can understand why she acts like thatUnfortunately the two of them together just didn’t make sense to me Just like I never felt like Cole would have been with the actress years ago who we end up meeting in the book I feel like him and Grace lacked chemistry I guess it comes down to the fact that I liked the characters by themselves I just didn’t like them togetherI enjoy Victoria Dahl’s work and she is a definite auto buy but this one is probably my least favorite of hersRating C As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews455 StarsI really enjoyed Close Enough to Touch If Victoria Dahl wasn't already an instant buy author for me she just became one This book is a touching contemporary romance that I won't soon forgetAs soon as I read the synopsis for this novel I knew I was going to enjoy it While Close Enough to Touch is a bit heavier than the other books I've read by Ms Dahl it's just as addicting Once I got into the novel I couldn't put it down The angst really is what made the book for me The characters are realistic the situations are heart wrenching and the ending is so swoon worthy that I still smile when thinking about it This is where I release a happy sighGrace Barrett is a hard strong woman who doesn't need anyone All she needs is some money and a place to start over When her great aunt Rayleen grudgingly offers her a tiny apartment she jumps at the chance to get out of Los Angeles even if it is to Wyoming When she meets Cole Rawlins she refuses to admit that he's affecting her plans Cole is the definition of swoon worthy He drives Grace and of course me wild I could read about him all day Cowboys are my new favorite men Who knew that cowboy hats calloused hands and rough southern accents could be so attractive? Well All of us knew but Cole gives me a new longing for my own I need one guys N e e dThe story makes your heart ache not just for Grace but for Cole too They both have troubled pasts that you don't really know all of the details to until well into the story There are so many notes in my book that say things like WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THESE TWO? and I NEED TO KNOW MORE THEY NEED TO BE HAPPY OMG WHAT IS THIS LIFE? The suspense only added to the book It'll make you want to read faster then before you know it the book is over and you are grinning and snuggling with the book No? Just me? OkayThe minor characters are fun too I hated to love Aunt Rayleen She's much like Grace is very shut off from people You can tell that their hard personalities are a genetic trait I really warmed up to her in the end though I wanted her to get her happy ending as much as I wanted it for Grace I really enjoyed Eve and Jenny's roles in this novel They are great secondary characters Grace is lucky to have made such great friends My least favorite characters in this book were Willa the Pill a I just made a great pun don't judge and Madeline the skank erm I mean Madeline the woman who needs to go away forever Of course the author means for you to hate them I literally growled out loud when they were mentioned in the story If I was in the book I would dropkicked them in the face EVIL WOMEN EVIL EVIL WOMENThough the cover doesn't clearly depict it this is definitely a western romance Now I haven't read a lot of modern western romances and the ones that I have read haven't left a lasting impression but this novel is different I loved Close Enough to Touch from start to end I hope Ms Dahl continues to write stories like these All the time And gives them to me All of them I recommend this to fans of Victoria Dahl fans and contemporary romance lovers of all kinds This satisfied by itch for a fun sometimes angsty romance I wish it hadn't ended so soonI just found out there will be another book in this series and a related novella that will be released next year YES MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED I received a copy of this novel from the publisher via Netgalley Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating 255Make up artist Grace is down to her last dollar as she rolls into Jackson Hole on a bus to stay at an apartment in a building own by her great Aunt She’s running from LA and a bad situation that found her accused of theft being fired for speaking up against an abuser and kicked out of her boyfriend’s house Grace has had a rough life even before all of this She had to survive on the streets pull herself up from nothing to make a career for herself and she knows that now she has to do it again She’s planning a small stop over in Jackson Hole for a few weeks to get her feet under her before moving on to Vancouver and another movie set where she can continue to do make up for the rich and famous Grace moves into the apartment and comes face to face with her neighbor ColeCole is a cowboy recovering from an injury that may mean he’s never able to ride a horse again Hard to own and run a ranch which is what he had hoped to do in the future when you can’t ride He’s still recovering and is intrigued by his new neighbor a woman who doesn’t make a peep next door who doesn’t have any furniture and who has purple hair She stands out in this small town and he starts to slowly get to know her offering her coffee breakfast small things to spend a little time with her But when a production company for a movie rolls into town and Grace working in her new job as an assistant to Eve a local photographer who’s the main contact for the movie’s production crew sets them up at the ranch Cole works out he’s livid that she would bring the exact world he had escaped thirteen years ago in LA to his front doorFrom the start Cole and Grace have a romance that was hard for me to get into They’re both hard people dealing with past issues that are still influencing how they’re living their lives today They ultimately decide to sleep together no strings attached and there’s very little emotion involved Grace wants it that way Cole seems to want but he ends up just giving Grace what she wants which is to use each other and walk away The hardest thing for me about this relationship was I never got the feeling that these two actually cared about each other Sure they have sort of a happy ending but the lack of emotion left me having no connection to these two as a coupleGrace has a hard time letting people get close but she does start to make friends with her boss Eve and the bartender who works next door to Grace’s apartment Jenny They have a fun girl’s night out scene that brought a little humor into the story but that spark was missing throughout the rest of the book I do want to know about Eve though She’s a reserved character but it’s mentioned a few times that Grace could see something in her expression or in her eyes; I think there’s to Eve’s past than she let on and I’m curiousThe romance was a miss for me in this one I liked seeing Grace finally let her guard down at the end and find a place to settle to belong and let herself love and be loved It just came a little too late The humor and fun that I always enjoy in Victoria Dahl’s books was missing and it just needed that extra oomph to get me into the story Individually Cole’s struggle to figure out what direction his life needs to go in if he can’t ride again and Grace’s struggle to distance herself from her past and start new were interesting journeys but their romance left me disappointed Victoria Dahl is one of my favorite contemporary authors Lead Me On was a great example of using a nontraditional hero one who is covered with tattoos and heroine one who is very attracted to the burly brawny biker type I really need to re read that bookThis book is the same Grace Barrett is a makeup artist one with purple hair as we are reminded about over and over in most of the advertising for this book She's running away from Hollywood and her troubles there Cole Rawlins is a cowboy who was also part of the Hollywood scene; he also ranAnd that's my trouble with this book I didn't connect with eithe Cole or Grace In fact for three uarters of the book I absolutely disliked Grace We don't get any explanation for her actions until the end I wondered if I was suffering from not allowing the heroine the same latitude I might give a grumpy hero something Podcast 31 from Smart Bitches Trashy books discusses However I would have given Grace that same latitude had I known her situation earlier in the book As it was I only finished the book because it was an ARC from NetGalley And I'm glad I did Victoria Dahl is a skilled wordsmith and writes hot hot sex scenes not always to my taste but I know they're well writtenMy other big issue with the book is the description of Jackson Hole I should know better by now than to read books about local places because while I can suspend disbelief for most other things it's hard for me to reconcile the Jackson in the book with the one that I know So apparently no one likes this book because it’s darker than the standard contemporary romance novel Not particularly dark for an urban fantasy reader but too dark for the fluffy contemporary romance world This is exactly why I liked it I read this series out of order and this is far better than the others Frankly I would suggest just reading this one and skipping the rest Cole and Grace have both been burned by people in their past Grace has learned that the best way to protect herself is to be tough keep people at arms length use people when necessary and run away If that makes her bitter and unlikeable so be it I don’t really have a problem with a bitter prickly heroineInstead of the standard contemporary romance insta chemistry sex the sex scenes have a bit of a power struggle with both participants trying to get what they want without giving up anything of themselves I liked this so much better than the traditional contemporary romance version of sex “We had sex once Now we’re passionately in love and getting married and having babies” I didn’t really like the whole Hollywood in Wyoming part of the story but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the bookPS Let the record show that my purple hair is not to keep people away It’s simply because I like purple in my hair and pink does NOT go well with my skin tone